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Full-size pickup "Nissan Titan"

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Full-size pickup "Nissan Titan"
Full-size pickup "Nissan Titan"

The Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck from a Japanese company that is manufactured and sold in North America. The features of the mini-truck are a large number of modifications, reliability and low cost for vehicles of this class.

Development of the Japanese automaker

The company was founded in 1933 by the merger of two small Japanese industrial enterprises involved in the repair of automobiles and the manufacture of auto parts. The name "Nissan" was given to the joint venture in 1934.

The company organized the first industrial assembly of cars at its own facilities in Yokohama. The plant was designed to produce 15,000 small cars a year. The company "Nissan" connected its further development with the improvement and development of technology for the production of automobiles. In the early forties, the company starts designing and then manufacturing buses and trucks. In the post-war period, it expands the range of its own cars, while starting and gradually increasing export sales (1958 - in the USA, 1964 - in Europe). The success of the company is facilitated by high quality, technical parameters anda diverse range of manufactured cars.

nissan titan diesel


Currently, Nissan, headquartered in Tokyo, is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan. The company occupies the 8th place in the world ranking. In addition to models under their own brand, subsidiaries produce:

  • Nismo - tuned sports cars.
  • "Infiniti" - premium cars.
  • "Datsun" - compact budget subcompact.

In total, in 2017, the Nissan lineup was 26 cars. In Russia, official dealers sell the following cars of the company:

  • crossovers – Zhuk, Qashqai, Murano;
  • passenger city car - "Almera";
  • SUVs – X-Trail, Terrano;
  • sport car - GT-R.

At this time, the company's minibuses, pickups, vans and electric vehicles, including the full-size Nissan Titan pickup (pictured below), are not delivered to our country.

nissan titan photo

History of the creation and production of the Titan model

For the first time, the company showed a full-size pickup truck at the Detroit Auto Show in 2003. Serial production of the Nissan Titan began in 2004, and the extended version in 2008. The pickup truck was intended for the North American market, therefore it was produced at the concern's American plant. The car was developed on a single platform with all-wheel drive models "Armada" and "Infiniti QX50". Basic rate incompetitive struggle with American models of mini-trucks "Chevrolet Silverado", "Ford F-150", "Dodge Ram" the Japanese company made a novelty at a low cost, which started from 1.3 million rubles. (23.5 thousand dollars). The first generation was produced until 2015.

Production of the second generation Nissan Titan began in 2015. The updated pickup truck received a turbocharged diesel power unit with a capacity of 310 forces, point changes in design and a more comfortable interior for the gasoline version of the engine. However, the release of the second generation did not allow to increase sales volumes, and in 2017 the company launched a restyled version of the mini-truck with a completely new design, which formed a powerful and aggressive appearance of the pickup truck.

nissan titan 2017 model year

Features of the restyled version

In addition to the changed appearance, the 2017 Nissan Titan received a powerful eight-cylinder turbodiesel with 390 hp. With. (volume 5, 6 l), and also for the first time there were modifications with a two-door cabin for three people, which was absent from previous generations. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive with a 7-band automatic transmission. In addition to the single cab, the pickup truck will continue to be equipped with a four-door cab with six or five seats and three wheelbase versions: short, standard, extended.

New systems have been added to the equipment of the car:

  • electrically engaged rear differential;
  • possibility of remote engine start;
  • two-tone interior design;
  • 20" rims;
  • keyless entry.

In total, the company "Nissan" offers in the North American market ten different versions of the new pickup truck with a cost of 1.6 to 3 million rubles. (From $29.78K to $52.96K).

new nissan titan

Technical parameters

For the updated version of the Nissan Titan with a diesel, four-door five-seat cab and standard wheelbase, the main specifications are:

  • length - 5.70 m;
  • width - 2.02 m;
  • height – 1.90 m;
  • wheelbase - 3.85 m;
  • body volume - 745 l;
  • pickup weight - 2.75 tons;
  • engine - diesel turbocharged;
  • number of cylinders – 8;
  • number of valves – 32;
  • V-shaped arrangement;
  • working volume - 5.55 l;
  • power - 390 hp p.;
  • carrying capacity - 0.91 t;
  • speed - up to 190 km/h;
  • acceleration (100 km/h) – 8, 1 sec.;
  • trailer weight - up to 5, 40 tons;
  • tank volume - 106 l;
  • tire size - 275/65R18.

Car Features

Nissan Titan full-size pickup trucks remain in demand in the US mini-truck market with the following qualities:

  • lower cost compared to similar models from other automakers;
  • a large number of configurations (the updated version has 10 at once);
  • general reliability;
  • security;
  • comfortable cabin;
  • powerful and economical powertrains;
  • availability of various driver assistance systems;
  • quality specifications.

In addition, Nissan offers various financial programs for purchasing a car, a long-term warranty and a wide range of services.

nissan titan

All existing advantages provide not the largest, but stable demand for Japanese pickups, which the company plans to increase through the release of the new Nissan Titan 2017 model year.

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