"Lada-Kalina": electrical equipment diagram, specifications

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"Lada-Kalina": electrical equipment diagram, specifications
"Lada-Kalina": electrical equipment diagram, specifications

With the advent of such a car as the Lada Kalina, Russian drivers were convinced that the Russian auto industry can also create dynamic and modern models. A vehicle belonging to the B-class is in demand due to a wide range of variations. The car owner can choose to his taste station wagon, sedan or hatchback.

History of the creation of the model

AvtoVAZ planned to release the car back in 1993. However, the show of the new model took place only in 1999. The hatchback sample, which was more in demand, was the first to roll off the assembly line. Later, with an interval of a year, the company released a sedan and station wagon. Mass production of the first generation began in 2004. For the first time, modern computer technologies were used for the production of Lada-Kalina. The electrical layout and motors have been given special attention.

Kalina station wagon
Kalina station wagon

Contrary to the expectations of the developers, the first models were not successful mainly due to the design, which auto critics called"laughing dolphin" Over time, they decided to abandon it, making the body lines more straight. The name Kalina, to which everyone is so accustomed, was originally intended to be written as Calina, but this spelling was nevertheless abandoned due to the different pronunciation of the English letter “C”.


The first Lada Kalina sedans rolled off the assembly line on November 18, 2004, and at the end of July 2006, the first Kalina 1119 hatchbacks arrived at car dealerships. The company's engineers decided that the innovations that were involved at the very beginning were not enough, and already in 2007 they added a new version with a volume of 1.4 liters and 16 valves to the engine line. To make the car competitive, ABS was added to the security systems. However, in the same year, more than 6,000 sedan cars had to be repaired at the expense of the Bryansk Lada company, as a serious defect in the steering column was discovered. In addition, damage to the cigarette lighter wires was found in some models.

After the discovery of problems, the company's engineers carried out a thorough work on the bugs, and already in 2009 Kalina was fourth in the list of popular models. New conversions were carried out in mid-2010. First of all, they made a more stylish interior, decorating it with black trim. Since that time, even standard equipment has been equipped with a modern audio system.

Kalina hatchback
Kalina hatchback

In 2012, at the Moscow Motor Show, the developers presented the second generation. It was radically different from the previous one, which lasted in the car market for 9 years. Transformations touched not only the appearance. The first presented "Kalina" hatchback had a stylish orange color and luxury equipment. Based on the body of the first generation, slightly modified. The prototype for the second "Kalina" was the "Grant". The developers saw that this model was more successful among drivers, so they borrowed the following elements from it:

  • reinforced body;
  • negative camber;
  • line of engines;
  • steering.

Since 2013, they began to install three types of engines that differed in power - 87, 97, 106 horsepower. The latest power plant was significantly improved and was a converted modification of the old 1.6-liter 16-valve engine from the previous version of Kalina. The electrical circuit allowed him to become more powerful. The main innovation was the variable intake, which helped to achieve more dynamic acceleration.

The basic equipment of the 2nd generation car was equipped with an airbag located near the front seats. In addition to these innovations, daytime running lights and front power windows, heated seats, reinforced wires for spark plugs, a touch-screen audio system, a navigation panel, light and rain sensors, an additional noise isolation package were added.

Kalina sedan
Kalina sedan

In 2013, AvtoVAZ decided to launch the production of station wagon cars. This version became more popular thanks to additional options, which included electric power steering,heat-absorbing glass, power windows on the front doors. The new model was equipped with an economical gasoline-type engine with a capacity of 87 horsepower. The unit had a lightweight connecting rod and piston group and 8 working valves.


The appearance of Lada Kalina, which was released in recent years, is distinguished by smooth lines. The wedge-shaped part stands out in front, contrasting with the flat sidewalls. Stylish headlights embody modern design. The first cars had a ridiculous appearance, like a laughing dolphin. Additional work on the design and borrowing some features from other models from the Lada company helped to achieve the desired effect. Now it looks more modern.

