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The second generation Renault Sandero ("Sander Renault"). Full review of new items

The second generation Renault Sandero ("Sander Renault"). Full review of new items
The second generation Renault Sandero ("Sander Renault"). Full review of new items

At the official premiere in Paris (2012), the famous French manufacturer RENAULT presented to the public a new, second generation of Renault Sandero small cars. Despite the fact that it was expected to see a completely new hatchback at the premiere, the public saw only its restyled version. However, the manufacturer himself claims that the novelty belongs to a completely new generation. In fact, the French have slightly expanded their line of engines, “conjured” the design of the hatchback and noticeably transformed its interior. And now about all this in more detail in our review.

Sandera Renault


All motorists are well aware that the design of the first generation of cars was almost a copy of the Romanian "Dachi Logan". However, if you compare the latter with the new Renault Sander hatchback (you can see the photo of the car above), you can say with confidence that these are two completely different brands. Externally, the novelty has become more angular, noticeablystrict features and chopped lines were added. The optics of Sander Renault 2 no longer reminds of Romania, the radiator grille with a large chrome-plated company logo was also not copied. The only thing that has remained unchanged (more precisely, almost untouched) is the design of the front bumper. There are still two round foglights on the sides and a wide air intake in the center. In general, the novelty has become brighter, more solid and expressive. Just a real conqueror of the urban elements!

Renault Sandera photo

Sander Renault interior

The interior of the novelty has noticeably moved away from the “Logan”, and this is a fact. First of all, the updates touched the instrument panel: now there are three separate “wells” with new scales and arrows. The center console has been completely redesigned. So, the new Sandera Renault got rid of the meager round-egg-shaped deflectors and the insipid design of the buttons. Now in their place is an informative on-board computer screen, and the air ducts have become more stylish. The same goes for the steering wheel and door cards.

Renault Sander - engine specifications

In terms of technical characteristics, the "Frenchman" is equipped to the maximum. As many as 4 engines are available for customers to choose from, among which there is a newcomer. It is a three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 90 horsepower and a volume of only 900 "cubes". Well, for our conditions, such an engine is clearly not useful, therefore, in addition to the “baby”, the already familiar line of 4-cylinder engines will be supplied to the Russian market.These are sixteen-valve injection engines with a capacity of 75, 84 and 102 "horses" and a working volume of 1.4, 1.6 liters, respectively. In the city, the car consumes up to 10 liters of gasoline, while in the combined cycle this figure drops to 7 liters per 100 km.

Renault Sander specifications

Price for an updated subcompact

At the moment, Sandera Renault 2 is sold in three trim levels, among which the Authentique version is the base one. Its cost is 364 thousand rubles. The Expression series, depending on the engine, costs from 402 to 439 thousand, and the top-end Prestige equipment will cost customers almost 500 thousand rubles.

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