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Numbers of regions of Kazakhstan: now seventeen

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Numbers of regions of Kazakhstan: now seventeen
Numbers of regions of Kazakhstan: now seventeen

Since 2012, Kazakhstan switched to license plates of a new format. They are much closer to international and more convenient. The region - the place of registration of the car - was designated by a code Latin letter. Now on the signs it is indicated by a number. Since June 2018, after the separation of the city of Shymkent (Chimkent) into a separate territorial entity, there have been seventeen such regions. Three numbers belong to the largest cities of the country, the rest belong to the regions.

Codes for license plates. We will now live in a new way

Codes of license plates of Kazakhstan

Regions of Kazakhstan on car numbers

Number Region (city, region) Administrative Center Major cities
01 Astana Astana -
02 Almaty (Alma-Ata) Almaty (Alma-Ata) -
03 Akmola Kokshetau (Kokchetav) Stepnogorsk, Shchuchinsk, Atbasar
04 Aktobe Aktobe (Aktyubinsk) Khromtau
05 Almaty Taldykorgan (Taldy-Kurgan) Zharkent
06 Atyrau Atyrau (Guriev) Kulsary
07 Western Kazakh Uralsk Aksai
08 Zhambyl Taraz (Dzhambul) Zhanatas, Karatau
09 Karaganda Karaganda Temirtau, Zhezkazgan (Dzhezkazgan), Satpayev, Balkhash, Shakhtinsk, Abay
10 Kostanay Kostanay (Kostanay) Arkalyk, Lisakovsk, Rudny, Zhitikara
11 Kyzylorda Kyzylorda (Kyzyl-Orda) Aralsk, Kazalinsk
12 Mangistauskaya Aktau Zhanaozen
13 Turkestan Turkestan Kentau, Arys, Saryagash
14 Pavlodar Pavlodar Ekibastuz, Aksu
15 North Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk Mamlyutka, Taiynsha (Krasnoarmeysk), Bulaevo, Sergeevka
16 East Kazakhstan Ust-Kamenogorsk Semey (Semipalatinsk), Kurchatov, Ridder (Leninogorsk)
17 Shymkent (Chimkent) - -

Old numbers

However, it is worth noting that it was not required to change the number of the old sample without fail. The issuance of old ones has been discontinued, but they can be used until they are completely worn out. Cars with old Kazakhstan license plates can also be seen on the roads.

Cars from Karaganda

Therefore, we present one more table. Several alphabetic, often coinciding, designations for one subject are connected with the fact that in Kazakhstan, quite a lot of redistribution of administrative boundaries has already taken place. Old regions disappeared, new ones appeared, a number of districts passed into subordination to different regions. So the now non-existent Dzhezkazgan, Kokchetav Semipalatinsk, Taldy-Kurgan and Turgai regions had their own license plate code. In the table, it is assigned to those regions in which they are included.

Code Region (city, region)
A, V Almaty (Alma-Ata)
B Almaty
S, Oh, W Akmola
D Aktobe
E Atyrau
F, U East Kazakhstan
N Zhambyl
K, M Karaganda
L Western Kazakh
N Kyzylorda
Oh T North Kazakhstan
P, W Kostanay
R Mangistauskaya
S Pavlodar
X Turkestan
Z Astana


License plates of Kazakhstan

The appearance of the room has changed slightly. The flag of Kazakhstan and the index KZ (Kazakhstan) have been added to the left. Below it is an innovation - the number of the region of Kazakhstan. There are also no differences in numbering. Three digits - an individual, two - a legal entity. The number can also be square or rectangular, elongated.

The numbers of the top leadership of the Republic and their services also acquired a flag. The president already had his number and therefore remained unchanged. Such plates do not have the number of the region of Kazakhstan, and their numbers indicate belonging. For example, 01 is the President, 05 is the Secretary of State.

Kazakhstan police numbers differ in two ways. First, the blue background. Secondly, a four-digit number. However, there is also a mark on the number of the region of Kazakhstan.

Police of Kazakhstan

Military vehicles in Kazakhstan have plates with the traditional five-pointed asterisk. On the new numbers, it takes the place of the flag, but otherwise the military numbers are similar to civilian ones. Unless there are "asterisks" on the numbers with a black and green background. Cars with black numbers belong to the national security service, and those with green numbers belong to the border guards.

For cars of foreign citizens permanently residing in Kazakhstan, as well as foreign organizations, special numbers are also provided. They are orange and haveLatin marking. K - correspondent (press), M - foreign companies, H and C - joint ventures, F - citizens. For the first four categories, the numbers are six-digit. The first three digits are the code of the state of which the driver or owner of the company is a citizen. The civil category has a designation of the region of registration and a four-digit number.

Equalized to the category of foreign citizens are honorary consuls (HC). Their numbers are also orange, four-digit and have a mini-tablet that indicates the expiration date of the number.

Also have a "temporary" table of numbers of cars of the diplomatic services of foreign states. Distinguishes them from consular and "foreign" red background.

The red color is a special number designed for cars participating in official government events. However, the only inscription on it besides KZ is PROTOCOL, stretched over the entire length of the plate.

At the request of the UN

Also new in Kazakh numbers is that they do not have fasteners. They are installed on screws, in special frames, which used to be optional.

These and other innovations meet the requirements of the UN regulation on road traffic. That is why the national flag of Kazakhstan and the corresponding index appeared on the signs.

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