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Is it possible to put diode lamps in the headlights?
Is it possible to put diode lamps in the headlights?

Today, diode lighting devices are very popular. This is due to their special qualities during operation. High-quality diode lighting fixtures are durable and reliable. They are used today even for car headlights. However, there are a number of restrictions in this area.

Is it possible to install diode lamps in headlights, you should study before purchasing such equipment. There are certain legal norms that clearly regulate this process.

Advantages of LEDs

Many drivers have already appreciated the advantage of using LED lamps in the car system. They are installed in various nodes of the system, and are used for sensors, parking lights, as DRLs, as well as for high and low beam headlights. Diode lamps are installed as fog lights.

Diode lamps in the headlights

The main advantage of the presented devices is their durability and reliability. With proper operation, diode lamps can work up to 50 thousand hours and even more. They also consume less electricity. Drivers rarely think about this, but it is an importantcharacteristic. The power of the lamps can affect the operation of the entire electrical system of the vehicle.

Installation of diode lamps in fog lights, DRLs, parking lights is appropriate because of the high strength of these devices. Vibrations occur when driving on bad roads. They quickly destroy other types of lamps. Diode illuminators work consistently well even in such conditions.

The low power consumption of the diodes reduces the load on the electrical system. In this case, the engine consumes less gasoline. In this case, the battery should be selected from the mid-price category.

Diode backlight allows you to choose any shade of glow. It can be warm, neutral or cool tone. It is called the glow temperature. The car looks stylish with cold headlights. When driving long distances, this allows you to maintain the concentration of the driver, reducing eye fatigue. Warm yellowish shades are used as foglights. They do not blind the driver when driving on wet roads or in fog.

Where are LED lamps used?

Wishing to replace the lighting devices that were installed in the vehicle at the factory, you need to find out if it is possible to use diode lamps in fog lights, as well as for high beam, low beam.

Practically all drivers agree that it is definitely worth replacing all low-power system lamps with similar types of devices. These are bright, durable and reliable diodes. They are ideal for creating room lighting,for position lights, indicators, trunk light.

LED bulbs for fog lights

You can change the lamps gradually as needed. This will reduce the burden on the family budget. However, there are a number of features and rules regarding the use of such devices for powerful illumination. LED lamps get hot during operation. To remove excess heat from them, special equipment is used. If the headlight was not originally designed to use diodes in it, using them in the system can be problematic.

Disadvantages of diode lamps

Installing LED bulbs in your headlights can have several disadvantages. This must be remembered when going to the store for new lighting fixtures. In order for the diodes to work stably, they are powered by direct current. It will not work to install a powerful lamp in the headlights without a stabilizer. It will provide the necessary current parameters during system operation.

Are LED headlights banned?

In low-power diodes, the design provides for the presence of resistors. They limit, extinguish high power. In some models, several crystals are connected in series. This allows you to limit the flow of electricity that enters the lamp contacts. However, this is not an efficient enough system.

When starting or stopping the motor, a one-time release of energy occurs. This can significantly shorten the lifetime of the diodes. At the same time, the indicator of durability of work set by the manufacturer can be reduced from 50 to 1 thousand hours.hours.

Therefore, when installing diode lamps in car headlights, you must also purchase a power supply. This is a stabilizer that can provide the device with the necessary parameters of electric current. It is especially important to provide for this in fog lamp systems, as well as low and high beams.

Otherwise the headlights dim quickly. This results in poor visibility on the road. This may result in an accident. Therefore, the relevant authorities pay special attention to the correct selection and connection of LED headlight bulbs.

Design of diode headlight bulbs

Many drivers are interested in the question of whether diode lamps are prohibited in headlights. To understand all the subtleties of using such devices in a car system, it is necessary to consider the design features of these devices.

Diode bulbs in headlights fine

On sale you can find lamps for headlights and other car systems that have a very different shape. There are round, square, elongated and other varieties of diode devices. This allows each vehicle owner to choose a device that best suits the features of the system.

Diode headlights have from 5 to 30 individual elements in their design. They may have different sizes. SMD diodes are mainly used for road lighting. Visibility on the road depends on the type and size.

For headlights, diodes are most often used, the size of which is 1.9 x 5 cm. They have a maximum rated power of up to 700 watts. To effectivelyto distribute the luminous flux, the design must include a lens. In some varieties of diode lamps, the manufacturer has provided for the presence of a regulator. It allows you to control the angle of the light beam.

It should be noted that even a very bright type of diode lamps is not always able to provide acceptable visibility of the road. It is extremely important how exactly the light flux is distributed. Its geometry, angle of inclination, etc. are also important.

To provide a high brightness of the glow, a certain energy is expended and heat is generated. For its removal, the design provides for the presence of a radiator. It should be large enough for bright lamps. In order for such an element to be used in the system, the headlight must be large enough. Therefore, it cannot be said that modern diode lamps are distinguished by good heat dissipation. Because of this, their service life is significantly reduced.

Varieties of headlight bulbs

To figure out if diode lamps are prohibited in headlights, it is necessary to consider their varieties and features. The second section of the Technical Regulations, developed regarding the admission of vehicles to the road traffic process, defines the marking of lamps. There are several types.

