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Polcar: parts reviews, country of origin
Polcar: parts reviews, country of origin

In the operation of any car, sooner or later there comes a time when replacement of any parts is required. And today, the global auto parts market offers car owners a full range of products from various manufacturers. Among the presented positions of parts, there are also very expensive products of branded auto concerns, and products manufactured by private brands. Therefore, choosing the right part is, in principle, a simple task: you can choose original models from trusted manufacturers, or you can choose analog spare parts produced by little-known companies. The main thing at the same time is to be interested in reviews on spare parts.

Polcar is one such company. This company is strengthening its position every year thanks to the supply of good quality analog auto parts at affordable prices to the European market.

polcar parts reviews

What are analog parts?

In fact, non-original (analogue) parts for cars are exact copies of parts from well-known manufacturers. They may even feature the famous logo. They are made by third parties.manufacturers with the permission of the brand or trademark owner. However, these parts are significantly cheaper than original parts.

Sometimes the auto concerns themselves order a number of parts from these little-known manufacturers, then test them and put their own markings on them. This indicates that many analog parts are as good as original parts.

Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite happens: you get an exact copy of the original part, but in fact it turns out that it absolutely does not live up to expectations. As a result, it turns out that the money laid out for a worthless purchase is irretrievably lost. Yes, and time wasted.

polcar reviews

Analog Auto Parts Pros and Cons

Nevertheless, there are a lot of connoisseurs of analog parts in Russia. Their main advantage remains, of course, low cost and availability. Some Polcar spare parts (manufacturing country - Poland) are in constant demand.

To purchase the desired original part, you must contact the official representative. It is good if the necessary spare part is in stock. And if not? The representative will need to contact the manufacturer, place an order, wait for delivery - this process can sometimes take several months.

There are quite a lot of offers for analog parts from Polcar: the necessary elements are easy to find in a matter of hours.

Reliable analog parts manufacturer

There is a stereotype in society that non-original auto partsmust necessarily be worse than the original made by the branded manufacturer. Some people believe that "fakes" should not be purchased at all, as they are unstable and fail very quickly.

However, many manufacturers of analog parts value their reputation. Take Polcar, for example. Reviews of spare parts purchased here from most car owners indicate that their products are difficult to distinguish from the original, the products themselves last a long time, without any complaints. This brand has long been well known in Europe, and now it is appreciated in our country.

polcar body parts review

About company

Today it is a distributor company representing the products of several world-famous automakers. The general line of the product range includes car spare parts and components for them from 350 branded items, including: LuK, Koyo, INA, FAG, HELLA, LUK, BEHR Service, Bilstein, VALEO, ARAL, FIAAM, TB Lubricants, Ordonez, PHILIPS, Valeo, DAYCO, TYC and other famous brands.

Warehouse area with excellent logistics solutions covers 61,000 square meters. Warehouses are equipped with the necessary technologies for receiving, storing and shipping large-sized products.

Company Policy

The priority direction of the company is to provide a selection of different product lines and appropriate quality, including original models. Thus, the company is ready to offer a huge range of automotive products at various prices.indicators for each of the parts presented.

All described products presented by the Polish company in the electronic catalog contain the necessary quality information in accordance with the Classification developed in accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission 461/2010 (GVO).

polcar parts

Thanks to this approach, Polcar enables each customer to make the right and conscious choice of the right part, including such a criterion as the ratio "quality - price - age of the car." The electronic catalog of the company is systematically updated and corrected. The presence of about 100,000 graphic files makes it much easier to choose. Judging by the reviews, Polcar is one of the best selling body parts in Europe.

From the history of the company

Polcar was founded in Warsaw in 1986. This company began its activity with the supply of auto parts to Poland from Western Europe. Ten years later, the company began its own production of some automotive parts.

