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Tuning headlights on "Prior": description, interesting ideas, photos

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Tuning headlights on "Prior": description, interesting ideas, photos
Tuning headlights on "Prior": description, interesting ideas, photos

Despite the fact that the Lada Priora has a quite modern appearance by today's standards, not all owners of this car are satisfied with its factory design. And in order to improve the appearance and give originality, many carry out external tuning (aka facelift). Only some elements of the body of the car, including optical instruments, are subject to changes. Tuning headlights on Priore is a fairly popular operation to change the appearance of a domestic car. Consider the topic in more detail.


Tuning headlights on "Prior"
Tuning headlights on "Prior"

To change the appearance of the car, minor and accessible to literally everyone types of tuning headlights on the Priora are more often used:

  • visual design change, for which “cilia” are actively used;
  • creating backlight from LEDs or "angel eyes";
  • painting headlights black (paintedexactly the surface of the headlight reflector);
  • light glass tinting.

Cilia on headlights

Covers for headlights "Lada Priora"
Covers for headlights "Lada Priora"

"Cilia" - the fastest and cheapest option to change the look of the car's optical devices. "Eyelashes" are special pads that are glued to the top of the headlight glass. They can be of various shapes and widths, as well as be painted to match the body or be just black.

These headlight covers, since they are at the top, do not affect the quality of the illumination of the road surface. At the same time, they make the appearance of the car stylish and daring. You can make such overlays with your own hands or buy ready-made "eyelashes".

Homemade headlight tuning on the Priora is the most profitable option, since you can create linings of literally any shape with your own hands.

Mask painting

Painting headlight masks "Priors"
Painting headlight masks "Priors"

The next type of tuning the appearance of optical devices is the coloring of the masks of the Priory headlights. These changes are also not expensive and the car enthusiast will not hit the "affordable price". The mask is a specific insert that is placed inside the headlight structure. The factory version of the mask is covered with chrome. After painting the mask (traditionally black), the appearance of the car will change quite seriously. Because this tuning of the headlights on the Priora is quite common.

However, there is a difficulty in its implementation, which lies in the need for complete disassembly of the lighting fixture. Since the headlights of the Priora arenot collapsible - the glass is securely glued to the body using a sealant. However, with the right approach, disassembly can be done. After that, the mask is removed from the headlight, cleaned (the chrome coating is removed), primed and painted. Then the lighting device is assembled back and installed in its original place.

Installing lenses in the headlights

Headlight lenses and tinting
Headlight lenses and tinting

Today, a lot of motorists have been noticed who install other lenses in their headlights. Such elements in factory lighting fixtures are mounted in optics for the following purposes:

  1. As a tuning for the Priora headlights and rear instruments. Most like the look of lighting fixtures with lenses. Most often, they can have "angel eyes" in their design, an LED rim around the lens.
  2. Lenses are installed together with xenon lamps. If you put xenon at certified service stations, then it comes only with lenses.
  3. Standard installation from the factory. In this situation, lenses are mounted by the manufacturer more often in expensive models. And the lighting in such cars is already a whole computer, they have a lot of functions and even have cornering lights.

Lined headlights on the Lada Priora are probably the most expensive way to get a facelift. It consists in the fact that instead of factory optical devices, lensed optics are installed.

Angel Eyes

Image"Angel Eyes"
Image"Angel Eyes"

Changing the configuration is not a particularly expensive method of tuning headlights"Lada Priory". Such optical devices were first used on BMW cars, but this does not prevent them from being mounted on the model under study. Moreover, the shape of the lighting elements fully allows this to be done. "Eyes" are mainly referred to as marker lights. They are special rings that are installed around the perimeter of the reflectors. They glow with a beautiful "cold" bluish light.

"Angel eyes" on the "Lada Priora" some motorists manage to do on their own, for which they use silicone tubes or special plexiglass rods, as well as LEDs. You can buy ready-made devices in car accessories stores.

Tinted headlights

Film sticker on headlights
Film sticker on headlights

Tuning "Priora" rear lighting fixtures and front optics using tinting is carried out in several ways - using a special paint or tinted membrane. What color to choose a film, it is up to the motorist to decide. The most common and classic color is black. However, when tinting, a film can be used to match the color of the car body. It is important to remember that tinting headlights leads to a deterioration in the power of the luminous flux and a decrease in visibility on the road in the evening and at night.

Headlight polishing

For the period of travel, factory lights are exposed to the negative effects of sand, gravel, dirty water, which fly off from nearby passing vehicles, as well as the chemical action of road reagents and s alt. Because of this, the surface of the headlights acquires a yellowish tint, becomesmatte, the intensity of the luminous flux decreases. At night, visibility deteriorates.

Modern optical devices are made of polycarbonate, that is, to polish them, you will not need to buy expensive diamond paste, which is comparable in cost to the price of new headlights. A budget abrasive will undoubtedly help to improve the situation. Tools and materials that will be needed for self-polishing, that is, for tuning the Priora headlights and rear lights:

  • adhesive tape;
  • skin of different abrasiveness;
  • grinding machine;
  • car shampoo;
  • polish;
  • rags.

The polishing process is as follows:

  1. Clean the headlight well with shampoo, and then degrease it.
  2. Dry and tape the adjacent metal of the car body to protect it.
  3. Firstly work the surface with a weak abrasive, and then with a larger one. Each type of abrasive is used for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse the surface of the headlights thoroughly and dry it.
  5. Using a foam pad and polish, polish to a high shine.

Making chameleon headlights

Image"Chameleon lights"
Image"Chameleon lights"

Want to make "chameleon lights"? Then use a special tint. You can buy ready-made film options without any problems at any automotive supply store. Their cost varies depending on the manufacturer. The most budgetary - from the Chinese manufacturer.

The film material is heated with a hair dryer and applied topre-moistened headlight. Smooth it well so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles left. As a result of such tuning of the Priory headlights, the photo of which you see above, the car acquires very stylish optics.

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