Incandescent lamps include devices that have the letters C, R, CR in their marking. This designation is used for high beam, low beam and combined type devices (can operate in two modes).

LED bulbs for car headlights

Xenon varieties are designated DC, DR, DCR.Decoding is carried out by analogy with incandescent lamps. Fog lights may have the letters B, F3 in their marking. Halogen varieties are labeled HR, HC, HCR.

Provisions of the Technical Regulations

In search of an answer to the question of whether it is possible to put diode lamps in the headlights or not, drivers are reviewing the Technical Regulations again. However, even after this, they do not receive an answer to their question. There is no designation for LED lamps in the approved documentation. They could be applied to all types of headlight construction. However, in practice this is far from the case.

Is it possible to put diode lamps in the headlights

When there is a dispute, the relevant authorities equate LED-devices with halogen varieties of lighting products. Although these are completely different lamps in all respects, today the situation is not in the direction of drivers of cars with LED headlights.

When can I install LED headlight bulbs?

It should be said that LED headlight bulbs are allowed. However, there are a number of limitations in this matter. Since the presented types of lighting fixtures are equated to halogen lamps, they can be installed in such a system. It is designed for use with HR, HC, HCR lamps.

The main requirement that is put forward when installing diode devices in high beam, low beam headlights is the mandatory presence of an angle auto-corrector. A washer must also be present in the system.

Installation of LED lamps in the headlights

This requirement is stipulated by the Technical Regulationsin clause 1.3.7. The headlamp cleaning device and the correct lighting angle allow you to create good visibility of the road. However, it should be noted that there is no pen alty for incorrectly adjusted headlights.

Incorrect beam angle can blind oncoming drivers. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly adjust the light. Otherwise, various problems may occur when driving at night.

Pay attention to the fact that the design of the headlight itself is suitable for a particular type of illuminator. Otherwise, the scattering angle will be incorrect. For example, incandescent lamps do not have a diffuser that can meet the requirements of a diode lamp. At the same time, for head lighting, illuminators should be used, the brightness of which is at least 1000 Lm. The optimal glow angle in this case is 30°.

How to install LED bulbs?

If the driver was not stopped by the difficulties associated with the use of the presented lighting devices, he may have a question about how to install diode lamps in the headlights. This can be done in three ways.

Most often, drivers install LED lamps in the low and high beam headlights, if such devices were provided by the vehicle manufacturer at the factory. In this case, it will be most expedient to replace the failed LED with similar products. The owner may not be afraid that the design of the headlight will not allow the installation of LED type lamps.

In some cases, car manufacturers provide for the possibility of installingon their cars LED illuminators. However, other types of lamps may be present in the factory configuration. In this case, you will need to read the instructions. In it, the manufacturer clearly stipulates which type of lamp is suitable for a particular headlight design.

If the vehicle is not equipped as standard with the ability to install diode varieties of lamps, the replacement procedure may become more complicated. To put such illuminators on the car, you will need to completely re-equip the head lighting system. It's hard enough to do.

In these cases, it is allowed to put diode lamps in the headlights. When converting a vehicle, you will need to go through a certain registration procedure with the traffic police. With the appropriate permission, the presented type of lamps can be used for car headlights.

Punishment for incorrect lamp replacement

It should be said that if the driver does not act correctly, appropriate punishment will follow in the process of replacing old lighting fixtures with diode lamps in the headlights. The fine will not be the saddest consequence of such an action.

Violation of the replacement regulations entails punishment under Art. 12.5 of part III of the Code of Administrative Offenses. If the vehicle is equipped with lamps that do not meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations, this entails the deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle. The sentence ranges from 6 to 12 months.

However, the category of non-compliant headlight bulbs includes all lighting fixtures that do notcorrespond in color, mode of operation to established standards. They must be exclusively white, yellow or orange. It is strictly forbidden to use other types of colors for headlights.

At the same time, it should be said that when a driver is deprived of his rights, both devices and devices that do not meet the existing requirements of the Technical Regulations are confiscated. Case law over the past year has confirmed that drivers are indeed disenfranchised when using LED bulbs in headlights that are not of the halogen type, or if the LED fixtures were not factory fitted.

At the same time, it should be said that if a diode lamp is installed in a headlight of an inappropriate design, it will not be possible to legalize them. In this case, only a complete re-equipment of the headlights will help. This is an expensive procedure.

Fine for incorrect installation

However, not in all cases such a punishment follows if the diode lamps are incorrectly installed in the headlights. If the driver has replaced halogen illuminators with LED devices, he also violates clause 3.1 of the Technical Regulations. However, in this case, the pen alty will be a fine of 500 rubles.

This becomes possible if LED lamps are equated with halogen varieties. In this case, you can avoid punishment. To do this, after replacing the lamps in the headlights, you will need to go through the procedure for their legalization.

First, the driver receives a certificate that his car complies with safety regulations even after changes have been made to its design.After the owner of the car must re-register his car in the traffic police. Then you can not be afraid of fines or other pen alties for replacing lamps. This is a completely legal procedure.

Having considered how the replacement of diode lamps in the headlights takes place, it is easy to perform this procedure in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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