Today Polcar is a well-known manufacturer in Europe and Russia. Now this corporation includes about three hundred and fifty companies that manufacture products under this brand, and Polcar body parts catalogs contain more than one hundred and ten thousand types of parts for cars.

polcar manufacturer

Product range of the distributor company

The company offers many models of branded manufacturers. The most sought after among themremain:

  • External and internal body parts. This includes various types of hoods, fenders, sills, arches, bumpers, spars and amplifiers, as well as repair kits, grilles, linings. An assortment of mudguards, engine protection and plastic fenders is presented. On sale there are all kinds of mirror assemblies, covers, mirror glasses, tuning elements and universal mirrors for trucks. In the company's catalogs you can find clips and mounting elements and shock absorbers for the trunk and hood; windshield washer pumps and tanks, wipers (brushes and levers assemblies); door handles, ignition locks and their inserts, sets of locks; repair kits for electric and manual windows, rubber mats. Judging by the reviews, Polcar body parts are presented in a grand assortment. Buyers are also pleased with the competent approach in the pricing policy of the company and the logistics solutions of Polcar.
  • Reviews of spare parts for car optics indicate a wide range of products in the form of headlights, turn indicators and marker lights of good quality. There are offers of additional tuning, additional and standard universal optics.
  • Engine parts are all kinds of transmission belts, rollers and tensioners, various filters and oil pans.
  • Parts of the cooling system presented in the electronic catalogs of Polcar. Reviews of radiators indicate that the parts are really high quality. These are engine cooling elements, stove radiators and intercoolers, all kinds of fans andmotors, viscous couplings, water pumps, thermostats and expansion tanks, as well as tank and radiator caps.
  • Fuel system parts offered by the company are various tanks, caps and pumps.
  • Car drive parts, which are presented in the company's product line, include all kinds of bearings and flywheels, clutch kits, CV joints, anthers and axle shafts of various makes and models of cars.
  • Chassis elements are various parts of the brake system, suspension and steering system. In the company's catalogs, you can easily find various types of shock absorbers, supports, frames and levers, ball, racks, racks and rods, as well as discs, drums and brake cylinders, wear indicators and power steering pumps.
  • Polcar electrics. Reviews of spare parts in this section of the catalog indicate that every driver will be able to find any necessary part for his car.

The product line of the company is represented by a huge selection of all kinds of sensors, regulators, parking lights, ignition coils, recirculation valves, ignition modules, high-voltage wires, glow plugs and spark plugs. There is also a huge selection of horns, switches, headlight range adjustments, wiper motors and washer pumps.

polcar body parts for ford transit

How to choose analog parts?

In all the diversity of the modern automotive spare parts market, even an experienced mechanic can get confused. In order to facilitate the search for the desired part, the company-manufacturers assign their own numbers to each model during the production process. Both reputable automobile concerns and firms producing analog parts do this.

The assigned numbers are entered into special catalogs, where all information about the part is collected. This method greatly facilitates the search for interchangeable parts. All products presented by the Polish company have the necessary information about the product and its quality in accordance with international standards. Judging by the reviews of spare parts, Polcar is one of the leaders in sales of body parts in Europe.

Polcar chassis

The chassis of a car is a whole complex of the most important components and mechanisms, the main purpose of which is to ensure safe and optimal movement of the car on various types of road surfaces. The chassis connects the body and wheels of the vehicle. Therefore, high-quality and reliable elements are the key to a comfortable ride. Reviews of Polcar spare parts indicate that the parts fully meet the requirements.

The main elements of the chassis of the car that Polcar manufactures:

  • Bodies and frames of various car models.
  • Pendants.
  • Bridges.

The range of cars is very wide, and the Polish company aims to provide analogue parts for many of the popular types of cars and vans: Mercedes or BMW, Nissan, Volvo, Mazda or Ford Transit" - Polcar body parts are easy to match with any of them. For body partsmanufactured under the logo of a Polish company include: fenders, arches, hoods, bumpers, doors and other parts.

polcar country manufacturer

Parts customer reviews

Many motorists complain that sometimes it is almost impossible to get the right part. Managers of the original representatives of automakers cannot decide on the price and date of receipt if such a part is not currently in stock. Often they simply refuse to deliver.

If you look for the right, albeit used, automotive element at flea markets and from ads, there is still no guarantee that the part will fit perfectly: in any case, there is a chance that it will have bumps, roughness or dents. Therefore, most often it has to be adjusted with a file.

Joy of an auto mechanic

The joy of drivers knows no bounds when they receive the coveted analog part after contacting Polcar. In the vast majority of cases, the elements fit perfectly into place. In addition, new parts, albeit analog ones, are always better and better than spare parts that have already worked out their service life. A huge plus of the company is the fact that the products presented in the Polcar product line are at prices much lower and much more attractive for car enthusiasts.

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