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Headlight washer pump: characteristics, principle of operation of the device and installation

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Headlight washer pump: characteristics, principle of operation of the device and installation
Headlight washer pump: characteristics, principle of operation of the device and installation

At any time of the year, day or night, it is important that the headlights of the car remain clean, as insufficient lighting can lead to accidents. The presence of 12% dirt on the optics results in a 50% reduction in light. If the optics are xenon, then the presence of dirt will cause the light to refract and scatter. Therefore, it is important to have clean headlights. The headlight washer pump must be kept intact for the system to work properly.

Types of washers

There are several types of headlight washers - brush, jet and mixed. The name speaks for itself, in the brush version, mini wipers on the optics are cleaned, the jet one jets water while the car is moving, and the mixed one works as a windshield or rear window cleaning system, water is paired with brushes. Each requires a motor and a headlight washer pump to operate.

Modern cars mostly use jet washers. In such a device, liquid water is supplied under high pressure, and the effectcleaning depends on the angle of the jet. Such washers are mounted specially at the factory, only in rare cases are they part of the basic configuration. The fluid reservoir is the same as for the windshield. Enough liquid for 25 full cleanings.

The headlight washer pump pressure should be between 02-05 MPa.

It is not uncommon for cars to install automatic washers. They start working when the dipped beam is on or the wiper lever is held down.

The intelligent system is the most perfect. It monitors the intensity of use of the windshield washer, from this indicator it calculates the required frequency of its inclusion.

High pressure headlight washer

headlight washer motor

The best alternative to a brush cleaner is a high pressure headlight washer pump. One of the benefits of this system is that many cars today come off the assembly line with plastic headlights that are not allowed to use brushes.

Their work is based on the supply of liquid under high pressure. In total there are three types of such washers:

  • for flat bumper;
  • for round bumper;
  • for SUVs.

There are cars in which the system is activated automatically or after activation by a button. Automatic systems are more designed for driving on European autobahns, and for our roads this is not quite the right choice. Also, the automatic system is more economical.

How is the cleaning

Button activation also has its advantages. Some car models have a smart cleaning system that pre-moistens the dirt and waits until it becomes limp, after which it washes it off the optics with a powerful jet of water.

For the conditions of our roads, the most optimal option would be in which the washers work every time the wipers are turned on.

When and how to use the washer

Degree of pollution

Most often the system is used in the off-season, when there is more rainfall than in other periods of the year. Most of all, the owners of xenon optics should be worried about the he alth of the headlight washer motor. After all, how the light will shine will depend on their purity. If the headlights are dirty, the light will scatter, blinding drivers moving towards them. Also, on dirty xenon, the illumination is reduced by half.

Nissan washer motor failure

Washer jets

Sometimes it happens that after a certain time the headlight washers stop responding to pressing the activation button. If you remove it, you can immediately notice the malfunctions while everything will be fine with the injectors.

It turns out that sometimes water can destroy the pump from the inside, thereby destroying the magnet. Therefore, you need to check its condition from time to time in order to be able to replace the headlight washer pump on the Nissan in time, to be prepared for bad weather.

Volvo headlight washer motor

Volvo system

Sometimes the pumpwasher is broken. In the case of the Volvo headlight washer pump, you can use a non-native motor. Here you can mount a drive from other cars that are suitable in size and connection. And a common cause of failure of the unit is the ordinary flooding of the drive motor with water. In this case, it stops working forever and needs to be replaced.

Installing and dismantling the headlight washer motor on a Volvo is not that difficult. You need to remove the bumper fasteners, take the engine a little forward. Then we disconnect the hydraulic pipes from the washer nozzles. Then he removes the pump, which is located on the right side of the bumper at the bottom. It is removed by detaching the latches. Of course, you can go to the station, everything will be replaced there, but why pay an extra 4,000 rubles when you can do it yourself?

After replacement, you need to install everything back, otherwise the washer nozzles will not function. Despite the fact that the motor will be installed from another car, it will give the necessary pressure and power. For example, a motor from Hyundai is well suited to a Volvo. Having carefully studied such a motor, you can see that the manufacturer is Hella - a company that has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality and reliable goods.

Optical cleaning system on Mazda cars

Mazda system

In Mazda cars, the headlight washer is an additional option that can be installed in each model. It is needed to improve visibility in bad weather, not to wipe the optics by hand.Most of all, cars with xenon optics need such a system - dirt on such headlights leads to light scattering, which entails blinding drivers who drive in the opposite direction. Also, light scattering will reduce visibility by up to 50%.

Headlight washer system

What does the cleaning system consist of

In these cars, the headlight washer is part of the windshield cleaning system, and the design of the Mazda headlight washer pump is quite simple. Includes:

  • expansion tank;
  • electric pump;
  • injectors;
  • relay;
  • fuse.

The principle of its operation is also simple. To start the system, you need to press the appropriate button on the wiper lever. After pressing it, the windshield and headlights will be washed simultaneously.

You can immediately notice the main drawback - this is a large washer consumption. And in winter, because of the cold, the nozzles freeze, the pressure in the system rises, and they begin to flow a little. It often happens that the nozzles become clogged with dust, dirt from under the wheels of the cars in front.

To clean the system, you need to remove the fender liner, which is attached with caps. And under the bumper you can see a tee with supply pipes. They need to be disconnected, blow through the system with a compressor.

After blowing everything is going in reverse order.

In winter, when it is cold outside, it is better to turn off the system to reduce the load on the car's electrical circuit. To do this, you just need to remove the fuse frommounting block, which is located under the hood of the car. There is a detailed diagram, guided by which, you can easily understand which fuse you need to get.

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