In order for the car to move safely on any terrain, an overestimated ground clearance is made, reaching 160 mm. From the outside, it looks disproportionate, but the vehicle calmly overcomes almost any obstacles. Drivers who use this model recognize that Kalina is very maneuverable and, thanks to its small size, feels great on city streets.

The color scheme was developed especially for this machine. All shades have fruity names:

  • orange;
  • kiwi;
  • mango;
  • plum;
  • apricot.

The body of the station wagon, released in the second generation, has become a little longer and higher. In addition, roof rails were installed on this model for transporting goods.


The interior space of the Lada Kalina hasoriginal design. Inexpensive materials were used here so that the price of the car was acceptable for many categories of drivers. However, they are all of high quality. The basic versions are made in a light finish. The interior used plastic, fabric and leatherette.

viburnum salon
viburnum salon

Designers made sure that the interior space was comfortable and ergonomic. For this, the gearshift drive, the driver and front passenger seats were changed. If desired, the rear seats can be folded down or completely removed to provide more luggage space.

Engines and transmissions

Already in the first years of production, the car was equipped with an engine with a capacity of 80 horsepower. In combination with a volume of 1.6 liters and a plastic intake manifold, this mechanism showed good driving performance. Driving a car with such a motor was easy. In addition, engineers added power steering to additional options. In the second generation, new power units appeared, borrowed from the Lada Grant. Currently, the standard modification is equipped with a gasoline engine with 87 horsepower.

If the driver chooses the luxury package, then he is given a choice of a unit with a capacity of 98 horsepower or an engine for 106 horses. This power plant is very popular due to the rapid acceleration to hundreds of kilometers. It takes 11 seconds for a car to reach that speed. Fuel consumption for these engines is between 7 and 9 liters per 100 km when using a combined cycle.

viburnum engine
viburnum engine

Since 2012, the standard manual transmission has been significantly redesigned. It has become more reliable: instead of rigid rods, a cable drive was installed. The automatic transmission has a virtual fifth gear where the car consumes much less fuel than when driving in standard fourth gear. This mode is activated already at speeds above 50 km/h, which increases the life of the engine on Kalina.

Electrical equipment diagram

The electrical systems on this car are among the most reliable. To find a stove malfunction on the Lada Kalina or fix a breakdown in another unit, you need to carefully study the electrical circuit that is located in the manual. It helps to find a pantograph that has become unusable and repair this unit.

If this documentation is missing, troubleshooting will be more difficult. Although the electrical equipment on the Lada Kalina is quite simple. In the instructions on the on-board diagram, energy sources are drawn. They are divided into separate blocks and located in a separate album to make the drawings easier to read.

power supply system
power supply system

Those drivers who buy a car on the secondary market need to buy a Lada Kalina repair manual. The electrical circuit indicates that the voltage of the on-board network is 12 volts. All wires are connected by four bundles, which represent the following blocks:

  1. Dashboard, wires from the front and rear harness are also suitable for it. He is neededto control the motor, mounting part and alarm box.
  2. Front harness. It helps to connect the battery to the stove on the Lada Kalina, the headlight unit, the generator, the starter. A connection is forwarded from it to the front panel.
  3. Rear harness. Connects electrical consumers located in the doors - power windows, lighting, central locking.
  4. Control unit for various machine systems. Combined wires from spark plugs, fuse, light sensors, headlights.


Enhanced security system is available only in deluxe and standard trim levels. It includes the ABC system, a model for emergency braking, a panel for navigation. The deluxe version also has an ESC device from Bosch. This system is responsible for directional stability by checking speed and steering information using sensors.


The feedback from most owners about the operation of this machine is positive. They praise the economy and convenience of the car. Among the advantages, a simple electrical circuit at Kalina is also indicated.

owner reviews
owner reviews

The disadvantages of the model, in their opinion, relate to insufficient quality body parts and rapid wear of shock absorbers.