"Volvo C60": owner reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages. Volvo S60

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"Volvo C60": owner reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages. Volvo S60
"Volvo C60": owner reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages. Volvo S60

Volvo is a Swedish premium brand. This article will focus on the 2018 Volvo S60 (sedan body). A brand new car of this model with 249 horsepower will cost you more than one and a half million Russian rubles. This is much more expensive than the average class of cars in the Russian Federation, but much cheaper than no less prestigious German counterparts. However, this article will focus specifically on the Volvo S60 2018.

volvo c60 description
volvo c60 description


The color of the car is always very beautiful. And it's ambiguous enough for gender universality that men might not like such glamorous colors. However, no one else has such a variety of shades - this is unique. The choice of color for the new Volvo S60 body is very extensive.

It is worth noting that for an additional fee, you can equip the car with the R-design package, which includes a new exterior design. ATit includes: a new bumper, a minimum number of chrome objects on the body, new 19-inch wheels. Once you start getting used to the ambiguous colors of the Volvo S60, it becomes clear that it is really good!

In the restyling of this model, the headlights became wider, the hood became different. All this was with only one goal: to make the front much stricter and sportier. The designers of the Swedish brand succeeded remarkably. Therefore, the reviews of the owners of the "Volvo C60" note that the exterior is made for all five points.

volvo c60 specifications
volvo c60 specifications


In the cabin - darkness. Even some silver inserts do not dilute the blackness. Everything is very strict - like in business class. Ceiling, steering wheel, seats - all black. If the exterior of a new car is easily different from pre-styling models, then you can’t say the same about the interior. It is made quite similar to the old Volvo S60. The same block of buttons, the same air ducts, knobs, seats, all this remains from the old version of the Swedish brand. And the reviews of the owners of the Volvo C60 note that everything in the cabin is quite modest, although it could have been made much richer. However, the most important plus is the quality factor of materials, build quality. This cannot be taken away from the Swedes.


volvo s60 2019
volvo s60 2019

There are some flaws in the ergonomics of the 2019 Volvo S60: the seats can only be adjusted mechanically. Everything would be fine, but it is almost impossible to do it. The adjustment is to blame for everything, which is very difficult to reach by hand. It's good not to do thisoften, but if the car is driven not only by the owner, then it becomes inconvenient. Still, in the 2019 car, I would like to see automatic seat adjustment.

However, all the inconveniences are compensated by functionality: you can adjust the backrest, move the seat back and forth, adjust the tilt of the pillow. In general, it's okay. Reviews from Volvo C60 owners note that they would rate this item at 3 points out of 5.

Multimedia system

In the Volvo S60 2018, the interface and convenience of the new Sensus system rolls over: it can do almost everything. Starting from cooperation with mobile phones, ending with technical innovations, smart systems and so on. It can remind you about the state of the car, open doors, lights, heated seats and so on. However, according to the reviews of the owners of the Volvo C60, in practice, the communication system with your smartphone does not work at all. However, this is not for everyone. This can be easily fixed by flashing the Sensus multimedia system, but not everyone wants to go for such solutions. It's a shame, of course, but not so annoying.

Instrument style

volvo s60 new body
volvo s60 new body

This is just a feast for the eyes! True, such a design solution is provided to you for a certain surcharge, but it is worth it, as the owners of the Swedish car say. You can switch between three modes of appearance: normal, economical and sporty. In the latter mode, the entire panel turns into a tachometer so you can shift gears quickly and on time. Competitors have something similar, but the Volvo S60it looks better.


volvo c60 specifications
volvo c60 specifications

When you try to learn all the systems and options when buying this Swedish car, you feel like a grandfather who does not remember anything. There are so many of them that they need to be memorized like poems in school. This car is smarter and smarter than Einstein. Passive safety systems, active… Pedestrian recognition, traffic sign tracking, lane keeping, emergency braking system to avoid collision with a person, driver fatigue sensor, blind spot monitoring.. Only half of the options that are in the Volvo S60 were listed.

