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Interesting tuning "Getz Hyundai"

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Interesting tuning "Getz Hyundai"
Interesting tuning "Getz Hyundai"

The car, produced from 2002 to 2011, has acquired an "army" of fans. The compact passenger car from Korean auto engineers was created well, but the demand for it greatly increases the possibility of a variety of tuning "Getz", which makes the car even more beautiful, stylish and improves its dynamic performance.

Create a sport style

Tuning Hyundai Getz accessories body kits

When doing your own tuning, you should pay attention to the addition of aerodynamics. For this purpose, a spoiler for the rear door is used. Some practice the installation of deflectors, interesting bumper sills. You can buy a complex body kit, it is more cost effective. In the Hyundai Getz tuning accessories collection, body kits are a cost-effective solution that adds a sporty sound to the standard equipment.

According to experts, installation is best done when buying high quality fiberglass options from well-known brands. They will not add weight to the vehicle, they will provide ease of maintenance. The advantage is to improveindicators of dynamics. Fiberglass is also involved in creating conditions for economical fuel consumption.

Originality in everything

If you want to achieve high results in the transformation, you have to follow modern methods in order to achieve high-quality modernization, not only technically, but also externally. An expressive "iron friend" becomes after styling with a vinyl film and LED strips. You can resort to the services of an atelier and order Goetz tuning in two ways:

  • perform artistic restyling of the model;
  • introduce elite forged wheels.

It costs a lot of money, but it pays off. The motor vehicle becomes exclusive and stands out on the road rut among other road users. Night trips require an approach to changing standard lighting. Alternative optics in armored or tinted format will last longer. There will be no problems with tinting during the tuning of the Getz: just buy a vinyl film. Booking is best left to professionals. What to add to the salon?

Recipe for interior transformations

Tuning salon Hyundai Getz

The noisiness of the cabin is noted by all owners of foreign cars. Many people make their own insulation. It is recommended to refer to the products of the Shumoff brand. High-quality rubber, complex mastic is selected for production. This type of auto products does not lose the properties laid down by engineers both at -40 degrees and at +180. For these purposes, it is better to choose noise andheat-insulating sheets P8 or P4. They are convenient to deal with.

At the joints of the sheets, it is advised to use "Germeton-7". The material is not cheap, but only one sheet is useful. For complete safety, you can finish the carbon fiber. Individuality will be created by chrome lining on the door handles, flooring from cellular rugs. The dashboard looks unusual in combination with LED decor.

It does not hurt to install a new audio system, an analog on-board computer, in the process of tuning the Hyundai Getz. Innovative electronics released in 2011 will do the trick, making the car more responsive, comfortable to drive.

Add "horses" under the hood

Tuning engine "Hyundai Getz"

Getz chip tuning is a good option for modernization procedures. It helps to adjust the functionality of the control unit. The result is a powerful motor that brings adrenaline when driving at high speeds. With the updated power unit, the car will cope with the conditions of extreme terrain. Chipovka is done by professional craftsmen. For gasoline models, the firmware "Alpha 2011", "Alpha Power 2014" is more suitable.

If you wish, you can carry out the work without the help of specialists, however, labor-intensive and technically difficult moments are recommended to be left in the hands of qualified craftsmen with experience.

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