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Ste alth 700 ATV: review, specifications and photos

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Ste alth 700 ATV: review, specifications and photos
Ste alth 700 ATV: review, specifications and photos

Company "Ste alth" is a Russian company, which is a subsidiary of "Velomotors". It produces both conventional bicycles and ATVs. This company became popular due to low prices for products, which increased the demand for ATVs.

Ste alth 700

This ATV is the best selling ATV among all models of the company.

Instead of a conventional carburetor, an injector is installed here. It is not able to quickly accelerate or make turns, but at low speeds it calmly plows the garden, like an ordinary tractor. But the injection version also has its advantages, for example: low fuel consumption, the ability to start at any time of the year and a cleaner exhaust.

The ATV "Ste alth 700" has wheels with a diameter of 26 inches. Four-wheel drive gives good cross-country ability. The steering wheel turns very hard. Suspension is also stiff, not showing any achievements, as well as brakes that respond to the slightest push.

After accelerating it faster than 40 km / h, you can feel the roar of the engine, which is heard all the way. With a relatively low price of 300 thousand rubles, as well asthanks to the presence of a towbar and a winch, it has no competitors.

Stels 700 quad bike background

Ste alth 700 Dingli


Size cm 220 x 123 x 123
Power, hp 55
Max. speed, km/h 112
Revolutions, rpm 6000
Drive full
Fuel tank, l 20
Weight, kg 330
Tow hitch Yes

The "Ste alth 700 Dinli" ATV is the most powerful in the "Ste alth" ATV line. It has a 20 liter fuel tank, 700cc engine3, top speed is over 110km/h.

Independent rear and front suspension made of aluminum, which facilitated the body and weight of the ATV. The disc brakes give this Ste alth 700 ATV more confidence.

It features water cooling, a multi gauge display, in-house tires and a unique rim design.

All this makes it clear that buying this particular version of the Ste alth 700 ATV will bring a lot of pleasure and a good set of technical components.

Stels 700 Dinli orange

Ste alth 700 N

ATV "Ste alth 700 N" - another version of the line of ATVs"Ste alth". This version is a near-perfect all-terrain ATV with plenty of power, a good motor and suspension with tires to help you get through difficult sections of the road.

The design of the ATV "Ste alth 700 N" is an example of the most optimal, as it is based on all the standards and achievements in the construction of ATVs.

It features a 598cc 4-cylinder engine3 and a cooling system to keep the engine from overheating when driving off-road. It was on the model with the prefix "H" that a more environmentally friendly engine was installed on the injector, which made the power of the ATV more by 14 percent. Now the power of the "H" version is 35 horsepower. Also, the ATV is equipped with all-wheel drive, which helps it overcome any pits and hills, places with mud.

Stels 700H ATV

Many people buy an ATV for amateur driving outside the city, recreation in the country. But it can also be used as a primary means of transportation, saving fuel and maintenance costs. Fortunately, its cost is not so big compared to the same small cars.

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