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Porsche car: manufacturing country, history

Porsche car: manufacturing country, history
Porsche car: manufacturing country, history

When Ferdinand Porsche founded his company in 1931, not many people could have imagined that it would prosper and cars of this brand would be considered elite. The main shareholders of the company are the descendants of Ferdinand Porsche, perhaps that is why both the price and the quality of products remain at their best. Germany, as the manufacturing country of Porsche, receives a considerable profit from the taxes levied on the company. Moreover, Porsche is the most highly profitable automobile company in the world. Eight years ago, the cars of this brand were named the most reliable.

Country of manufacture Porsche Cayenne

At dawn

Porsche's country of origin is Germany, and the founder of the company at the time of opening his business had already gained considerable experience in the production of cars in his native country, which allowed him to set a fairly high bar almost immediately. Before Porsche, he founded another company in 1931 called Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche GmbH. Under this namehe worked on projects such as the Auto Union, a six-cylinder racing car, and the Volkswagen Kafer, which would go on to become the best-selling car in history. After eight years of practice, Ferdinand developed the company's first car, the Porsche 64, which became the forerunner of all future Porsches.

However, production stalled due to the outbreak of World War II. For his country, the manufacturer "Porsche" began to produce various military products - staff vehicles and amphibians. Ferdinand Porsche also took part in projects to develop the super-heavy Mouse tank and the Tiger R heavy tank.

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Porsche Dynasty

In December 1945, Ferdinand Porsche was imprisoned for twenty months and charged with war crimes. His son Ferdinand (Ferry) took his father's business into his own hands and decided to produce his own cars, and also changed the geographical location of the company. The manufacturing country of Porsche cars remained the same, only they began to assemble them not in Stuttgart, whose coat of arms is used in the company logo, but in Gmünde. It was Ferry Porsche, who, having gathered familiar engineers, created a prototype of the Porsche 365 with an open aluminum body, and then began to prepare it for production. In 1948, the car successfully passed certification for public roads. Again, as in the case of the previous car, Porsche Jr. used components from Volkswagen Kafer, including gearbox, suspension andfour-cylinder air-cooled engine. However, the first production cars had a fundamental difference: the engine was moved to the rear axle, which not only made production cheaper, but also freed up space, so there was enough space for two more passenger seats. The engineered body was highly aerodynamic.

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Back to Stuttgart

When production returned to Stuttgart, the changes were not long in coming. Aluminum was abandoned in production, returning to steel production. The plant began to produce coupes, convertibles and engines with a volume of 1100 "cubes" and a power of 40 liters. With. The expansion of the range followed fairly quickly: already in 1954, six models of cars were sold. Engineers constantly worked on improving the design of cars, increasing the power and volume of engines, adding various components, such as a synchronized gearbox and disc brakes for all wheels.

Car racing

The founder of the Porsche company, apparently, was interested in racing sports a lot, because the company began to take an active part in car racing from its very inception. As soon as the prototype of the first model was assembled, it was immediately decided to "test" it on the race track. Just a few weeks later, this car won the race in Innsbruck, bringing glory not only to the company itself, but also to the Porsche manufacturing country. In 1951, there was another significant victory at the Le Mans races, in which anotherthe car is a slightly redesigned serial Porsche 356 with an aluminum body. On the Porsche 911, victory was won on the Targa Florio, Carrera Panamericana, Mille Miglia and many others. There were also victories in the rally, for example, the famous marathon "Paris - Dakar" cars won twice. In general, the Porsche brand has about twenty-eight thousand victories!

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Our time

Porsche has come a long way. What manufacturing country, other than Germany, can boast that in their city a small family business has turned into the most profitable automobile company in the world?

One of the most unusual cars that came off the Porsche assembly line is the Cayenne. The history of its creation began in 1998, when Porsche engineers worked together with colleagues from Volkswagen. The world saw "Cayenne" in 2002.

Despite the many models that Porsche has produced in the past and now produces, the best-selling car is the Porsche Cayenne. Its country of origin, like the rest of the cars of this brand, of course, is Germany. This is a sports utility vehicle, in many ways similar to the Volkswagen Touareg. For the production of an SUV, a separate new plant was built in Leipzig. It is unlikely that anyone expected that the experimental car would become the most sought-after car of the brand, although the reaction to this SUV with a very ambiguousdesign has been controversial.

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Diesel Scandal

Not so long ago, Porsche's country of origin demanded the company recall about twenty-two thousand cars sold because of the so-called "diesel scandal". It turned out that the real indicators of harmful emissions into the atmosphere of diesel engines of the brand were much higher than was stated. Porsche engineers themselves claim that this was due to problems with the software used to measure emissions in tests. This problem, apparently, arose in three other brands: BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. True, only Porsche was required by the manufacturing country to recall the cars, the rest of the companies did it themselves.

The "Diesel scandal" probably influenced the fact that the engineers released the new "Cayenne" only in the version with a gasoline engine, while the two previous generations also had a diesel, which was to the taste of many. It is for the diesel version of this car that the greatest demand is in our country. The Porsche manufacturer assures that there will be a diesel engine, but when and what is still a mystery.

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Instead of a conclusion

To summarize.

  • Who produces Porsche? The country of origin is Germany, and the production is carried out at the factories of the automobile company of the same name. Huge now, it has grown from a small family firm.
  • Cars of this brand are intended not only for "defile" on the ideal asph alt. Many of them regularly bring victories in races, including marathons such as the Paris-Dakar.
  • The brand's best-selling car is the Porsche Cayenne. The country of origin of this car is also Germany. This is an SUV with an original design, the "cousin" of the Volkswagen Touareg.
  • Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world.

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