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LEDs in dimensions: description and characteristics
LEDs in dimensions: description and characteristics

The safety of the driver, as well as all other road users, depends on the correct choice of lighting devices. For this reason, the choice of headlight bulbs is approached with particular scrupulousness. Today, LED varieties have become very popular. They are able to meet all requirements for road lighting.

LEDs in dimensions can differ in brightness, configuration, glow color and many other parameters. To choose the best option, you need to consider the advice of experts. They will help you understand the existing variety of LED headlights.


LEDs in dimensions began to be installed relatively recently. Previously, incandescent lamps were mainly used for this purpose. Today, halogen devices are also used for these purposes. However, LEDs are ahead of other types of lamps in a number of characteristics. Therefore, they are used everywhere today.

LEDs in dimensions

LEDs consume up to 6 times less electricity than other appliances. Their bright lightallows you to qualitatively illuminate the path, enabling the driver to navigate the road well even in bad weather. LEDs can emit different colors of light. This is also a significant benefit.

LED lamps are produced with a standard base. It is fully consistent with previously used incandescent lamps. Therefore, the installation of new-type devices will not cause any difficulties.

LEDs have a long service life. They can be used to illuminate both at night and during the day. Suitable LED lamps are made for almost all types of headlights, marker lights, and interior interior lighting. These are high-quality, efficient and durable devices that are in high demand in the modern automotive market.

Varieties of front dimensions

Most modern cars require the installation of baseless lamps in the front dimensions. They work in the opening of the headlights. For this purpose, a white LED is used. The size of the headlights suggests the installation of a lamp called W5W. Their base is called T10. It is chosen in 90% of cases when replacing lamps of dimensions. T4W type LEDs are much less common. Their plinth is called BA9S.

All existing marker lights must be heat resistant. This feature is due to the close proximity of the main lighting lamp. LEDs are designed for operating temperatures from 80 to 100 ºС. For this, the design has a special protection. Without it, the LED crystals would simply overheat. protective rolecurrent stabilizer plays.

LED white marker

The varieties of LEDs presented above fully comply with modern requirements that are put forward for marker lamps. Their defense system is quite reliable. This allows you to ensure long-term operation of the presented varieties of lamps.

Today, other protective technologies are being developed to save the LED. The white SF marker, for example, does not have a stabilizer. However, the dimensions of this device are quite large. Installation may be difficult.

SMD series lamps are also on the market. They are characterized by high performance. However, their cost is high. Therefore, domestic drivers acquire this variety less often.

Low-power baseless lamps

LEDs in W5W dimensions are used in more than 90% of cars today. They are also installed in motorcycles, ATVs. The presented LEDs can be used to illuminate the interior, reversing or license plate of the car. In practice, their application in the lighting system of a passenger car has no limits.

Good size LEDs

There are several models of the presented type of lamps. They differ in terms of the power of the luminous flux. The smallest is the W5W-1 lamp. Its stream of rays is focused. It is not very bright. However, the power consumption of this model will be the lowest in the presented series.

Different by compact dimensionslamp W5W-1SMD. Its luminous flux is more diffused, but the power consumption also remains minimal. W5W-1SMD2076 will emit a brighter glow. It has 6 chips responsible for creating a light flux. The dimensions of this type of lamp are small.

Directional side stream of light allows you to get a W5W-4SMD lamp. It has 4 LEDs on one side of the board. On the other side are the resistors.

High power lamps without sockets

LEDs in the front lights can create a bright stream of light. Has a low power consumption lamp W5W-5SMD. It emits a fairly bright volumetric glow. If you want to create diffused, but strong enough lighting, you can choose a lamp W5W-1, 5H. This category of devices is especially resistant to high heating temperatures, humidity.

LEDs instead of dimensions

The W5W-1H4SMD lamp includes two types of diodes. This allows you to create a bright and voluminous glow. However, the most successful model is W5W-1Н+1, 5Н. It is bright, compact, creating a volumetric glow. Resistant to adverse conditions.

The model W5W-3H also differs in miniature dimensions. It includes three HP diodes. They provide a bright stream of rays. To illuminate the side areas with high quality, the W5W-13SMD model should be used. This is a good design option.

The brightest lamp of dimensions, the LED of which is of the SMD type, is W5W-68SMD. It creates an even light output. However, it has recently been developed and put into mass production.production lamp W5W-5H1, 5 L. Today it is the brightest model. Its brightness is 15 times higher than that of a regular incandescent lamp. At the same time, the dimensions of the device remain compact.

Rear two-contact brake lights

Rear clearance (LED) brake light is most often presented in the form of two-contact devices. Such lamps are coded P21 / 5W. They can be recognized by encoding 1157.

The presented category of devices includes two-pin lamps 14HP. They have 14 single-crystal type diodes. This is one of the best varieties. It is durable, reliable and bright.

