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Mercedes Benz E-Class: design and interior features

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Mercedes Benz E-Class: design and interior features
Mercedes Benz E-Class: design and interior features

The Mercedes E-Class is one of the most popular and well-known luxury sports sedans in the family, which has not lost its position for more than 10 years. The main features of the Mercedes E-Class series are the high quality of the assembly materials, dynamism, comfort, smoothness and increased safety. Thanks to all these characteristics, this car occupies a leading position in the world market. And today we will devote a review of this particular model.

"Mercedes-Benz E-Class": photo and design of the car

The appearance of the car can not be compared with anything: a formidable look of optics, a massive wide bumper, a huge radiator grille and low thresholds. At first it seems that these cars are produced at one of the tuning studios in small quantities. But no, it is in this shell that the Mercedes Benz E-class coupe is mass-produced, in large batches.

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Compared to earlier models, the version that is being produced today has gained a lot of sporty features. And if earlier it was a solid business class car, now it is a real sports car. The lower part of the bumper is decorated with an aerodynamic spoiler, it’s hard not to notice huge air intakes on the sides, and the optics have acquired a more embossed shape and figured compartments for daytime running lights. By the way, due to such an extraordinary arrangement of DRL strips, the engineers managed to preserve the “four-eyed” effect, which was originally present on the machines of this series.


The inside of the car is literally crammed with luxurious details and elements. The interior design is very modern and unusual. Behind the wheel of the Mercedes Benz E-Class you feel like in a real spacecraft. Even the steering wheel has a lot of remote control buttons and an unusual "aluminum look" insert. In more advanced trim levels, there is an original woodgrain insert running in a strip along the entire perimeter of the front panel.

mercedes benz e class coupe

The instrument panel includes 3 wells, and in one of them there are two arrows with their own scales at once. In the center you can see the built-in on-board computer with touch screen control. The center console is made symmetrically and without any bells and whistles (with the exception of a dozen buttons under the air duct). There is also an armrest here. The door upholstery is made in white and gray tones and is in harmony with the general background of the interior. There are also many additional buttons here.controls, and the handles are chrome-plated. Seat upholstery can be either dark gray or white. But in any case, the driver's and passenger seats will be made with maximum ergonomics. By the way, the seats are equipped with a mass of various adjustments, which allows a person to set the position of the backrest to suit their anatomical features.

Based on all of the above, we can say that the Mercedes Benz E-Class is one of the few examples of how you can successfully combine prestige, solidity and sportiness into one. The Germans coped with this task, for which they have great respect.

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Mercedes Benz E-Class: engine specs

Initially, the prestigious Mercedes models were characterized by a wide range of power plants. The Mercedes Benz E-Class was no exception.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has significantly expanded and modernized diesel units. So, the youngest in the line of engines is a 136-horsepower unit, gaining a “hundred” in more than 10 seconds. More powerful is a 170-horsepower diesel engine. He hits 100 in 8.7 seconds.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a choice between other power plants with a capacity of 184, 204, 233, 251 and 408 horsepower. With such a wide range of engines, the customer can choose the exact Mercedes variant that suits his taste.

We also note that all of the above units comply with the Euro 5 environmental standard and have quite adequate fuel consumption.

On the example of a 233-horsepower engine, consider the fuel consumption and acceleration dynamics of a sports Mercedes.


According to passport data, the average consumption of a car per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle is about 9.3 liters of fuel. In this case, the maximum speed of the car is 247 kilometers per hour. A jerk from zero to hundreds is estimated at more than 7 seconds. As you can see, the Mercedes Benz E-Class leads in all respects.

mercedes benz e class specifications

A units are equipped with two types of transmissions. This is a six-speed “mechanics” and a seven-band “automatic” TRONIC PLUS. The latter has the ability to work in mechanical mode, in which the driver himself can switch to one or another gear.


Mercedes Benz E-Class is supplied to the Russian market in two body modifications – sedan and station wagon. The cost of the first one starts at 1 million 850 thousand rubles. Station wagon in the same configuration can be purchased for 2 million 20 thousand rubles.

mercedes benz e class photo

Recall that the indicated price is fair in relation to the basic configuration. The top one will cost customers 3 million 520 thousand rubles.

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