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"Bentley": country of origin, company history

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"Bentley": country of origin, company history
"Bentley": country of origin, company history

Cars "Bentley", the country of origin of which was originally England, at first sight amaze with their luxury, high quality and presentability. They not only have the status of comfortable equipment, but also combine elite design and unique technical characteristics. An excellent engineering solution. Bentley on the road is grace, speed, freedom and complete safety.

Bentley whose brand is the country of manufacture

In today's world, automakers have numerous branches scattered around the world. Undoubtedly, the quality of the model is directly related to the place of its assembly. Therefore, in motoring circles, it is often discussed which country the Bentley is manufactured in.

But in the 21st century of industrial globalism, where parts are manufactured and assembled in different parts of the world, it is quite difficult to determine the owner of a particular brand of car. Based on outdated facts, the country of origin of Bentley is England. But to what extent is this true?difficult. First of all, we must turn to the origins of the origin and development of this brand.

The history of the Bentley brand

W alter Owen Bentley became the progenitor of the luxury brand. The opening of Bentley Motors in early 1919 came at the dawn of the global automobile industry. At that time, no one even suspected the mass production of this brand.

Bentley country manufacturer

At the beginning of the twentieth century, cars were produced directly for racing, and only after winning them did the brand become popular. Then the young Benlti set about to become the leader of the races and glorify Great Britain. All efforts were focused on strength and speed, no emphasis was placed on design. Spread wings, carefully embracing the letter "B", became the brand's signature logo. A 2-liter engine was installed on the first car and the supercar was the first to reach the finish line. Then they began to use three - and eight-liter engines. But after going through a cascade of enchanting victories, the company has undergone a series of falls and setbacks.

Tough times for Bentley Motors

At the end of the 1930s, after a magnificent take-off, there was a steep decline in Bentley, the country of origin, which was still England. It began with the fact that the new model could not reach the finish line. Then came the Great Depression, when interest in luxury cars fell. As a result, the brand was forced to put up for auction. The buyer, present incognito, turned out to be a representative of a rival firm, Rolls Royce. As a result, the brand radically changed its priorities and becamebased on competitors.

Racing is a thing of the past. Now Bentley is the car of young aristocrats, combining comfort and speed. The Bentley Continental, which won the Car of the Year award, was exclusive to the lineup.

Second "black stripe" of the stamp

bentley car

By the 90s, Rolls itself was in a financial crisis. He stopped being competitive. The company was put up for sale. For the sake of owning one of the majestic brands in the world, competitors launched a real war. BMW's offer was outbid at the last moment by Volkswagen, which offered over $800,000. But for the Bentley car, England is still the country of origin. While the whole world congratulated the winner, the competitors regretted that they did not take the main prize. Subsequently, the Continental GT appeared on the market, striking the public with its design.

Interesting facts

At the dawn of the 2000s, automakers, being in wild competition among themselves, began to use militant marketing moves. An open advertising confrontation began, first BMW and Mercedes, then Jaguar and Audi. Advertising banners were full of humiliating captions. But Bentley struck everyone, which broke all the patterns at once. In a short commercial, a very respectable man shows the middle finger against the background of a winged emblem. This was regarded as the invincibility of the English brand over the German one. Such a defiant story not only provoked controversy among the public, but also proved the effectiveness of provocative advertising.

Countrymanufacturer "Bentley" today

car bentley country manufacturer

Bentley is the car of the royal elite. Today she gathers in England, in the town of Crewe. A combination of handmade and 21st century automotive achievements. And all this in the same factory. Engineers involve high-tech ultra-precise robots for their work. There was a request for an exclusive model. And a supercar with the name Mulsan and with the light hand of engineers turned out.

Note to the Russian car enthusiast

Through dealer agencies, he appeared in Russia in 1995. And only in 2012, when the automaker himself founded the Russian factory of the Bentley brand, whose country of manufacture is England, the brand is of interest to the domestic buyer.

For the company, the Russian platform is one of the most tempting, so it always tries to surprise the Russian motorist. Thus, three models can already be purchased in Russia: Mulsanne, Flying Spur and Continental. And soon the brand will launch the newest supercar - SUV Bentley Bentayga.

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