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The fastest motorcycle in the world

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The fastest motorcycle in the world
The fastest motorcycle in the world

For some motorists, such a mode of transport as a motorcycle is unacceptable, as it often interferes with the road. Some people think that a motorcycle is not even a mode of transport. But modern high-speed bikes can outperform almost any sports car.

fastest motorcycle

In the early 2000s, every motorcycle company tried to invent a unique bike that would be the fastest of all models. The pace grew very quickly, and some of the motorcycle companies that had previously collaborated became rivals, which began the fight for the “Fastest Motorcycle” nomination.

Global problem

After a while, motorcycles appeared on the roads that reached incredible speeds, and because of this, they were very difficult to control. The number of accidents grew every day, and it was necessary to solve this problem. It is on this occasion that many well-known motorcycle brands have gathered at the same table in order to solve this problem and set the maximum permissible motorcycle speed.

Until now on the roadsbikes were worn at an incredible speed - more than 450 km / h. In order to reduce the number of accidents and to reduce the maximum number of deaths of motorcyclists, bike manufacturers have decided to set the speed limiter on each model at around 300 km / h. Even today, a special electronic speed limiter is installed in every motorcycle, which, at a mark of more than 300 km / h, will block the engine speed. But in 2013, Dodge released a truly powerful “beast”, which is considered the fastest motorcycle in the world. Now we will talk about it in more detail.

the fastest motorcycle in the world

Dodge Tomahawk

This motorcycle is unique not only for its top speed, but also for its unique design. The length of the Dodge Tomahawk is about two meters, the width is more than 65 centimeters, and the height is one meter. Also, this motorcycle does not have two wheels, like all the others, but four. All of them are doubled and are located a couple of centimeters from each other. The eight-liter engine with 500 horsepower reaches speeds of up to 500 km/h.


The engine was developed by Dodge. They were not only able to invent an engine that was unique in its power, but also installed it on a motorcycle. The ten-cylinder engine of 8.2 liters has a maximum power of 500 l / s. This is the most powerful engine in the world that has been installed on a motorcycle.

The demonstration of the revolutionary Dodge Tomahawk, which took place in Detroit, completely surprised everyone with its maximum speed. In 2.5 seconds, this “beast” accelerated to hundredskilometers, and according to its designers, the maximum speed that it can develop is 640 km / h.

5 fastest motorcycles


The fastest motorcycle in the world is not serial. If we take into account that the Dodge Tomahawk is assembled only by hand, then there are only a dozen such models in the world. Only high-quality metals such as titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum are used in the manufacture of the case.

If we talk about dry statistics, then the presented motorcycle has the following characteristics:

  • engine size - 8.2 liters;
  • power - 500 l/s;
  • KP - mechanical two-stage;
  • 13 liter tank.

Each pair of dual wheels mounted on independent suspension. Thanks to this, Dodge Tomahawk can smoothly pick up maximum speed and confidently stay on the road.

world's fastest production motorcycle

Fun fact: This bike is not meant to be ridden. Although this “beast” can fully move along the road, and even with incredible speed, the designers created it as a sculpture or a monument.

5 fastest motorcycles in the world

Of course, in addition to the presented motorcycle, there are others that can impress with their speed characteristics.

Bimota YB6. This motorcycle was created with the help of two manufacturers: Yamaha and Bimota. European manufacturers concentrated their efforts on building the desired design, and Japandesigned power units such as engine, transmission, brakes, etc. This model accelerates to 265 km / h, with a liter engine of 145 hp

Kawasaki Ninja. A Japanese motorcycle that is very popular in North America. The motorcycle's water-cooled four-cylinder engine helped achieve such popularity. The maximum speed of the Kawasaki Ninja is 270 km/h

Honda Super Blackbird. This motorcycle received its bronze medal as one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. The first model was released in 1996 and interested everyone with its reliability, high-quality assembly and maximum comfort. The power of this bike is 153 horsepower and allows you to accelerate to 292 km/h

MV Agusta F4. The Italian motorcycle company MV in 2010 was recognized as the fastest motorcycle in the world. The MV Agusta has a liquid-cooled engine, 183 horsepower and is capable of a top speed of over 321 km/h

The first place, of course, is occupied by the Dodge Tomahawk. This is the fastest motorcycle in the world. Its 500 hp ten-cylinder engine will outperform any of the above

But you need to remember that the Dodge Tomahawk is not in the "World's Fastest Production Motorcycle" category, as it is hand-built.

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