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Heavy motor blocks of Russian production

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Heavy motor blocks of Russian production
Heavy motor blocks of Russian production

For people involved in agriculture, especially in large areas and difficult soils, heavy walk-behind tractors will become indispensable helpers. These devices greatly simplify the work of any farmer and private landowner. The equipment is multifunctional, equipped with various attachments, but its choice should be approached very carefully, since the price for the set is quite serious. Consider the most popular and affordable models of domestic and foreign production.

Garden Scout GS 101DE

The Scout heavy walk-behind tractor can be safely called the leader in its segment among foreign analogues that are popular in the domestic market.

Quick Specs & Features:

  • Excellent combination of price and quality parameters.
  • Fuel consumption is about 300 grams per 1 kW.
  • Weight of the unit is 273 kg.
  • Engine type - diesel unit with a capacity of 11 horsepower.
  • Starting - electric start or manual mode.
  • Optional - steering lock capability, swivel collar, single stage final drive.
Heavy diesel walk-behind tractor

Standard heavymotoblock "Scout" includes a seat, a soil cutter, a plow. The device is assembled in China, it is distinguished by reliability and practicality. At a cost of 60 thousand rubles, the design has excellent functionality, high-quality assembly and reliability. The negative aspects of users include poorly developed after-sales service and the high cost of spare parts.

Catmann G-192

Heavy Chinese walk-behind tractor is great for cultivating a large area. The power of the power unit is a dozen horsepower, weight - 255 kg. Large wheels allow you to work complex soil even after rains.

The cultivator has a good speed, the functionality is regulated by six forward and a pair of reverse gears. Additional functionality includes height adjustment of the handles, a comfortable seat, the presence of a rotary plow and a soil cutter. The power unit is not particularly reliable, but is subject to self-repair. There are no problems with spare parts.

The work of a heavy walk-behind tractor


  • Good package.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Functionality.
  • Works even in severe frosts.
  • Affordable price.

Disadvantages include poorly developed after-sales service, control complexity and inefficient motor.


This brand is definitely included in the category of "best heavy walk-behind tractors" made in China. It is equipped with a four-stroke power plant, weight is 250 kilograms. Features: liquid cooling,quiet operation, cost-effective, able to work on all types of soil.

Included in the package is a soil cutter, a coupling plow, a small seat. The design includes a standard gear reducer, a frontal spotlight, an electric start system.


  • Complex controls.
  • Non-adjustable steering column.
  • Belt transmission.


  • Good build quality.
  • A rich set of attachments.
  • Economical and minimal noise during operation.

Domestic products

Among the heavy motor blocks of the native assembly, we note several modifications. Let's start the review with the Neva MB version. The unit is produced in St. Petersburg, the equipment can plow, harrow, hill, sow, mill soil, and also transport goods.

best heavy walk-behind tractors

Parameters of the specified heavy walk-behind tractor:

  • The unit is capable of carrying up to 450 kilograms.
  • The weight of the cultivator is 110 kg.
  • The engine is a Japanese Subaru nine-horsepower, single-cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 3.6L.
  • Clutch type - belt assembly with gear reducer.
  • Number of gears - 6/2 (forward/backward).

The model is characterized by increased reliability and safety. The advantages include the low weight of the device, high build quality. Among the disadvantages are the small capacity of the gas tank, the high cost (about$800).

Ugra NMB-1H13

The specified unit belongs to the leaders in the corresponding segment. It has a weight of only 90 kilograms, while being able to carry out all the work provided for such machines. The package includes a cutter, grouser, plow, coulter, extension.

The Japanese gasoline engine "Mitsubishi" with a capacity of six horsepower acts as a power unit. The engine aggregates with four forward and a pair of rear speeds. Owners speak about this technique mostly positively. Among the shortcomings are poor start in winter, oil leakage, high vibration and lack of differential. The advantages include high maintainability, affordable price and versatility.

Operation of a heavy walk-behind tractor

Belarus-09N (MTZ)

The agricultural machine has high power, performs a variety of functions, and is easy to repair. The Belarusian "heavyweight" is equipped with a high-quality power unit from Honda. Its power is nine horsepower. Specialists often draw a parallel between the specified unit and the Agros model, which was recently discontinued. The general similarity of these versions in an affordable price, wide functionality and technical parameters.

The petrol engine aggregates with a transmission for six forward and two reverse speeds. The design provides for a power take-off shaft, which is responsible for the operation of attachments.

Among the shortcomings, the owners note a slightly overpriced price, problems withshifting speeds, flaws with the clutch. Objective pluses: versatility, maintainability, excellent motor.

Heavy walk-behind tractors: work


Above are the features and technical characteristics of heavy diesel walk-behind tractors and gasoline analogues, which are popular in the domestic market and among people with farms. When choosing such a unit, one should take into account not only the cost, but also the functionality, the availability of after-sales service and the ability to work in a particular region, taking into account the characteristics of the soil and climatic conditions. Among the specified assortment, it will not be difficult to choose a suitable model for private farmers and farmers who own large land plots.

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