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UAZ: front axle. Bridge car "UAZ-Patriot": tuning, repair, maintenance, adjustment
UAZ: front axle. Bridge car "UAZ-Patriot": tuning, repair, maintenance, adjustment

As many people know, Russian roads are not distinguished by their quality, not to mention off-road. To move around in such conditions. you need a car with excellent driving characteristics. UAZ-Patriot possesses them.

A little about the UAZ car

UAZ front axle
UAZ front axle

The Russian SUV "UAZ-Patriot" has proven itself well on the Russian off-road. Moreover, the scope is very wide, ranging from an agricultural vehicle to military vehicles capable of performing assigned tasks in extreme conditions. The design of the "Patriot" is perfect for both everyday use and for outings on impassable trails. Moreover, driving performance allows you to get where cars never even dreamed of. On this car, you can easily go fishing or hunting, and if bad weather strikes during the event, you can easily get out of any trouble by turning on the front-wheel drive. The performance of the UAZ car depends on the quality of the spare parts. The front axle is no exception. If atrepair, use low-quality parts, complete failure is possible.

UAZ bridge: purpose and characteristics

uaz patriot
uaz patriot

The bridge is a beam between the wheels and ensures their secure fastening. It is equipped with elastic parts, with the help of which the loads are extinguished during movement. Since the UAZ-Patriot is intended for operation in difficult conditions, the bridge must be of increased strength. In addition, almost the entire performance of the car depends on the drive axle, since due to the failure of at least one link, further operation of the car is impossible.

The bridge consists of:

  • Differential.
  • Main couple.
  • Half shafts.
  • Spring.

Off-road vehicles are heavily loaded, so springs are an integral part, not springs. This is the reason for the excellent cross-country ability of the UAZ. The front axle is a rather complex device, so it needs timely maintenance.

Varieties of bridges

UAZ front axle device
UAZ front axle device

Today, there are several types of vehicle axles, some of which are installed on a UAZ vehicle. The front axle is a device that performs a huge number of functions. It is from him that the permeability depends. For certain models, different types of bridges are used:

  1. Managed. In turn, it is divided into split and continuous. In most cases, this is the front drive axle of the car. The split bridge is used to transmit torquemoment, resulting in increased maneuverability of the vehicle. Continuous is equipped with steering knuckles, which makes it possible to control the rotation of the wheels. This type of bridge requires a light and strong beam, which is made using forging technology and high quality steel.
  2. Supportive. In the case when the car has to carry loads of increased mass, this bridge is used. The design provides for a supporting device, which takes part of the load on itself. In some configurations, the UAZ 469 front axle is equipped with a similar supporting element.
  3. Continuous leader. The most complex system, since, in addition to the beam, the device includes a bearing system, differential and axle shafts. With this system, the front wheels have the ability to spin at different speeds. When cornering, the car is more stable and able to withstand heavy loads, while the cabin will have a smooth ride feeling when driving on rough roads. To withstand mechanical loads, the axle shafts are made of high-quality steel, after which they are hardened.

Common Design Failures

inclusion of the front axle UAZ
inclusion of the front axle UAZ

UAZ is the best car to cope with Russian off-road. The front axle is a complex system, any malfunction of which will take the car out of further operation. Repair of the front axle will cost the owner a significant amount of money, so it is necessary to diagnose and lubricate the parts in a timely mannerdevices.

Main bridge failures:

  • Oil and grease leaking.
  • Worn fasteners.
  • Defects in bearings, teeth, axle shafts.
  • Mechanical damage to the beam.
  • Wear of component parts.

All malfunctions can occur for various reasons. If the front-wheel drive car is switched on, then driving on rough roads will damage the transmission. Also, the use of winter oil for transmission in the summer or vice versa will affect the operation of the car for the worse. Tires must be kept at a constant pressure to prevent bearing and shaft failure. Russian off-road will not scare the UAZ car. The front axle needs proper bearing adjustment.

Timely detection of a malfunction will quickly eliminate the breakdown, preventing more serious consequences. Among the SUVs on the market, the UAZ-Patriot occupies a leading position, the front axle of which needs periodic maintenance.

front axle UAZ 469
front axle UAZ 469

Main signs of breakdowns:

  • Extraneous sound.
  • Progressive loss of vehicle control.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Untimely wear of engine and transmission parts.
  • The most dangerous symptom is a wedge when moving. This event requires immediate repair and adjustment of the bridge.

