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Motorcycle IZH Jupiter 5. Characteristics

Motorcycle IZH Jupiter 5. Characteristics
Motorcycle IZH Jupiter 5. Characteristics

This motorcycle is manufactured at Izhevsk Motorcycles JSC. It has been produced since 1985. One feature of IZH Jupiter 5 is interesting. The characteristics of the motorcycle are such that it can be operated with a trailer (side) and without it.

The design of this motorcycle resembles IZH Planet 5, but differs in engine. The engine on such a machine is a two-stroke two-cylinder, having an in-line arrangement of cylinders. It looks more impressive than its single-cylinder brother. One of the significant advantages of the IZH Jupiter 5 motorcycle is its power characteristics. After all, he develops it by 3 "horses" more than IZH Planet 5. This is a very fast and dynamic car, and it is much faster than its counterpart.

This motorcycle also did not let us down with engine speed. They reach him up to 5000 per minute. But the distinguishing feature lies in the IZH Jupiter 5 carburetor. Its characteristics are such that it serves two cylinders at once. Heavy motorcycles Ural or Dnepr are structurally provided with two carburetors, each of which supplies the fuel mixture to a separate cylinder.

Therefore, IZH Jupiter 5 has less fuel consumption, and the cylinders work more stable. Ignition adjustment IZH Jupiter 5 compared to IZH Planet 5also changed. After all, now it is necessary to take into account the work of the second cylinder.

The transmission of torque to the rear wheels of such a vehicle is created using a chain. Thanks to this, the movement of the motorcycle becomes much easier and smoother.

izh jupiter 5 specifications

Speed ​​parameters are within 130 km/h, which is very good for a domestic motorcycle, represented by IZH Jupiter 5. The characteristics of such a high-speed ride will be to the liking of every lover to ride with the breeze.

The latest modifications of this motorcycle are equipped with liquid cooling. This innovation reduces engine overheating and extends engine life.

Also, disc front brakes are considered a significant plus of the latest model. They significantly increase the safety of using this vehicle and reduce the braking distance. Wiring IZH Jupiter 5 has not changed significantly.

wiring izh jupiter 5

As a result, the motorcycle turned out to be an excellent means of transportation for lovers of high-speed riding, but at the same time, its traction and power rose by an order of magnitude. Improving such a machine is not a big problem, as long as there is a desire.

Stylish tuning can significantly brighten up the appearance of the vehicle, you just have to buy a few original things. Even a seemingly insignificant thing like rear-view mirrors can add style and sophistication to a motorcycle.

And if you also install xenon, then such an improvement is capable ofgive you excellent visibility at night. You will see just like a cat at night. And the view from such tuning will be stunningly attractive.

ignition adjustment izh jupiter 5

Among the technical characteristics, I would especially like to mention the fact that the motorcycle has:

- combustion chamber volume – 347.6 cm3;

- air cooling system is used;

- maximum it can accelerate to 125 km/h;

- engine power reaches 18 kW (at a maximum torque of 35 Nm);

- total curb weight 193 kg;

- The maximum load is 170 kg.

Of course, IZH Jupiter 5 cannot be compared with a line of foreign-made motorcycles, but the price speaks for itself. The cost plus the possibility of tuning - these are the positive aspects of such a vehicle.

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