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"Concepts Lada" (Lada C Concept): description, specifications

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"Concepts Lada" (Lada C Concept): description, specifications
"Concepts Lada" (Lada C Concept): description, specifications

LADA C is a joint plan of AvtoVAZ and a Canadian company. It provided for the formation of a series of C-class cars. Present in the Russian Federation from 2003 to 2010.

"Project Lada C" was envisaged both for the existing AvtoVAZ models and jointly created 11 series of cars under the Soviet brand. The launch of "fresh" versions into mass production was scheduled for 2009. It was supposed to develop a collective enterprise, the leadership of which was to be taken over by the sole vice-president of the Russian Technologies organization Maxim Nagaitsev.

History of cooperation

On November 21, 2006, a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the production of auto components for the implementation of the final project was signed between the state corporation Russian Technologies and the Canadian company Magna International.

BIn 2009, cooperation was revised in favor of the Japanese alliance, in addition, the French company Renault acquired 25% of the securities of the domestic auto industry giant. All this led to the fact that since 2009, due to the difficult financial situation of AvtoVAZ OJSC, Project C was temporarily stopped. The LADA C platform and several other developments became the basis for the new LADA Vesta model.

Lada C Exterior

Lada C Concept

What is this model? This is such a concept car, which is presented in a hatchback body. It is sporty, has the shape of a sports car. It should be noted that this is a joint development of AvtoVAZ and Magna International. They envisioned a new Lada concept back in the early 2000s.

Already in 2007, a new version was introduced. It was shown at the Geneva Motor Show. It indicated its characteristics and motor. Engine capacity - 2 liters, maximum speed - 210 kilometers per hour. And in terms of dimensions, it was the same as the current "Lada" - 4 meters 20 centimeters long, 1 meter 80 centimeters wide, and one and a half meters high.

The look and silhouette was designed by top designers. They were trained at the AvtoVAZ Technical Development Department. It is worth noting that they developed the Lada logo. In general, the style could not be miscalculated, as well as the price. Everything worked out just fine with her: only 450 thousand Russian rubles could be the cost of the new Lada concept if it entered the market. This gave the model clear advantages.before foreign brands.

It is worth noting that the Lada Vesta concept was also created, which will be discussed later in the article.

Lada C-cross

Lada Silhouette

This is another version of the famous car, and it was presented as a concept "Lada x Rey". Thus, another Russian-made crossover was created. It was envisaged as a replenishment of the Lada C.

It was shown for the first time at the premiere in Moscow back in 2008. The car turned out with numerous advantages:

  • She can easily move around the city and off-road.
  • The version turned out to be both compact and roomy at the same time. And all because the trunk was about 400 liters in volume. Yes, not as much as we would like, but this is just an option that has never been released to the public. Unfortunately, none of the ideas of the Lada C Project reached the end user, although the car models were promising.

It is worth noting that this version of the Lada concept was comfortable and suited to our domestic roads. The suspension was specially reinforced and only one variant of rims was used: 18 inch. They provided good cross-country ability of this car both off-road and on asph alt and other road surfaces.

Lada Siluet

Lada Silhouette interior

This is another concept car from a Russian manufacturer. It was produced exclusively with front-wheel drive, and was shown at the Moscow Auto Show in 2004.year. For this car, a new base and platform was developed, on which the car was assembled.

It is worth noting that it should have been a new motor and gearbox. Manufacturers made a bias on the fact that there will be very low fuel consumption. The version received a stylish design, a cool interior, excellent comfort, high-quality and solid finishing materials, enhanced safety and body strength. However, the motor was not mentioned at all. In general, the new Lada Siluet has remained in history.

New model and 2005 prototype

Lada C

Already this year, another exhibition copy was assembled, a new concept of "Lada". However, the release began only a year later. This was the first VAZ 2116 series. It included models made in 23 different body versions, as well as 19 prototypes. And there was also a second series, in which there were 2 times fewer options, but the best of them were selected.

The Lada Granta concept was shown in 2006, but it was only an exhibition, demonstrating the advantages of the new models of the automaker. It had neither a distinctive interior nor a "delicious" exterior. However, on the technical side, he is recognized as one of the best. It showed only top-notch developments, pluses, advantages and innovations of new models. In general, this hinted at the fact that the concept of "Lada Vesta" would soon be.

New model and 2006 prototype

Lada 4X4 C

Already a year after the last model, a new one was introduced. There was an even more elaborate exteriorcars, design, style. People liked him even more. New trim elements have been added to the interior. As the participants of the auto show noted, they felt in the Lada concept as if they were on an airplane.

In general, a very laborious work was done, during which the newest prototype became almost a real sale. It is worth noting that the creators have also worked on the technical parts of the car. The drag coefficient was as much as 0.32, which is a lot. In reality, it turned out to be 0.36, but in the new models they were kept at the level of 0.33. New elements of the car also turned out to be on this prototype: radiator prechambers, a two-flow muffler. This has never happened in domestic Lada cars.

VAZ 2116

Manufacturer AvtoVAZ, which has not released any of the presented prototypes for free sale, wants to use their technologies, innovations and advantages for the new Lada sedans. That is why they started the production of the VAZ 2116, which, unfortunately, was completely canceled in 2014.

However, one Lada concept was presented: the VAZ 2118. The latest innovations were taken into account there: an engine with a capacity of 111 horsepower and a volume of 1.8 liters, a new gearbox and, of course, a great design. However, as mentioned above in the material of the article, such a concept of "Lada" turned out only in the exhibition version, and its production for free sale also did not begin.

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