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Nissan Sentra: features, review and reviews

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Nissan Sentra: features, review and reviews
Nissan Sentra: features, review and reviews

"Nissan Sentra" - a compact sedan company Nissan Motors. This car is produced for export and is the prototype of the Japanese model "Nissan-Sled". The article presents the technical characteristics and configuration of "Nissan-Centre". There are a lot of production options for the car, so below is an overview of the latest generation model.

Specifications Nissan Sentra

The second generation Nissan Sentra went on sale in 2002. The car was equipped with a 2.5-liter engine, which was originally designed for Nissan-Almera.

The characteristics of the second generation Nissan Sentra engine are as follows: engine power of 175 horsepower, thanks to which the car is able to accelerate to hundreds of kilometers in just 7 seconds. But due to short gears, the car is able to achieve such an indicator only in the third stage of the gearbox.Specifications and photos of "Nissan Sentra" are presented below.

The company decided to upgrade the previous generation. The characteristics of the third generation Nissan Sentra, which was presented in 2014 in Moscow, have not changed much. The car was planned to be assembled at a car factory in Izhevsk. It was equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with 117 horsepower, as well as a choice of a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT. The release of this car was discontinued two years after its presentation.

nissan sentra white

Vehicle equipment

The technical specifications were listed above. The complete set of "Nissan-Centre" in all available options must be considered separately. It is worth saying that all representatives have the same type of engine. The only difference is the gearbox, which can be either manual or continuously variable.

Salons offer the following configurations:

  • welcome: manual transmission;
  • comfort: manual or CVT;
  • elegans: manual or CVT;
  • elegans plus: manual or CVT;
  • elegans connect: manual or CVT;
  • elegans plus connection: manual or CVT;
  • tecna: CVT;
  • velcom: manual transmission.
nissan sentra blue side view

Vehicle review

The performance of the Nissan Sentra is not a virtue of the car, which is nottell me about the interior. The exterior does not have any unique elements, so you should immediately go to the salon. The latest generation models have a monitor to control the navigation system, audio system and many other functions. The dashboard consists of only a tachometer and a speedometer, between which is a screen that displays the total and current mileage, range, system errors and gear stage.

On the steering wheel there are audio control buttons, buttons for accepting and rejecting an incoming call. Also an important plus is the ability to connect smartphones via Bluetooth, so you can turn on tracks from your phone, receive incoming and outgoing calls and output sound to the standard audio system when watching movies.

The air conditioning control buttons look very fresh. The main airflow control is located in the center. There is a cup holder near the lever. Many owners of this car point to its not entirely successful location, since often when using the handbrake, the glass overturns at the feet of the front passenger. Interior material - leatherette. Both the chairs and the doors are designed by him. The dashboard is made entirely of plastic.

A nice bonus is the transmission's sport mode, thanks to which the car accelerates a little faster than in normal mode.

nissan centra saloon

Car on the secondary Russian market

Most often in the secondary Russian market you can find the latest generation Nissan Sentra. Prices for thisa car in the basic configuration and with a minimum mileage starts from half a million rubles. It is rare to find first generation cars as most of them are inoperable or not economically viable to sell.

Most often this car is sold due to insufficient engine power, which is 117 horsepower. Buyers of "Nissan-Centre" usually do not consider the characteristics of the car as the main criterion. They are most interested in the democratic price of the vehicle.

nissan sentra blue side view

Reviews about "Nissan Sentra"

The above facts are real reviews of the owners of this car. The advantages of the latest generation of the car are:

  • attractive appearance of a budget serial sedan;
  • large luggage capacity;
  • comfortable and spacious interior even for two-meter passengers;
  • there is enough space for three passengers in the back row, but it gets a little cramped;
  • small fuel consumption for both the base and top configurations;
  • presence of a sport mode of the gearbox;
  • heated front seats;
  • air conditioning works great both in summer to cool the interior and in winter to heat it.

The disadvantages of this car are:

  • manual transmission, which has many shortcomings, because of which it often fails;
  • hard suspension that makes every hole and rock feel;
  • build quality, given that car enthusiasts praise the Japanese assembly;
  • weak front and rear optics.
nissan sentra gray side


Given the cost of the car, it can be safely classified as a budget foreign cars, ignoring the fact that domestic cars are half the price. This option is designed for urban leisurely driving, as the stiff suspension and ground clearance do not allow off-road driving. An important plus is low fuel consumption, which also determines the advantage of the vehicle for operation in urban environments.

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