Timely adjustment of the bridge "UAZ-Patriot" will avoid a large number of malfunctions and containvehicle in good condition.

How to disassemble and repair the bridge

Today, it is the UAZ-Patriot that is often bought. The front axle requires constant monitoring and periodic maintenance. It is necessary to adjust the steering knuckles and bearings in a timely manner. Relubrication is also a necessary requirement for the correct operation of the entire system. The main device on which driving performance depends is the front axle (UAZ). The price will depend on the completeness of the device. It varies from 75,000 rubles to 200,000 rubles.

In order to remove the front axle, it is necessary to fix the car in a stationary state, for example, by placing blocks or bricks under the rear wheels. Next, disconnect all brake line hoses, after which we unscrew all the nuts and bolts that secure the shock absorbers, gears, linings and stepladders. The next step must be approached with all responsibility, since it is the most difficult.

uaz patriot front axle
uaz patriot front axle

Stages of dismantling the bridge "UAZ-Patriot":

  1. The wheels need to be removed.
  2. Disconnect bipod link.
  3. Remove wheel couplings and brake drums.
  4. Straightening the edges of the lock washer.
  5. Disconnect the inner washer and retaining ring.
  6. Next, you need to start disassembling the fists, brake shields and wheel hubs.
  7. Unscrew the ball and steering link rod.
  8. Dismantle the gaskets, remove the steering knuckle housing.

Afterthe front axle is completely disassembled, it is necessary to wipe all the components and find a malfunction. Next, it needs to be eliminated. Only UAZ can count on off-road. The front axle must be maintained in good condition to avoid costly repairs. It should be borne in mind that the smallest crack can cause a breakdown, so it is better to immediately replace such a part without waiting for it to fail. Since next time you will have to disassemble the entire device again. The UAZ military front axle is disassembled in a similar way. Now it will be easy for you.

Turning on the front axle "UAZ-Patriot"

front axle
front axle

UAZ is a powerful Russian SUV. On a normal surface, the car will pass perfectly, but to drive over bumps, impassable dirt and potholes, it is necessary to turn on the UAZ front axle. How to do it? To do this, it is necessary to check in which position the UAZ front axle clutch is installed. To turn on, turn the hubs clockwise and move forward. After all the manipulations done, the car's patency will increase significantly, due to the fact that the front wheels will rotate synchronously with the rear ones. It is worth considering that the inclusion of the UAZ front axle will significantly increase fuel consumption. But the car will become more maneuverable, stable and more manageable. In the case when the UAZ front axle is switched on for driving on even asph alt, the tires and transmission wear out several times faster, and the handling deteriorates noticeably.

In general, there are 2 ways to turn on the hub: manual and automatic. The first method is discussed in detail above, and the second is the most convenient.

It is worth remembering that switching on and off should be done after the car has completely stopped. After the performed operations, you need to make sure that the device is actually turned on, as well as turned off.

Methods for detecting front axle off:

  • When driving, pay attention to the behavior of the rear wheels, they must work independently of the front.
  • Pay attention to how the car behaves when cornering - the car will drive a little when the front drive is on.
  • Well, the most popular and common way. It is necessary to ask an outsider to see if the drives are rotating or not. If they are spinning, then the clutches are engaged and must be disengaged.

Preventive maintenance and early detection of defects

UAZ front axle clutch
UAZ front axle clutch

From time to time it is necessary to pay attention to running parts of the car. This will positively affect the operation and reduce the likelihood of car breakdowns.

When carrying out prophylaxis it is necessary:

  • Check the oil level in the crankcase, top up or change if necessary. The oil is drained through a special hole at the bottom of the crankcase. But in order to drain the oil completely, it is necessary to open the filler hole by unscrewing the top plug. If necessary, rinse the container.
  • Adjust axial clearances. The presence of a gap between the transmissiongearbox and drive gear bearing will cause rapid wear of the teeth. You can determine by staggering the propeller shaft mount. To eliminate it, it is necessary to tighten the nut with a certain force.
  • Clean all visible parts of the bridge, including the safety valve. Clean all dirt deposits with a coarse brush.
  • Check the steering knuckles. You should pay attention to the levers of the fists, more precisely, to its fastening. Steering stops must always be intact.
  • Check all fasteners. If necessary, tighten the bolts and nuts using wrenches of the correct diameter.

The UAZ "loaf" front axle has a similar device. He also needs similar preventive measures.

