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Which engine oil is better for Niva-Chevrolet: review of oils, recommendations, experience of motorists

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Which engine oil is better for Niva-Chevrolet: review of oils, recommendations, experience of motorists
Which engine oil is better for Niva-Chevrolet: review of oils, recommendations, experience of motorists

The Chevrolet Niva compact crossover SUV is very popular in our country today. This is due to the successful design of the car for our roads, very affordable pricing for components and spare parts for the car, as well as the price of the car itself. Of course, if the car is popular, then questions about its service are also relevant. It is for this reason that today we will talk about which engine oil is best for the Chevrolet Niva? Let's start to understand the issue gradually, so as not to miss a single important moment, because the topic is very serious and relevant for many motorists.

Oil change

Niva-Chevrolet: how much oil to fill?

Before dealing with oil, you need to find out about the volumes that will be needed. It's not all that complicated, because there is no dependencevolume on the type of engine installed on the car, that is, you do not need to know which engine is on the Chevrolet Niva, due to the fact that the car is equipped with a single gasoline internal combustion engine. This simplifies things a lot.

It is expected that the second generation Niva-Chevrolet will have a different engine size, but that's a completely different story, this car has not yet been presented to the public, for this reason we will not get confused and continue talking about that Niva- Chevrolet", which is now represented in the car market. Back to her motor.

The working volume of the Niva-Chevrolet engine is 1.69 liters. The required volume of engine oil, which is required for a service replacement, is 3.75 liters, this is written in the car's instruction manual.

At the same time, the owners of the car need to take into account that the oil in a volume of about 250 ml always remains in the filter. Therefore, if you do not change this part during an oil change, then the total volume of oil during this procedure in the engine will be approximately three and a half liters. But it is recommended that you always change the oil filter along with changing the engine oil.

Engine oil change

Oil viscosity

Which motor oil is better for Chevrolet Niva? More precisely, what viscosity should it be? Oil should be filled with 10w40, this is the opinion of the car owners of these cars. There is also a point of view that is inferior in popularity to the above, it says that another product can be used.

For lovers of more frequentchanging the motor filler “according to the season” in the cold season it is worth pouring 5w40, and in the warm season use the aforementioned 10w40 oil. There are also those owners of the described cars who pour very liquid products into the Chevrolet Niva engine (0w40).

But to be objective, it is unlikely that spending a lot of money on frequent engine oil changes will bring more joy to a car engine. In addition, lovers of seasonal replacement of additives should not forget about the air temperature ranges in their region (maximum values ​​in summer and minimum values ​​in winter). After all, summer and winter, for example, in Siberia and Krasnodar are completely different.

Of course, oil should be purchased in trusted places, with a good reputation, so as not to run into a fake, which can lead to serious consequences that can even result in a complete failure of the engine.

Oil "Mobil 1"

Popular oils

It's time to say exactly about the manufacturers of engine oil that should be used on the described car. Today there are many companies producing petroleum products on the market, there are plenty to choose from and where to get confused. We will consider only the most popular products, they are not limited to the list of products for this car. Remember that the choice will always be yours, no matter what!

Engine oil in the engine

Budget options

Cheap options are not always bad. There is also a worthy alternative to expensive motor products.

Rosneft Maximum oil isa good option for a semi-synthetic product for very modest money. The manufacturer has long been present on the motor oil market and has pretty good reviews. Which engine oil is better for Chevrolet Niva: synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic? Everyone will decide for himself, based on the operating conditions of the car and the amount of the budget that is allocated for car maintenance.

LUKOIL Standard is a budget mineral oil, which can probably be called the segment leader. And do not forget about its natural composition.

Best Synthetic Motor Oil

There are many manufacturers, but we have selected only a few of the most popular options for review:

  • Shell Helix Ultra Professional is definitely the choice of professionals, but Shell oil is a bit pricey, if this point is not important, then you can opt for this product.
  • Gazpromneft Premium motor oil is the best combination of price and quality. Many car owners choose this option.
  • LUKOIL Lux is the most affordable and budget synthetics from a renowned manufacturer.
  • Castrol Magnatec oil has recently become overpriced. For this reason, some motorists began to refuse the products of a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation.
  • Engine oil GENERAL MOTORS Dexos2 Longlife is a product offered by the manufacturer as original for Niva-Chevrolet. Recommended oils are not always the best, we all know this for a long time, we will not miss this moment here. Althoughsome people will dispute this opinion.

Summing up some intermediate result here, let's cast our vote in favor of Shell oil, the price of which does not quite fit into the category of budgetary maintenance of your car, but perhaps many will agree with the opinion that on the engine You definitely don't need to save oil in a car.

Shell oil

Opinion of owners

In principle, car owners most often use the products that we have already discussed above. And the leader in the popular vote is Lukoil oil. Chevrolet Niva drives it more often than other options, according to the reviews of the owners of these cars, and there is no reason not to believe them. We provide only statistics and facts. In general, the answer to the question of which engine oil is best for the Chevrolet Niva, everyone finds for himself, based on his own experience, what is acquired in the process of owning a car.

Oil "Castrol"

Oil change intervals

In this story, the truth is also true that there are as many opinions on this subject as there are people in the world. This is, of course, exaggerating. But there is some truth in this joke. Someone changes engine oil after five thousand kilometers, someone drives one product three times longer, and his replacement interval happens only after fifteen thousand kilometers of run. There are other people who change the motor filler every ten thousand kilometers. There are many variations on this theme.

But the truth is that in the matter of changing the oil, sosay you can't spoil porridge with butter. Frequent replacement is better than rare. But everything determines the capabilities of each motorist individually. Well, there is little sense in replacing every thousand kilometers, of course, no.

The most important thing in this story, as all car owners say, is not to run into "left" oil. Everything else is secondary. Buy engine oil in trusted places, preferably after reading all the necessary product quality confirmation documentation that is sold to you at a particular outlet.

Self-replacement or car service?

Both options are valid. There is nothing difficult in the process of changing engine oil yourself, of course, if you have the appropriate place to carry out this manipulation (it can be a flyover or a lift in the garage).

If this is not possible, then the operation can be carried out at a car service station. The procedure is simple and does not cost a lot of money. The only point is to do the specified procedure in a verified place. Because there are situations when in dubious services there was a partial drain of used oil, topping up of part of the new oil and that's it. That is, the filler does not change completely, part of your new oil is stolen by service workers, and the car engine does not work too well at the exit.

These cases are rare, but they do happen, therefore, they should not be ruled out completely, if possible, you can attend the oil change procedure to remove this risk.

Lift oil change


You need to change the oil, you need to do it on time and use high-quality consumables. The durability of the engine depends largely on the issues that are associated with this important component. Do not save on such trifles, because the overhaul of the power unit of your car will cost ten times more than the regular replacement of a quality engine filler.

In other words, all questions about oil rest on your correct vision of the issue, financial capabilities and integrity of the sellers of motor products and people who change the oil itself on the car.

There are not so few links in this chain, which always means that not everything is as simple as you would like. But the statistics show that, and the reviews of motorists confirm that counterfeit oil comes across less and less on store shelves, and it’s not worth chasing money savings when shopping at spontaneous semi-legal auto parts markets.

It is also worth paying tribute to the Chevrolet Niva model itself. The car is very unpretentious and can forgive some flaws in matters of oil change, but you should not look for the ultimate strength in this matter with your car by personal example.

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