LED in the rear

Also, drivers sometimes install a 3x1W series in their rear brake lights. In this design, there are three powerful diodes. Each of them has a power of 1 watt. They work in impulse mode. To do this, there is a converter in the design.

LEDs in the rear dimensions of the SMD series can include several elements. There are designs with 15, 18, 24 or 27 diodes. Experts say that varieties with 24 lighting elements have the best ratio of quality and price. The size of such diodes belongs to the class 5050. All elements include three LEDs. Each group is in a separate protective case.

The most inexpensive are the SF series rear brake lights.

Rear single contact brake lights

Some drivers are interested in whether LEDs can also be installed in the dimensions to illuminate the number plate, etc.The types of lamps that exist today allow you to mount them in various car systems. This is made possible by their compact size.

Most drivers today use two-pin bulbs for their rear brake lights. However, there are also single-contact varieties. They are marked 1156. They are installed in the rear red PTF or brake lights. Such a device may have a base BA15S, P21W, PY21W.

The presented variety of LED lamps can also be installed in the backlight system of the car, reversing, as well as in the rear position lights. The presented devices can have a different number of diodes. These elements can also belong to different categories. They can emit a white or red glow (selected in accordance with the purpose of the device).

Single-contact lamps can include from 1 to 27 diodes. The more of them, the brighter the luminous flux will be. Diodes can be type HP, SMD, LED, SF. Their glow shade may vary.

Proximity lamps may also be used in some brands of Japanese cars. They have compact dimensions and a special base design.

Interior lighting

LEDs instead of dimensions can also be installed in the salon. For this, scallop-type devices are used. They include three categories of devices. The difference lies in the length of the scallop. It can be 31-41 mm. Diodes such as SMD, SF are used for interior lighting.

LED brake light marker

The first category of interior lamps includesdevices that are installed in the ceiling connector. They replace the regular standard lamp. Their dimensions are identical. If the ceiling has a small internal space, this type of lamp is preferable.

The second category of illuminators includes devices whose dimensions exceed the size of a standard lamp. However, they can also be installed in an existing slot. The composition of such devices includes a large number of diodes. Due to this, the dimensions of the lamp also increase. This allows you to create bright lighting in the cabin.

The third category includes lamps, which consist of a rectangular matrix with a different number of LEDs. This is the brightest kind of lighting fixtures.

Turn lights

Rotary LEDs in the dimensions of VAZ, Niva, Mercedes, Renault most often have single-pin lamps with a 1156 base. This is the category of lamps that was discussed above. If the optics are of the transparent type, the lamp has a yellow tint to the glow.

Plinths for swivel gauges differ in the location of the locking tabs. In the device type BAU15S they are slightly offset. The angle in this case is 120º. However, lamps with a yellow tint of light have excellent markings. Their plinth is called BA15S. It can be installed in a slot designed even for misaligned locking tabs.

Dimension lamp LED

The aesthetics of LEDs make them popular. The lamp has no yellow glass. Diodes initially emit rays of the yellow part of the spectrum. This preserves the beauty of the transparent headlightdimensions. For these purposes, SMD, SF, and 5W type LEDs are used.

Some American and Japanese vehicles require baseless instrumentation. Experts note that when replacing a standard lamp with an LED version, the flickering of the size may become more frequent. To eliminate this deviation, it is necessary to replace the existing relay. Regular varieties are easily dismantled. In their place, an electronic relay is installed. For each type of car, you must select a certain type of such controls.

Fog lights

LEDs in the dimensions can be installed to illuminate the road in the evening or during the day. This category of lamps is called fog lamps. They have a number of characteristic features.

The presented types of lighting devices are an additional device for lighting. In many countries, the legislation provides for the inclusion of the parking lights of the car, even during the day. This is especially important to do in cloudy weather, when driving on the highway.

Such an illuminator cannot replace a halogen or xenon lamp in terms of brightness. However, he is able to distinguish the car of his owner from the stream of cars. Statistics show that such safety measures reduce the likelihood of an accident.

The base connector of such lamps is standard. They have low power consumption. This allows the battery to work for a long time without recharging. The appearance on the market of automotive products of various lamps with improved properties has significantly improved operationanti-fog varieties. They work many times longer than conventional standard devices. This is extremely important, as the lamp in this mode should work without interruption for a long time.

Expert Tips

Good size LEDs are sold under well-known brands. By purchasing such products, you can not doubt its quality. Cheap Chinese products may disappoint the user. Experienced drivers claim that such lamps fail literally a month after the start of their operation. Their brightness is not as advertised.

In order not to become a victim of fraud, you should purchase branded products. Osram, Philips, MTF diode lamps are recognized as the best all over the world. Their products are fully up to date.

The glow of the LEDs can have a certain shade. White dimensions may differ slightly from the standard lamp. They have a blue, purple, yellow tint. Devices should be selected that best match the radiation of the head marker lights.

Having considered what features different LEDs have in dimensions, each driver will be able to choose the best lighting option for his car.

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