Suspension tuning

Each car owner sooner or later asks about improving the performance and technical characteristics of his car. For some, external changes and improvements to the car body are important. But for SUV owners, the main concern is to improve the suspension.

Tuning events "UAZ-Patriot":

  • Strengthening bridges and lowering the gear ratio.
  • To increase the suspension travel, it is recommended to replace the rear suspension with a spring. But it is worth considering that the car will lose a little in maneuverability.
  • Increasing ground clearance will significantly increase the cross-country ability of the car. The elevator will help to overcome even the deepest ford.
  • Replacing tires with tires with a wider profile positivelywill affect the vehicle's patency in difficult terrain.

Let's consider several options for tuning the suspension in more detail.

The simplest and cheapest way is to increase the suspension play by 2 cm. It is necessary to put rubber inserts under the front springs and replace the earring on the springs. In this case, the installation of Panhard rod is not required. Since the ground clearance is increased, it is possible to put more serious tires.

The next option is to raise the body itself above the frame. In this case, the ground clearance will increase by 5 cm. The method consists in mounting spacers in the places where the frame and body are attached. It is advisable to use aluminum inserts. At the same time, it is necessary to move all the frame and body mounting brackets, as well as lengthen the stops so that the body does not move. The bumpers also need to be finalized: we put aluminum spacers on the front, and move the brackets on the rear. As a result, the ground clearance is increased, and 275/75 R16 tires can be installed. Tuning the UAZ-Patriot suspension must be done with all the necessary tools.

Another option will significantly increase the clearance, which will positively affect the car's patency. But the method is quite problematic and complicated. In this case, you will need to install a Panhard rod and replace the shock absorber. On the front axle we put a spacer up to 10 cm on the bumper glass. We drill holes on the machine in order to change the angle of inclination of the kingpin. The standard slope of 3 degrees is changed to nine. This will keep the vehicle stable on the road. In addition, you can put dampers on the bipod traction, they are perfect from the Mercedes Gelenvagen. You also need to install a longer strut on the axle stabilizer. This method will be quite expensive, but the performance and throughput of the machine will increase significantly.

Bridge adjustment

Normally all adjustments are made at the factory and are not required when using the vehicle. Adjustments are sometimes made when an axle is overhauled or bearings fail.

Adjustment without changing bearings:

  • Unscrew the axle shafts, remove the crankcase cover or gearbox (depending on the type of axle).
  • In the differential, namely in the bearings, set the gap to 0.15 mm using the adjusting nuts.
  • Set the side clearance to 0.20 mm. Turning the gear, we take measurements at least 6 points.
  • If the side clearance needs to be increased, turn the adjusting nut and the opposite nut by the same number of turns. To reduce the gap, we perform all the same operations exactly the opposite.
  • Compress the bearing in the direction of the axis to adjust the preload. Compression level depends on vehicle mileage.
  • We are assembling the bridge. The front axle UAZ 469 is adjusted in a similar way.

Adjustment with replacement of bearings

  • Unscrew the axle shafts, remove the crankcase cover or gearbox (depending on the type of axle)
  • Remove the cover from the bearings.
  • Use a dynamometer to measure the friction torque of the gear.
  • Remove the rings from the differential box and put on new ones.
  • Install new bearings.
  • Put on and fix all previously removed covers. It is advisable to apply force for a more reliable fixation. The bolts must be lubricated with special sealant.
  • In order to increase the moment of resistance to rotation, it is necessary to alternately tighten the adjusting nuts until the optimum value of resistance to rotation is 200-250 N.
  • Install all previously removed parts, including axle shafts.
  • Tighten all fasteners securely.


As can be seen from the article, the most Russian SUV is, of course, the UAZ. The front axle is one of the most basic parts. The car will not be able to function normally if there is a malfunction of the running gear. "UAZ-Patriot" - a car for roads with poor cross-country conditions. If it does not cope with the tasks set as an SUV, there is no point in spending extra money. Since any passenger car on smooth asph alt will pass perfectly. In order for the UAZ to meet all the requirements, it is necessary to keep the chassis in good condition. Perform preventive and maintenance work in a timely manner. Modifying bridges and increasing ground clearance is also necessary without harming the car. If you have certain mechanic skills and the information given in this article, it is possible to do all the manipulations yourself. Repair of the UAZ front axle will cost a considerable amount, so it is better to warnmalfunction.

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