Even the headlights, and those are intelligent: they feel the space and change their direction and intensity, if necessary. Also, if necessary, they themselves turn on the high beam. When you own this Swedish car, you feel awkward, as if the car is trying to please you, to make the trip that much more enjoyable. Caring gives you confidence and a sense of gratitude in front of the car. The description of the Volvo C60 says that a connection is established between the driver and the car, and they both work for the same purpose: to make the trip comfortable and easy. There are very few competitors to such abilities, so the Volvo S60 is very unique.


volvo c60 engine
volvo c60 engine

This is the main disadvantage of this car. The driver and passenger in front are well, there is a lot of space. Especially if you move the seats back. But the passengers in the back are very bad, people 180 tall can hardly fitcentimeters. According to this parameter, the new Volvo S60 loses to its competitors. In German cars, sitting in the back is much more comfortable and convenient than in a Swedish-made car. The only good thing about the rear of the car is the large trunk, which really holds a lot of stuff.


volvo c60 advantages and disadvantages
volvo c60 advantages and disadvantages

The most powerful version of the "Volvo C60" has a 249 horsepower engine, four-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The peculiarity is this: the machine has a multi-plate clutch. Under special driving conditions, almost all traction is transferred to the front axle. The rear axle will be connected only in case of slip. In general, the features of the drive can not be felt on the road, this is understandable. However, the fact that such an innovation exists is a fact, and it is bad not to mention it.

There is also a 2.5-liter engine, it is equipped with a turbocharger. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour takes exactly 7 seconds, which is quite fast. However, this is according to the technical data sheet. In practice, it turns out about eight, and all this is the merit of tires from the factory, soft automatic and other innovations that are unnecessary for a fast car.


The most important thing is that there is enough power to the head. It is exactly as much as needed. Need to accelerate on the highway to two hundred kilometers per hour? Easily. Overtake one truck? Pfft, no problem. To overtake two - in general, spit for the Volvo S60. However, the paradox is that, despite all the sporting innovations, a powerful engine, the car does not seemsports. However, what supports the idea that you are driving a strict and prestigious car is that it is quite smooth and the gearbox never kicks. The suspension is as soft as on conventional civilian vehicles. On bumps, the owners of the Volvo S60 do not slow down, because the suspension is so soft that it literally "eats" them. In tight corners, the car does not roll.


The car has chic, beautiful, prestigious and expensive 19-inch wheels. They are very heavy. Rubber is quite bad, it is far from ideal. Sliding, slipping, lack of spikes - all these are big disadvantages when driving. Traction can be lost even at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. In general, it is better to replace these tires with others immediately after purchase. During emergency braking, even on dry pavement, the ABS system often turns on, although it seems that it is not even needed.


The specifications of the Volvo C60 are as follows:

  • Dimensions of the car: length - 4 meters 599 centimeters, width - 1 meter 799 centimeters, and height - meter and 399 centimeters.
  • The mass of the car is quite high: about 1 ton 599 kilograms.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is quite good: 70 liters.
  • Power - 248 horsepower, 2.5 liter engine.
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic.
  • Maximum speed: 235 kilometers per hour
  • Fuel consumption in the city: 9 liters per 100 kilometers


Most drivers think the Swedish car industry is bad enough. Howeverto each his own. Volvo S60 rides quite thoroughbred, prestigious. You will never regret the lack of traction when driving. The safety of the Swedish car industry is at its best, and the popular Volvo C60 has always been proud of this. However, the sportiness and dynamics of this car is not enough. Is it possible to call this car a premium, it's up to you. The Volvo C60 has the following advantages and disadvantages.

Bright appearance is the most important plus of this Swedish car. Salon is also good, but not for everybody. Quality and good quality - the competitors of the Volvo S60 can envy this. However, the fact that it does not have such banal features as automatic seat adjustment is amazing. The cramped rear sofa also loses to many analogues of the Swedish car. The motor is not as sporty as it could be. Suspension like sports, but kind of soft. In general, the car itself is an amateur.

The Germans in any case win in terms of ergonomics and convenience, but in terms of pricing they immediately begin to lag behind. After all, the Volvo S60 costs one and a half million, when the BMW 328i competitor will cost you two million Russian rubles. But this Swedish car boasted and will boast of its safety, which the Germans do not have. Everything is fair, and all missed features and moments can be compensated by buying a more expensive BMW or Audi. More than 60% of car enthusiasts agree that the S60 Volvo belongs to the premium class, as an Internet survey showed.