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Blind spots of the car

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Blind spots of the car
Blind spots of the car

The car is a means of increased danger. While driving, the slightest wrong maneuver can provoke an accident. To exclude this, cars are equipped with additional mirrors, sensors, rear-view cameras. But still, blind spot sensors cannot protect you 100 percent. In today's article, we will talk about what a dead zone is and where it is located.


What is this? Blind spots are those parts of the car that the driver cannot control while driving. And although the car is equipped with mirrors, you cannot completely trust them. They do not give a complete picture of what is happening behind the car, but only in general terms clarify the current situation. Even in a car with cameras, the view will be more or less limited.


A car is following you, which will lead in the next lane. In the photo below, the numbers indicate the distance (interval and distance) in centimeters, which the driver may underestimate, considering that the maneuver will be safe.

blind spot sensors

First you seein front of the car in the right mirror. Further, as the car overtakes, it disappears from view. Of course, it can be seen through the side window after a couple of seconds, but sometimes even such a short time is enough for an accident. Thus, we have a blind zone of the car - the car has left the field of view of the side mirrors, but has not yet caught up with you from the side.

What is the danger

This car becomes almost invisible. The presence of the vehicle in the dead zone can provoke a passing collision. This happens very simply: the driver intends to overtake another car (let's take, for example, a truck), looks in the mirrors and changes lanes to the oncoming or passing lane. However, at this time, another driver is already overtaking, who was following you and got into the so-called blind spots.

Of course, modern cars are equipped with smart devices. These are cameras and sensors that monitor blind spots and signal dangerous maneuvers. But such systems are not available on all cars, especially the budget class. In rare cases, a motorist has time to slow down and change lanes.

But the statistics say: if the car got into blind spots, it is fraught with an accident. While trying to avoid a collision with one car, the driver risks hitting other motorists traveling in a nearby stream.

How to avoid dead zones?

Of course, refusing to change lanes and turns is not an option. But it is always worth remembering that any maneuver is a danger. Preventing it is very simple - monitor blind spots.This does not require the presence of cameras, sensors and complex systems. If this is a passenger car, do not be too lazy to look around once again. By scanning traffic on the road in this way, you will protect yourself from an emergency as much as possible.


"Why only cars?" - you ask. On heavy vehicles and buses, due to their large dimensions, it is impossible to control dead spots in this way. Therefore, if you are driving a large vehicle, do not make a blind maneuver - this way you will definitely provoke an accident.

blind spot of the car

During turning and lane changes, steer the vehicle so that the mirrors cover as many of these areas as possible. For example, you need to make a left turn at a T-junction. To make the maneuver as safe as possible, the car must be directed to the intersection at a right angle. Drivers of passenger cars turn in advance in such cases, as if directing the car in the direction of the future flow. If you do this on a truck, the right side of the intersection will be one continuous blind spot. This applies even to such small trucks as the GAZelle. Visibility in the cockpit is severely limited.


The next type of blind spot is behind the bumper, behind the car.

blind spot monitoring

Particularly dangerous when moving backwards. To ensure safety, modern cars are equipped with blind spot sensors and parking sensors (sometimes in front) with a camera, information from which goes to the centralconsole.

But what to do in the absence of these systems? Traffic regulations recommend making a brief horn when reversing. Buzzers are installed on trucks - the same tweeters that turn on with reverse gear.

And if you think, being behind the wheel of a car, that you have everything in full view, you are deeply mistaken. Of course, you will notice adults in the mirror, but it is unlikely that children who are in the trunk area at that moment. This also applies to small fences (for example, posts). If in doubt, once again inspect the car in a circle and make sure it is safe to maneuver.

How to protect yourself?

Experienced motorists emphasize the main rule - the correct selection of speed and position. With a safe speed of movement and keeping a distance, you can easily get away from the ste alth car. As a last resort, the last driver will have time and distance to get away from you.

blind spot monitoring

Second rule - always use turn signals. After all, most of the accidents that occur during rebuilding occur due to the fault of signals that are not included. If a motorist behind you saw the turn signal turned on, he will reflexively slow down, as he will know in advance about your intention to change lanes. In heavy traffic, you must adhere to a calm driving style. Playing chess does not lead to anything good. Be predictable to other road users and move at the speed of the general traffic.

Setting up mirrors correctly

CorrectAdjusted rear-view mirrors are the key to driving safety.

blind spot mirrors

Let's look at how to properly adjust them. So, first we adjust the side mirrors. To do this, we need to be behind the wheel. Tilt your head to the left side to the shoulder and look at the left mirror. We expose it in such a way that only the edge of the rear bumper is visible from the body parts in it. The mirror on the right side is adjusted in the same way. The body part itself should be slightly below average (in the horizontal direction). The side mirrors must be properly adjusted. There are many blind spots, so you need to reduce their number. While driving, you will be able to perceive all the information about what is happening behind and on the sides of the car.

blind spots

It is worth noting that the installation of a salon mirror gives 50 percent more information about what is happening than both side mirrors. Experts recommend installing parabolic elements that will cover the maximum viewing angle with minimal distortion.

How to adjust it? The mirror is set so that the driver can see the edge of the passenger head restraints and part of the roof from above. That is, the element must cover the entire area of ​​the rear window. The fewer items in the cabin you see through it, the better for you.


Never adjust the mirrors on the go, focusing on the flow. Distracting from the traffic situation, you will definitely provoke an accident. It is important that during movement it does not shake and does notvibrated. It is extremely unsafe to operate such a mirror.

camera blind spot

Replace the element with a new one. It will be cheaper than repairing a car with a blind lane change.

Electronic assistants

Practice shows that when dealing with such a danger as a blind spot, cameras and sensors help a lot. If you have a small budget, you can purchase a set of those and install parking sensors that will signal you about the distance to the object when reversing. Devices that read dead zones on the go are much more expensive and are not installed on all business class cars.

A smarter solution is to install parking sensors with a rear view camera. The sensors are mounted in the holes of the bumper, and the camera - in the niche under the license plate. The device of this system is not difficult, so you can install it yourself.

The cheapest is the sound parking sensors. It can be purchased at a price of 2800 rubles. The element includes 4 sensors, wires and the reading mechanism itself, which displays data on the current distance on a small display. Devices equipped with a rear view camera and an LCD display will cost an order of magnitude more expensive - about 10 thousand rubles.

So, we found out what blind spots are and how to protect yourself from them while driving.

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