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"Tesla Model S": specifications (photo)

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"Tesla Model S": specifications (photo)
"Tesla Model S": specifications (photo)

The “Tesla Model S” is a 5-door electric vehicle manufactured by the American company Tesla Motors. For the first time this car was brought to the attention of the public as a prototype, in 2009, in Frankfurt. And full deliveries started in 2012, in June.

tesla model s

The heart of the car

The Tesla Model S is by far the most powerful electric vehicle in existence. No competitors are able to compete with this machine in terms of their technical characteristics. The heart of the machine is a lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is 85 kWh. This is enough for 426 kilometers without recharging. No electric vehicle today is capable of delivering such power.

In general, at first, the developers and manufacturers planned to start producing models whose batteries would have a capacity of 60 kWh. This would be enough for a much smaller number of kilometers (namely, 335 km). There was also an idea to produce a 40 kWh battery. This would be enough for 260 kilometers. But as a result, everything from herrefused. The base car "Tesla Model S" uses the so-called liquid-cooled AC engine, whose power is 362 hp. s.

Start of production

The company started small - it was decided to release only one thousand sedans at first. It was a limited edition, but with 85 kWh batteries. Two versions were available - Signature and Signature Performance. The cost of these cars was $95,400 and $105,400 respectively. In Russia, "Tesla Model S" was sold at a price of 4.5 million rubles (at the old rate). To date, the most expensive option is the version that reaches “hundreds” in 4.4 seconds. The year before last, in 2014, such a car as the “Tesla Model S P85D” was released. She hit 100 km/h in just over three seconds.

tesla car model s

Modernization and changes

In 2013, the concern demonstrated to the public the ability to recharge a car in an interesting way. It consisted of automatic battery replacement. During the demonstration, this procedure was shown to take approximately one and a half minutes in total. And this, I must say, is twice as fast as filling up a full bank of a car with a gasoline engine installed under the hood. According to the president of the company (Elon Max), slow recharging (twenty minutes is enough to raise the level of available energy to 50%) will remain free. But only at gas stations of the company. A quick replacement will cost about $60-80. This amount is approximatelyequals the price many motorists pay for a full bank of fuel.

Statistics says that in the first quarter of 2013, about 4750 copies of this model were sold in the United States of America. So, this car has become the most bought and famous luxury sedan. Even more popular than the BMW 7 Series, which is impressive.

In Europe, “Tesla Model S” is also in high demand. In Norway, 322 units were sold in the first 14 days (which outstripped the Volkswagen Golf). And in total, by the end of the first quarter of the year before last, 2014, about 32 thousand of these cars were sold worldwide.

tesla model s reviews


About the exterior, you just need to tell separately. “Tesla Model S” receives extremely positive reviews - and not only because of its practicality, but also because of its appearance. All car owners assure that this is a truly exclusive car. It is almost five meters long (4978 mm, to be more precise), and 2189 mm wide. The height is 1435 mm, and the wheelbase is an impressive 2959 mm. Ground clearance is also pleasing - 145 mm.

The image of this car clearly shows a sporty character. The main highlight of this car lies in smooth lines, soft and elegant outlines, as well as in very non-standard solutions. Narrow optics and an oval-shaped false radiator grille give the image a special sophistication. The bumper with a compact air intake and elegant foglights also looks interesting. The hood is decorated with beautiful embossed ribs. Also special charmretractable door handles and unusual shape of the doors give the appearance.

The back also looks original. The compact dimensions of the marker lights and powerful fenders with a large bumper immediately catch the eye. And as an additional option, potential buyers can be offered a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber, a panoramic top (by the way, made of glass) and LED fog lights.

tesla car model s


"Tesla" - a car (model S), which is designed for five people. True, in the version of the last year, seats for children are still available (they are mounted in the rear cargo compartment). By the way, the car boasts two trunks. In front - a compartment of 150 liters, and in the back - 750 liters. And if you fold the rear seats, you get 1800 liters.

But now about the interior, which Tesla can be proud of. The car (Model S) has a striking feature - and it's just an incredible size 17-inch (!) Color touch screen. The specialists managed to place it on the center console. Through this multimedia system, you can control various systems of the car: adjust the operation of the air conditioning system, answer calls, set up music, etc. The screen also displays an image from GPS and a rear view camera.

The dashboard is another highlight that this car can surprise with. “Tesla Model S” has not the usual digital panel, which everyone is already accustomed to, but a large tablet. Its specialists very successfully built it into an electric car.

teslamodel s review


It must be admitted that the cabin is very spacious. The backs of the seats are distinguished by an anatomical profile and high-quality lateral support. The developers also successfully selected the size of the pillows, due to which every passenger will feel comfortable inside the car.

“Tesla Model S”, the technical indicators of which will be discussed in more detail a little later, has a very rich basic package. Firstly, these are seats with electrical settings, heated and with memory (set parameters are saved). Secondly, the power tailgate. Thirdly - the system of access inside without a key. Also, cruise control and power windows, dual-zone climate control, rear-view mirrors that fold automatically and have electric heating - all this is inside, in addition to the above. The car also has a powerful audio system with seven speakers, eight airbags, ABS, ESC and TCS. And of course, finishing. Only high-quality leather and natural wood were used as materials.


A 416-horsepower engine was installed on the demonstration version of the car, and the base model was equipped with a 362-horsepower unit. With. (270 kW). It has already been said about the charge, overclocking and consumption, and now about what other indicators Tesla Model S can boast of. The technical characteristics are impressive - after all, two years after the release of the basic version, an all-wheel drive appeared. But the most impressive thing is not this, but the presence of the autopilot function.This car is also smart! Since the end of the year before last, 2014, all cars began to be equipped with a mini-camera and ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers. Thanks to this innovation, the machine itself recognizes markings, road signs, obstacles and other road users. And of course, the autopilot feature, which is built into all models manufactured after October 9, 2014.

tesla model s in russia


This topic is also worth mentioning when talking about a car like the “Tesla Model S”. Its characteristics in this regard are impressive. To begin with, I would like to note that the maximum speed is 200 km / h. The car is easy to control even at such a considerable speed. Smooth running is ensured - this is what the Tesla Model S car is good for. The review, or rather, numerous reviews and test drives, made it clear that all the shortcomings regarding the chassis have been corrected. The previous Tesla car rode on the road like a skateboard - it was very sensitive to rough roads. But now everything is different. Even with bad roads, the car copes, and it reacts normally to sharp turns of the steering wheel.

Many say this model is the future of electric cars. Of course, for people who are accustomed to often travel long distances, this car will not work. For such motorists, a reserve of more than 400 kilometers may not be enough. But for people who move around the city, from work to home, shopping or to the suburbs, this car will be just the perfect option, and also economical.Especially for Americans, because, as mentioned earlier, you can refuel at Tesla bus stations for free. No wonder this model has become so popular there.

tesla model s specifications

“Tesla Model S” in Russia – is it possible to buy?

Everything is possible in this life. And to buy the "S-model" in the Russian Federation - too. Why not? Because officially these cars are not sold in our country? Yes it is. Not officially sold. But only in Moscow at the end of August 2014, about 80 Tesla cars of this version were registered. So the models are still delivered to Russia. In the same year, approximately 180 copies were brought to the Russian Federation. But these cars are worth a lot. Starting at $111,500 and ending at $152,400. A considerable cost for an electric car, considering that they cost $75-105 thousand in their homeland. However, as you can already understand, this machine has a lot of advantages. No wonder the Russians manage to become happy owners.

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