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Review motorcycle Honda GL1800

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Review motorcycle Honda GL1800
Review motorcycle Honda GL1800

Honda Gold Wing GL1800 is a touring motorcycle model introduced in 2001. The motorcycle is considered to be a culture-forming one, as there are entire associations of bikers who prefer this model exclusively. By the way, the motorcyclists themselves call him "Golda".

History of occurrence

In 1974, the first copy of this brand was released Honda Gold Wing GL 1000, which was a classic road bike with a four-cylinder boxer engine. Later, the model was modernized. The turning point was 1980, when the model acquired the features of a real touring motorcycle. Not only the appearance has changed, but also the technical characteristics.

The year 2001 became significant, because it was then that the new Honda GL 1800 model was released. This motorcycle combined the best developments and technological solutions. During the creation, the company registered about 20 patents, all of them were directly related to the technical part of the development.

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The Honda GL 1800 motorcycle engine is similar to passenger car engines. The volume is 1832 cc,it is characterized by a four-stroke type of operation and six opposite cylinders.

Cooling system - liquid. The maximum torque is 167 Nm at 4000 rpm. The automatic choke fuel system is equipped with PGM-FI automatic electronic injection. The motorcycle has a five-speed gearbox with four main gears and one reverse gear.

Front is telescopic fork (45 mm) and anti-dive system, travel is 140 mm. At the rear is electronic preload control with 105mm of travel, Pro-Link Pro-Arm.

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Gross weight of the Honda GL1800 Gold is 697 kg, so it requires an efficient and high-quality brake system to stop. At the rear, it is reinforced with a combined three-piston caliper and a disc with a radius of 158 mm. Ahead, in addition to a combined three-piston caliper, the brake system is equipped with floating pads and a hydraulic disc system with a disc radius of 148 mm. The maximum speed is 200 km/h.

You can't forbid living comfortably

An interesting side of the technical development of the Honda GL1800 are various additions that provide a comfortable ride, as well as equipping the motorcycle with electronics. Before the eyes of the driver there are all the sensors and a full set of settings. The Honda GL1800 boasts multiple heating options, adjustable suspension, cruise control and radio.

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Comfort reallyis the strong point of this touring motorcycle, which is designed to travel in pairs. A wide and comfortable seat has been designed for the driver, but a fellow traveler can also sit comfortably in the passenger seat. An additional advantage are large and roomy wardrobe trunks, in which you can put everything you need for a long trip. It is possible to attach a trailer.

This bike is ideal for heavy and long road trips. His character is calm, which allows you to enjoy the views and atmosphere while traveling. The cost of the Honda GL1800 is approximately $28,000 - about 1,850,000 rubles.

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