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What to choose for your car: stamped or alloy wheels?

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What to choose for your car: stamped or alloy wheels?
What to choose for your car: stamped or alloy wheels?

Any owner of a car at least once thought about what wheels would be optimal for his "iron horse". Of course, cast models will provide the car with a bright, memorable look. However, connoisseurs say that stamped discs have their advantages, and the choice should be based on personal feelings. Let's do a little comparative analysis of "casting" and "stamping". Perhaps this will help form your own opinion on this issue.

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Production methods and materials

Alloy wheels are called because of the way they are made. The molten metal is poured into the mold. As a material, alloys are used, the basis of which is aluminum or magnesium. Stamped discs are composed of two elements. They are connected by spot welding. The material used is sheet steel. Forged wheels have a lower cost than cast ones. The composition of the material from which they are made determines their main distinctive properties.

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Characteristic differences of alloy wheels

As already mentioned, for many motorists, the decisive factor when buying alloy wheels is an attractive appearance. This is not their only advantage. The metals used in the manufacture make it possible to reduce the final weight of the product. This gives a small fuel economy when driving. In addition, the lightweight wheel quickly returns to its original position after contact with uneven road surfaces. As a result, vehicle handling is improved. However, it is very difficult to notice such improvements and only a professional driver can do it. There are cast wheels and disadvantages. They have a more fragile structure than stamped discs. Steel is deformed by impact, and a cast disc may crack or chip. Hidden cracks pose a danger to the driver and passengers. Such an alloy wheel can simply crack when it hits a road pit and provoke an accident. It is possible to restore a cast wheel. These services are available at some repair shops. However, if the hardness of the disc is damaged by damage, then such a product cannot be repaired.

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What are stamped wheels?

It is these wheels that car manufacturers most often install on their products. Although they are not the pride of artist-designers, they are considered by many to be quite practical. The most common in Russia since the days of the Soviet automobile industry are R13 stamped wheels. However, somemotorists are confident that a larger radius increases the handling and patency of the car. Therefore, they try to maximize the size of the wheels. R14 stamped wheels on the VAZ help in this case to find a great way out. Speaking about the advantages of steel wheels, it is necessary to note their high maintainability. Dents on the disc are easy to straighten. In addition, the rim of the disc is able to partially absorb the force from a strong impact, which a rigid cast structure cannot do. This has a positive effect on the condition of the chassis of the car. The negative points include the fact that stamped wheels are susceptible to corrosion and require careful maintenance.

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