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Volvo FH trucks: overview, specifications and reviews

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Volvo FH trucks: overview, specifications and reviews
Volvo FH trucks: overview, specifications and reviews

Volvo FH is called the "dream car" for a reason. The truck, designed for the most difficult and long hauls, satisfies all the latest requirements of the respective market. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful power unit, can carry up to 60 tons of cargo. In addition, the machine is equipped with a cab, the arrangement of which is as comfortable as possible for the driver.

volvo fh


The exterior of the Volvo FH will please the pickiest customer. Among the main features of the car in question, the following can be distinguished:

  • Original color design in combination of black color scheme and interesting halftones.
  • Beautiful car mirrors, sun visor and matte silver grille make the car stand out in any traffic.
  • The tinted glass panel gives the truck a special chic.
  • The presence of chrome parts and a steel logo emphasize the uniqueness of the vehicle.

On the road, the Volvo FH has practically no competitors in terms of driving performance, reliability and safety. In the class of multi-tonnage trucks, the model in question is a favorite.

First Generation

New Volvo FHproduced since 1993. The first series of cars is designed almost from scratch. The base models had two main differences:

  1. The upgraded version of the FH-12 was equipped with a 12-liter power unit with an overhead camshaft and direct fuel injection.
  2. Sample FH-16 had a 16-liter engine and transmission unit from the previous modification.

After 1998, the updated version of the truck had an electronic control system, a forced engine, a liquid crystal display on the control panel. In addition, the equipment of the cab, frame and gearbox has been improved.

volvo fh

Second series

The second generation of Volvo FH trucks was released in 2001. The production of this series continued until 2012. Significant changes affected the cabin of the car, it became more spacious with improved aerodynamic performance. The interior features rounded panels and integrated seat belts.

Internal filling consists of a D-12 D power plant with a capacity of 500 horses, equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox. Updated versions were produced with a 16-horsepower D-16C engine. The design complies with Euro-5 standards. The radiator grilles, optics were re-equipped, as well as sensors for "dead zones" and the intersection of the dividing strip were installed. In 2011, the production of the flagship of the Volvo concern, the 750-horsepower truck FH-16, began.

Generation 3

Since 2012, the Volvo FH has been produced - a tractor that became one of the firsttrucks equipped with independent front suspension in combination with rack and pinion steering. In addition, the new model received the placement of fuel tanks behind the cab, which made it possible to increase the free space for their installation. The total volume of fuel tanks is about 1500 liters.

The updated tractors are equipped with a D-13K engine, which complies with Euro-6 standards and has the following characteristics:

  • Number of cylinders (pcs.) – 6.
  • Volume (cc) – 128.
  • Compression ratio - 17/1.
  • Power to the maximum - 460 horsepower.
  • Torque - 2300 to 1400 rpm.

Any vehicle configuration can be equipped with I-Shift 2 (semi-automatic) or Powertronic automatic transmission.

volvo fh tractor


Volvo FH cab has several modifications:

  1. Option with a bed for one person.
  2. Improved cabin with a sleeping bag for two.
  3. Modification Globetrotter XL is the most spacious and comfortable model, designed for two beds.

Internal equipment of the cab includes a slightly curved instrument panel, adjustable steering column (for reach and angle). A comfortable driver's seat, thoughtful placement of instruments and interior trim make the cab as comfortable as possible for trips in any direction, regardless of the duration of the journey.

The Volvo FH security system includes the following devices:

  • Probability Warning Nodeside impact.
  • Option to remind you to leave the traffic area limited by the marking lane.
  • Fatigue warning system that monitors shift frequency and steering position.
  • Course stability block that corrects driver errors.
  • Cruise control that monitors a safe distance.

"Volvo FH" clearly does not apply to the budget option of transportation. The basic equipment of the car will cost at least three and a half million rubles.

Brake assembly

The brakes of the truck in question consist of the following elements:

  • Panic brake assistance.
  • Auto brake force distribution.
  • Electronic stability control unit.
  • Brake activation booster.
  • Pneumatic system with electronic controller.
  • Practical and durable brake discs.
  • Exhaust pressure corrector.
new volvo fh

Repair "Volvo FH" requires a preliminary diagnosis of the main components, which can be done without problems thanks to a well-thought-out design and the presence of indicators for monitoring working units. The machine is equipped with an electronically controlled suspension, which guarantees the safety of the load and comfort when moving. This unit is able to adjust the height of the car in relation to the road surface, while compensating for uneven load distribution. If desired, you can adjust the height manually, orby programming it to a certain control level.

Reviews and recommendations

Reviews from the owners of the car in question confirm the fact that this car is one of the best in its class. And this applies not only to new trucks, but also to used models. Experts and users claim that the Volvo FH, which has traveled 400-500 thousand kilometers, behaves quite confidently on the road, does not require special intervention from repairmen and meets all the required standards for the category of large-tonnage units.

No complaints about the braking system, driving performance, transmission, handling and comfort. The car is in no way inferior, and in many ways even superior to younger colleagues in the age category among domestic trucks, imported cars MAN, Tata, Scania.

Tuning and competitors

The most popular type of tuning of the car in question is airbrushing. On the cabs and sides of the trailers, you can place whole pictures or advertising slogans in the original design. In addition, additional equipment with light elements in the form of blocks or garlands on the roof is very popular.

Volvo FH is a unique and reliable vehicle. The closest competition to the Swedish truck is Mercedes-Benz Actros, Iveco Trakker, DAF and MAN.

cockpit volvo fh


The Volvo FH engine on the most powerful copy is equipped with a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine. Such a power unit has a numberfeatures. First, it has four torque options and three power levels.

Secondly, the engine meets all European environmental standards, is able to transmit the required power flow as quickly as possible and is optimally suited for long-distance transportation of any level of complexity.

volvo fh engine

In addition, the motor of the truck in question has a unique crankcase ventilation (closed type), and also meets the SCR and VEB + technology standards, provides almost 100% torque transmission for several seconds.


Summarizing, it can be noted that the Volvo FH truck is a reliable and comfortable vehicle for transporting goods over any distance. An improved cab, a well-thought-out braking system, appearance, strength, power and load capacity - all criteria are developed and implemented perfectly.

volvo fh repair

The cost of the car in question cannot be called low, but given its advantages, the funds spent on operation will soon return many times over without unnecessary hassle about repairs and other technical problems.

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