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Toyota Corolla fuel filter: device, replacement
Toyota Corolla fuel filter: device, replacement

Thanks to its versatility and thoughtful technical performance, the stylish "Japanese" has gained unheard of popularity. The dream of every owner is to drive without problems, to have rare meetings with service centers. Much depends on the owner of the transport and the conditions he has to face.

The cleanliness of the filter element dictates the correct operation of the engine, preserves the useful properties invested in it by the developers for a longer time. Consider how the Toyota Corolla fuel filter works. How to replace it? What will it take?

More about filters

Replacing the fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150
Replacing the fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150

A certain type of filter unit is installed on the machine, depending on the type of body, the year of its production. Before replacing, you need to choose it correctly. Experts identify several species suitable for the "Japanese".

  • For Corolla-180 models, it is better to choose a product with article number 23300-28040.
  • The fuel filter is put on the body of the "Toyota Corolla-150" with the article77024-12030.
  • For body 120, a model with a coarse cleaning system is suitable.

Don't be afraid to buy Chinese or Korean products. If you buy from a reliable seller, there will be no incidents with auto parts. You must consider the VIN number when choosing. Then the probability of making a mistake will be zero.

On the advisability of installing the device

For any vehicle, fuel cleaning plays an important role. This ensures the reliability and safety of transport. In this regard, it is asked where the Toyota Corolla fuel filter should be installed, how it is recommended to mount it.

It is possible to install two filters in the car: one at the inlet of the fuel supply pump, the other in the area between the pump unit and the fuel rail. Why was it invented?

The task that the Toyota Corolla fuel filter is designed to handle is to clean the fuel from impurities, dirt, grains of sand that penetrate the engine. An inopportunely replaced filter mechanism leads to a violation of the functions of the motor. It is installed on all cars, it works with any type of oil product.

How it works

The peculiarity of the action is as follows: the Toyota Corolla fuel filter passes fuel through itself before it enters the combustion chamber. Cleaning is stepwise, thanks to which the motor is protected. How does it work in a car running on gasoline?

Image "Toyota Corolla" where is the fuel filter
Image "Toyota Corolla" where is the fuel filter

At the gas station, fuel is poured into the gas tank. FROMfuel supply devices, it is possible for dirt to enter the tank. It also accumulates on the walls of the container. The submersible pump absorbs dirty fuel. Despite the presence of a nylon mesh in it, it is impossible to cope with all unnecessary particles. Such a device only helps to get rid of large fraction debris, so the Toyota Corolla fuel filter is an urgent need, not a luxury. First, a fine cleaning takes place, which prevents small particles with dimensions of less than 10 microns from entering the power unit. The owner will need to carefully monitor its condition, change it in a timely manner.

A matter of time

Fuel filter Toyota Corolla 120
Fuel filter Toyota Corolla 120

Every motorist wants to know exactly when to change the fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150 or another type of body. Many are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to do it yourself. The designers conceived the scheme of operation of the car in such a way that the filter, according to the regulations, needs to be changed after 80 thousand km. Some daredevils dare to ignore this rule by doubling this parameter.

Much depends on the quality of gasoline. Using domestic brands, it is impossible to overcome a large number of kilometers without changing the filter. Rather, this can be done using the original fuel. In the service station, employees recommend calling in for a replacement every 50,000 km. Not all beginners are familiar with the signs of a clogged filter.

The machine will tell you when to replace

Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150 body
Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150 body

ExplicitThe reasons that motivate the driver to pay attention to the condition of the cleaning device are the following indicators:

  • At idle, the operation of the motor differs from the usual unevenness.
  • Toyota Corolla 150 or 120 fuel filter needs to be replaced if engine start is unstable or slow acceleration.
  • Engine stalls intermittently.

Installation process

Changing the fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 120 bodywork is not difficult with certain knowledge. It is better for a car enthusiast who is starting to master the roadway for the first time to consult with specialists. The service life is designed for 50 thousand km. However, this figure is calculated on a high-quality Japanese road surface. The work includes several stages:

  • Rear seats need to be removed.
  • The plastic cover will have to be pry off with a screwdriver, pushing it to the side.
  • If necessary, the sealant is removed from the surface of the gas tank.
  • Empty containers are being prepared in advance. The hoses are carefully disconnected. This may spill some of the gasoline, so an empty container will come in handy.
  • The fuel filter cap will need to be vacuumed.
  • The eight bolts securing the TF cover should be unscrewed.
  • Before dismantling the TF, the motor starts. Now the motorist should wait until he stalls. The procedure is then repeated.
  • The disassembly of the fuel pump begins, followed by the dismantling of the float. After that, the coarse filtering device is dismantled.

Through thissimple manipulation, it is important to ensure the integrity of the rubber gaskets. When worn, they should be replaced. The old mesh and float are installed on the new filter.

Recommendations from professionals for replacing the fuel filter on a Toyota Corolla 150

Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 120 body
Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 120 body

Experts advise sticking to the following algorithm:

  • Rear seat lifts and removes.
  • A special hatch is hidden under the skin. You can get to it by removing the upholstery.
  • A flathead screwdriver will help remove the cover; You can warm up the lid a little if it is difficult to remove. This is possible using a hair dryer.
  • There is a lot of accumulated dust under the lid, it is freed from it with a simple vacuum cleaner.
  • The pressure in the system must be reduced. To do this, the pump terminal is removed, the engine is set in motion.
  • If the motor stops working, dismantling operations continue.
  • Feed and "return" pipes are disconnected by pressing the locking brackets.
  • The lid fasteners (there are 8 of them here) are unscrewed. The filter is removed, preventing the penetration of gasoline on the body. Assembly is carried out in reverse order.

The fuel system functions normally, subject to the rules for operating the vehicle and the choice of high-quality fuel. It is useful to know about the requirements for an auto part.

Requirements for filter parts

Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150
Fuel filter "Toyota Corolla" 150

Pick upthis little helper is easy. Experienced professionals give the following advice:

  • Manufacturers themselves suggest in the instructions which type to choose.
  • The best option is to buy a composition with anti-corrosion properties. This is known from the packaging.
  • Online forums will help you navigate the lineup more confidently.
  • Water should not get into the filter, otherwise the nozzles will be "eaten" by rust.

What happens when problems are ignored

Closing your eyes to the engine stalling during the trip - bringing yourself and other road users closer to trouble. A worn and clogged filter leads to incorrect operation of the machine's motor. Condensation accumulates on its components, stimulating rust.

Resins greatly reduce the efficiency of car operation. All elements of the complex will gradually fail, bringing the owner to serious financial costs. Problem situations can be avoided if the cleaning device is changed in time, that is, the fuel filter, which is intended for cleaning the engine compartment.

Toyota Corolla car
Toyota Corolla car

The machine itself signals the appearance of defects, the main thing is to be able to listen to it and not dismiss the problem that has arisen. After all, sooner or later it will have to be solved. If you yourself do not have time to mess with replacing the filter, you need to contact the service center. Specialists will quickly cope with this work.

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