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How to connect the rear view camera

How to connect the rear view camera
How to connect the rear view camera

Not all hybrid vehicles come with a parking camera. And on such cars, it will be absolutely not superfluous, especially during parking.

rear view camera connection

The natural desire of the owners of such cars is the desire to correct this shortcoming. Connecting a rear view camera is a process that almost any car owner can handle.

What may be required if you decide to install the camera yourself? You will need the following items: a parking camera that you purchased in advance; small terminals or ready-made wires with terminals; special clips for wires; screwdriver (knife); pliers; washer hose; tee for washer hose; multimeter (tester); drill.

Most often, the parking camera is installed in the regular hole of the "native" head unit. Therefore, before buying a camera, make sure you have it. So, your car has a connector for parking cameras, you went to the store where you purchased the best camera option for you.

connecting a rear view camera to a navigator

Where to start? And you should start within order to, without being too lazy, check with a tester all the wires used. You won’t burn anything with a voltmeter, but with a light bulb you can easily.

Before disassembling half a car, carefully inspect the camera itself. Checking the performance of each camera may vary slightly. Therefore, for this, it is best to use the step-by-step instructions for checking a particular brand of camera that are widely available. Connect the rear view camera only after making sure that the camera itself is working. The following is a rough plan of action.

Rear view camera: connection

- It is necessary to remove the trim from the rear door, as well as the rear frame with headlights. Bolts are unscrewed in order to remove the cable from the door handle.

- Try on the camera, then drill a hole for it.

- If desired, you can immediately install washer nozzles on the camera. If you decide to install them, then also drill a hole under them, as well as a hole in the door to stretch the hose and wires.

rear view camera connection

- After that, put the frame back in place, but do not rush to screw it on, first make sure that the camera is installed in the direction you need.

- And then directly connect the rear view camera itself. Power for the camera is taken from the rear light. Put on a tee instead of the tailgate washer hose. Check for leaks several times and fix them.

- The hose and wires themselves can fit under the door trim. Next you will need a lotremove: seat belt anchors, trim, rubber bands. Lay the wire, reaching it to the "head". It remains to connect and assemble everything.

This is how the rear view camera is connected. To obtain an image from the parking camera, you can use a rear-view mirror replacement, or install a display in the passenger compartment, or display the image received from the camera on the navigator screen. But connecting the rear view camera to the navigator is a little different.

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