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Hyundai engine oil: overview, types, specifications and reviews
Hyundai engine oil: overview, types, specifications and reviews

Cars from Korea are in high demand among Russian motorists. The reason for this is the value for money. Hyundai Solaris is assembled in Russia, which significantly reduces their cost. Now it is the most common car in our country. What kind of oil can be poured into the Hyundai Solaris so that the car serves properly and the driver does not have any unpleasant situations on the roads? The answer to this question is in our article.

General information

Most Hyundai car owners prefer to use Hyundai oil with a viscosity of 5w30 for lubrication. This choice is explained by the most optimal option for selecting the components included in this product. It is designed for cars of the same brand, great for Hyundai Solaris. This type of oil meets all international standards, therefore it is actively used by car owners in Europe.

It is worth noting that motor lubricants help extend the life of the car and increase the wear resistance of spare parts. They protect engine parts from overheating,corrosion and soot, forming a kind of protective layer. In order not to harm your car, you need to know exactly what kind of oil to fill in it.

What kind of oil is in Hyundai Solaris
What kind of oil is in Hyundai Solaris


Hyundai oil is produced not only for its own cars, but also for Kia cars. The lubricant composition is excellent for both machines. As part of the Hyundai concern, there is a Hyundai Oilbank company engaged in the extraction and processing of petroleum products, as well as the production of motor oils and other products from them. There is a huge list of their types, for example, gear oils and gearboxes. In their production, the indicators and parameters of the cars themselves are taken into account so that they are optimally suited to them.

Oil in a box "Hyundai"
Oil in a box "Hyundai"

Hyundai Lubricants Review

Hyundai oil is synthetic and semi-synthetic. This product is recognized by many Korean vehicle enthusiasts. The composition of oils can have the following categories:

  • SAE - 5w-30.
  • API-SM.
  • ILSAC – GF-4.
  • ACEA – A3.

The product has viscosity-temperature characteristics that make it easy to start the engine after changing Hyundai oil in different climatic conditions, protects spare parts from wear.

With the help of special substances that make up the oil, the vehicle starts easily and runs perfectly, which makes it possible to save on fuel. The product does not affect the exhaust system. Hyundai takes into account the features of diesel andgasoline engines. Each of them has its own composition.

Automatic transmission "Hyundai"

Automatic transmission allows you to move comfortably in urban environments. But it requires special care and timely maintenance. Before you start changing the oil in a Hyundai automatic transmission, you should carefully study the composition of the proposed fluid.

Oil change in automatic transmission "Hyundai"
Oil change in automatic transmission "Hyundai"

Types of lubricants

The product range of the company in question is quite wide. Automotive oils in the Hyundai box are divided into the following types:

  • Gasoline (gasoline engines).
  • TOP (premium).
  • Diesel (diesel engines).

Let's look at some popular brands of oils.

Xteer Ultra Protection

This is a synthetic product. It is used in naturally aspirated gasoline engines and turbocharged vehicles. Oil viscosity - 5W30. The product can be operated in the city or on the highway, in various temperature conditions.

Two containers of oil "Hyundai"
Two containers of oil "Hyundai"

Super Extra Gasoline

This semi-synthetic oil has an astringency rating of 5W30. It was made for gasoline engines with SL parameters. The motor starts quickly and without difficulty at low temperatures. The oil protects parts during operation in extreme conditions, reduces fuel consumption.

Premium Extra Gasoline

This is a semi-synthetic product with advanced parameters. It is designed for gasoline powerengines. This oil is recommended for cars manufactured after 2005. Oo is required for engines with variable valve timing (CVVT). Excellent against soot and suitable for use in extreme conditions. Provides protection for oil seals, has a binding index of 5W20.

Oil "Hyundai"
Oil "Hyundai"

Turbo SYN Gasoline

This is a year-round motor oil. Its viscosity is 5W30. Suitable for all brands of vehicles "Hyundai" and "Kia" with gasoline engines. Provides good interaction with the CVVT system. With this oil, a frozen engine can be started quite easily. The environmental parameters of the product are high, meet the SM standards for PI and GF4 for ILSAC.

Premium LF Gasoline

This is a 5W20 synthetic oil. Recommended for any type of gasoline engine manufactured after 2006. This product can be used all year round. It has very good parameters. Meets SM/GF4 standards.

Premium PC Diesel oil

This oil can be used for 4-pin and high speed motors. Corresponds to the list of exhaust toxicity. Made specifically for engines using fuel in which the amount of sulfur is no more than 0.5% of the total volume. The viscosity of this product is 10W30. This allows you to apply it throughout the year.

Classic Gold Diesel

This is a high quality lubricant product. This type of oil is suitable for machines equipped with a turbine. It protects engines from oxidation,rust and soot. Meets API CF4 criteria.

Premium LS Diesel

This is a 5W30 astringent semi-synthetic diesel oil meeting API CH4 and ACEA B3/B4 specifications. Provides protection against oxidation, rust and deposits. Cleans the engine with additives.

Hyundai oil change
Hyundai oil change

Premium DPF Diesel

This type of oil has an ashless, synthetic diesel composition. Recommended for vehicles manufactured after 2008. Viscosity is 5W30. With this oil, the diesel particulate filter works well. It also provides protection against contamination. Meets stringent ACEA C3 criteria.

Characteristics of oils with a viscosity of 5W30

This Hyundai oil is in the greatest demand among motorists. With it, starting the engine is possible at temperatures from -35 to +30 degrees Celsius. This is indicated by the marking with the sign 5W. Viscosity is indicated by a number in front of the W. A low viscosity makes it easier to start the engine, and the lubricant itself runs through the system.

Consumer Reviews

Motorists respond positively to the oil in the Hyundai automatic transmission. Many of them have long experience in its use. They note the following advantages of the product:

  • Affordable price considering the quality.
  • No problems starting the engine at any temperature.
  • No carbon deposits or any contamination.
  • Small consumption.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Increase oil seal life.
  • Fullno engine problems.

The main disadvantage of the product in question can only be considered a large number of fakes on the market. They are easy to distinguish from the original by the presence of two batch codes, by the container, which should not be damaged, by the price (a fake is cheaper). Oil must be purchased from authorized representatives. This will definitely save you from buying a low-quality product.

Engine oils from a Korean company fully meet all modern requirements and are used for vehicles of the latest modifications. They can be used not only in Hyundai car brands, but also in many others.

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