Motorcycle Izh-56: photo, characteristics

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Motorcycle Izh-56: photo, characteristics
Motorcycle Izh-56: photo, characteristics

The Izh-56 road motorcycle has become one of the most popular and indispensable two-wheeled vehicles for six years of production, designed to travel both on dirt roads and on city streets. Excellent cross-country ability and good carrying capacity made it an excellent assistant and vehicle for moving in difficult weather conditions.

izh 56
izh 56


Sales of Izh-56 started in 1956: the new model of the motorcycle stood out against the background of the rest of the manufacturer's two-wheeled products not only in terms of technical characteristics, but also in appearance. The design of the motorcycle drew attention to the tubular stamped frame and deep wheel guards that protect the rider from dirt and dust while driving. The seat has been finished with sponge rubber for a comfortable fit.

The production of Izh-56 motorcycles continued until 1962. After that, a successor was released - Izh "Planet", created on the basis of the 56th model. Despite the fact that more than 40 years have passed since the mass production of the Izh-56 bike was discontinued, interest init does not fade away: many restorers take up the restoration of the model, since it is part of the history of the domestic motorcycle industry.

IZH 56 photos
IZH 56 photos

Motorcycle Versions

Over a million copies of the motorcycle were produced during the entire production of the road bike. The engineers of the domestic concern were able to achieve the maximum level of safety and quality, for which they were awarded medals.

Due to the great popularity of the model, it was decided to release several different modifications, some of which served as the basis for the production of other two-wheeled vehicles, which are produced to this day. The Izhevsk company produced two versions of the Izh-56: with a separate and a double seat.

The motorcycle was equipped with tool boxes. Closed covers protected the air cleaner and carburetor. Thanks to the shrouds and toolboxes, the motorcycle received a striking design that attracts attention. The chain from the transmission to the rear wheel is also protected by a sealed casing.

The performance of the previous model, on the basis of which the Izh-56 was created - the Izh-49 motorcycle - was 20% lower. The 56 road bike was equipped with a 13 horsepower engine, which was the reason for the increase in performance.

For the entire period of production, 677,428 motorcycles were produced, of which 130 thousand had a side trailer.

spare parts izh 56
spare parts izh 56

Specifications Izh-56

Motorcycles of this model belong to the road category and have an increasedcross-country ability, which allows you to drive both on dirt roads and on city streets. High load capacity and the ability to ride on any road surface make the bike an ideal vehicle for trips in all weather conditions.

Air-type engine cooling system, equipped with recurrent loop purge. Fuel and air are mixed in the carburetor, ignition is carried out by supplying a spark in its cylinders.

The design of the Izh-56 includes aluminum cylinders and a pressed mounting crankshaft, which was not the case with previous models. The transmission of the motorcycle is located at the rear, chain-type drive.

Technical characteristics of the motorcycle Izh-56:

  • Dimensions - 2115 x 780 x 1025 millimeters.
  • Curb weight - 160 kilograms.
  • Engine power - 13 horsepower.
  • Volume - 350 cubic centimeters.
  • Four-speed transmission.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 14 liters.
  • The maximum developed speed is 100 km/h.
  • Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers - 4.5 liters.
izh 56 characteristics
izh 56 characteristics


Spare parts for Izh-56 are widely available: they can be purchased both in online stores and in the markets. The motorcycle has excellent maintainability, so you can replace parts on your own. Since the design of the 56th model is practically no different from other versions of Izh motorcycles, their parts are interchangeable, which greatly facilitatesrepairs and makes finding parts easier.

A distinctive feature of the Izh-56 design is the base of increased rigidity: previous motorcycle models were equipped with plastic elements that easily broke. The cornering stability of the road bike has been improved thanks to the introduction of a tubular frame.

Ignition of a motorcycle is quite easy, but it can still cause problems. Because of this, after the purchase of Izh-56, the key and ignition coil are replaced with new or similar parts from motorcycles of other models.

Innovation in design is a lightweight centrifugal filter with a spiral air flow. Although it is not protected from dirt and dust, its reliability is much higher than that of the mesh counterpart.

Features of versions with different fit

The Izh-56 motorcycle was offered in two versions: with a separate and a double saddle. The version with one seat gained great popularity, since it began to be widely used in the future on all models of Izh.

Modification with a separate seat looks much more interesting even in the photo. Izh-56 received a driver's seat borrowed from the previous model, which is nothing special. The passenger seat is slightly different and looks like a small cushion, being the back half of the main seat. Landing on the 56th model is somewhat lower than on the Izh-49, but more comfortable, which provides better control of the motorcycle when driving with a passenger.

izh 56 motorcycle
izh 56 motorcycle


Izh-56 - roada medium-sized motorcycle designed to travel alone or with a passenger in the back seat. Unlike the 49th model, it has better cross-country ability and can drive not only on city streets, but also on dirt roads.

Izh-56 has a simple design without any complex components, which led to the mass production of the model. The motorcycle was created by engineers of the domestic automaker in order to improve safety and develop maintainable road bikes.

Working copies of the Izh-56 motorcycle are quite rare today, but despite this, the model does not belong to the category of museum equipment: if desired, the bike can be restored, which many motorists resort to. The maintainability of the motorcycle allows you to quickly return it to working condition, and the reliability of the design preserves the operational life of the components and main elements of the Izh-56. The affordable cost of both spare parts and the motorcycle itself makes it one of the most popular among motorists.