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Easy installation of the rear view camera in the car

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Easy installation of the rear view camera in the car
Easy installation of the rear view camera in the car

Every modern car owner should study the rear view camera installation manual to learn how to do it right. There are different kinds of cameras on the market. First you need to find the best one. Most of them are easy to install.

Installation Guide

You can install a rear view camera on your car yourself after reading the manual or watching video tutorials on how to do it right. After reading the tutorials, there are various guidelines to follow.

It is equally important to have an understanding of the installation, which will help in the process. Even a beginner in this business can easily make a rear view camera according to the instructions.

rear view camera installation


There are different ways to install the camera. One of them includes a trigger-based system. After examining the device, the next thing to know is to install each of the components, because the camera cannot work if all the parts are not installed properly.

Remember that rear view cameras use similar components, which means that if there wasIf a camera has been installed before, it will not be difficult to put another one in its place. If you wish to use trigger wires, the information provided here will assist you in the installation process.

rear view camera installation process

Main parts

To install a rear view camera with your own hands, you will need the following items, which include:

  • camera;
  • wiring harness;
  • RCA cable.
rear view mirror installation

What do you need to install the camera?

Without these components, installation will not be possible:

  1. The camera is the most important item you need during installation. It looks like a monitor in appearance. This is because it has a single cable and DC power plug, as well as an RCA cord. It is needed to observe objects while driving.
  2. The wiring harness is another tool needed for connection and installation. It includes a DC power connector. This is a 12 volt power wire, as well as a black ground wire.
  3. RCA cable is another item needed to install the camera. Usually includes a yellow RCA video cable, used for video communications. The function is designed to feed the image from the camera. The length of the cable can vary, it is from 8 to 25 meters.

It is also important to point out that these cables are used in different ways during the installation process. For example, yellow inputs are for video only, whilered and black are for power. You can also install a mirror with a rear view camera, which will transmit an image using the same devices.

rear view camera installation

Rear View Camera Installation Guide

Also, it's important to remember that most monitors are not equipped with a trigger cable, and this is because they have a so-called "video sensitivity" feature. The video stream always starts them automatically.

Ford rear view camera installation

Installation process

The first step in the process of installing a rear view camera for a Ford or any other brand of car is to apply electricity to the monitor, this is done simply by connecting the red wire to the power supply. To send power to the monitor, you need to go to the fuse box. The way the monitor operates is determined by the launch cable used for the connection.

The best way to install it is to connect it to the rear light of the car. When this is done, the monitor turns on automatically when reverse gear becomes active.

If you want to install a monitor for manual control, you do not need to connect it. The connection can be made at the source, which means that whenever the car is started, the monitor turns on. It turns off when the engine is turned off. This mechanism is the best for those who use commercial vehicles.

How to install the camera? For this connection, simply connect the harnesswires A4, which is known as the female harness to the camera outlet. It is usually seen as a mama outlet.

At the stage of connecting power to the monitor and to the camera, you just need to connect the red wire to 12 volts. Alternatively, you can do this by connecting to the positive side of the car's rear light.

Monitor Installation

When you are sure that the monitor is already connected to the fuse box, and the camera is equally drawing power from the rear light, it's time to set up the system. Continue the connection by connecting it to the camera. When doing this, use the standard yellow cable A5.

Video based connection system

The installation guide for the rear view camera of Mazda or other brands of cars mentioned above does not apply to a video-based system. It is intended for a trigger based system. The first thing to do is to examine all the components, which will facilitate the installation process.

do-it-yourself rear view camera installation


Video based connection requires items that include:

  • monitor;
  • monitor wiring harness;
  • camera;
  • camera harness;
  • RCA cable.

These are the basic components required for this type of connection. They must perform important functions.

  1. Monitor. For this installation, the monitor is indispensable. It includes video inputs. Inputs for RCA cables that have different jacks for red, whiteand yellow cables. White and yellow are for video input. If you are used to such wiring in your TV, then the installation will not be difficult, because it repeats the same wiring process.
  2. Wires to the monitor. This is another important aspect of the installation process. The monitor is equipped with a wiring harness that is always attached to the red or black DC power connector. On the opposite side are two wires. They include a red wire and a black one. The black wire is the ground wire and the red wire is the positive power adapter.
  3. Camera. It is the most important part of the system. This is not the same as in a trigger connection. In some ways they are different. It is equipped with two parts. This type of camera does not require large holes, it can be connected in a waterproof way.
  4. Wiring to the camera. Includes DC connector and this applies to power wires. The DC power connector connects to the 12V power pin in the same way as the black one for ground. It uses the mama input which is 12 volts.
  5. RCA cable. Another aspect of the installation process is the RCA cable. This is an important point in the installation. The RCA video cable connects directly to the camera. It serves to feed video to the monitor.

How to install the rear view camera? Reply to video.


There are a number of steps to follow to set up a video-based camera:

  1. The first step. Connect the DC wiring harness to the monitors intended for inputnutrition. You need to determine this and make the correct connection.
  2. The second step of this connection is to connect to the power monitor by connecting the red wire to 12 volt power and the black wire to ground. Normally, the power supplied to the monitor is taken from the fuse box.
  3. Third step. It's time to connect the video signal and camera power to the camera connector.
  4. The fourth step. We connect the power to the camera by simply connecting it to the red wire and to a voltage of 12 volts. The black cable should go to ground as usual. The power that goes to the camera often comes from the rear light. In this type of connection, it is important to specify that whenever power reaches the camera, it turns on the monitor. This means that it works automatically. It's important to reiterate here that when you want to connect to a connection, the length of the cable is important, just like in a trigger-based connection. Because of this, it is recommended to consider cable length. The best length is between 6 and 25 meters.
mazda rearview camera installation

In some cases, the cable contains a red wire, it can always become part of this cable. Usually the conductor cable used for this type of connection is unfinished, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

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