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What wheels can be installed on UAZ?

What wheels can be installed on UAZ?
What wheels can be installed on UAZ?

UAZ vehicles are an excellent choice for those who like to conquer off-road and often go hunting and fishing. And it doesn’t matter what kind of UAZ it is - “Loaf”, “Patriot” or “Hunter”. All these cars easily overcome fords and swamps, in all weather conditions and temperatures. However, so that the car does not get stuck and does not sit "on its belly", it is important to monitor the condition of the tires. If they are bald, even on asph alt it is dangerous to drive such a car. Of course, for reliability, you can install a winch, but it is unlikely that it will save you from skidding on the road. Therefore, today we will talk about which wheels to choose for UAZ.

wheels for UAZ
wheels for UAZ

We note right away that the installation of large diameter tires entails the purchase of new rims and body play, so if the UAZ is often used within the city, it is better to purchase wheels of a standard diameter.

At the moment there are several types of tires that are installed on these cars:

  • wheels for UAZ off-road (mud tires);
  • all season;
  • winter/summer.
  • UAZ Hunter wheels
    UAZ Hunter wheels

The first type of tire involves the presence of a deep tread pattern with large sipes and checkers. Such wheels are installed on UAZ by many off-road enthusiasts, as they provide maximum grip of the car with the road (in this case, with a roadway without asph alt). Such a machine is not afraid of any obstacles.

If, for the most part, your UAZ is operated on an asph alt road, that is, in a city, it is best to purchase standard tires. The fact is that the mud wheels on the UAZ provide good grip only with the appropriate canvas. On asph alt, such a car becomes almost uncontrollable. The tires are buzzing due to their large mass, and the steering wheel itself is spinning in different directions. Experts recommend purchasing UAZ wheels for the season, that is, for winter - winter, for summer - summer. The so-called “all-weather season”, although it provides the car with a stable ride in both cases, it should not be forgotten that such wheels have only average qualities. Therefore, for the greatest safety, it is worth installing summer and winter tires in accordance with seasonality.

How to operate wheels on UAZ?

First of all, you need to remember that all 4 tires must be the same, and you only need to change them as a set. If you install winter wheels on the rear axle, and summer wheels on the front, this will only aggravate the situation on the road and lead to a complete loss ofmanageability.

wheels for UAZ off-road
wheels for UAZ off-road

It is also worth noting that the front tires on UAZ always wear out more than the rear ones, since there is an additional load in front (there is a motor above them). As a rule, the difference is about 10 thousand kilometers.

On all cars manufactured in Ulyanovsk, including the UAZ "Hunter", the wheels must be equally inflated. Inconsistency of values entails a loss of power and an increase in fuel consumption. In addition, this is an additional load on the differential.

In the end, I would like to say that new tires should always be run-in, approximately 500 kilometers of operation in special mode.

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