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Tuning "Santa Fe 2": interesting ideas, photos

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Tuning "Santa Fe 2": interesting ideas, photos
Tuning "Santa Fe 2": interesting ideas, photos

Hyundai Santa Fe is a Korean-made mid-size crossover. The car is named after the city, which is located in New Mexico. The model first saw the world back in 2001, and was updated in 2014.

The more successful second generation of the Santa Fe was introduced only in 2006. The designers did their best, so the car got a more stylish interior and exterior. In their opinion, this car should not only have an interesting and attractive appearance and be distinguished by high traffic, but also be protected from minor scratches and other damage. For this reason, many are tuning the popular Santa Fe 2.

Parking sensors and rear-view mirror

Rear view mirror and parking sensors

Salon Santa Fe can rightly be called a real example of high comfort and attentiveness of the manufacturing company to small details. The cab is equipped with literally everything that a modern driver needs. The car has a lot of various devices, for example, a functional on-board computer, ABS, a blind spot monitoring system, a DVR, etc.

A visible disadvantage is the unsuccessfulparking lot location. To remove this drawback of the manufacturer, many motorists combine its scoreboard and rear-view mirror in one device. This tuning "Hyundai Santa Fe 2" greatly improves usability.

Chip tuning

This crossover transformation option is used to increase power. The process consists in improving the factory settings of the engine ECU. With the help of chip tuning, you can increase engine power several times, as well as increase torque. As a result of the work, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced. In addition, tuning "Santa Fe-2" allows you to significantly increase the speed characteristics, that is, the torque is directly reflected in the dynamics of the car's acceleration.

Due to this manipulation with the motor, specialists change only the ECU program. If after chip tuning "Santa Fe-2" something did not fit, it is quite possible to return all the settings to the factory values ​​without any consequences for the motor.

Lighting the engine compartment of a car

Tuning engine compartment

Many will agree that it is quite difficult to repair or completely replace any parts under the hood at night. Solving this issue today is simple. You only need to mount additional lighting in the lower part of the car.

Before proceeding with the installation of an auxiliary light source, you need to decide in advance on the emitters. Often, motorists ask questions about what is more profitable and better - neon lights or LEDs. In fact, much depends on the amountready to lay out the owner of the car. If there are several thousand rubles in stock, and there is time to change the backlight every 6-8 months, then installing neon lamps would be a good option.

Changed headlights

Tuning headlights "Santa Fe 2"

Tuning headlights "Santa Fe-2" will make the "look" of your car as more expressive and aggressive, and, conversely, more elegant and solid. For this crossover, you can buy a variety of modified headlights on the auto market. Today you can find ample opportunities for tuning the front and rear optics, namely:

  1. Painting headlights and taillights.
  2. Tinted optics.
  3. Installation of LED headlights and lamps.
  4. Development of individual design.

For tuning "Santa Fe-2" (photos are presented on the site) LEDs of different power and glow colors can be used. Tinting headlights with a special film is not the best idea, because such material "eats" the light.

LED lights, or "stops", are a modern alternative to standard incandescent lights. such tuning makes no sense - they flare up faster, do not fail for a long time and are insensitive to vibrations.

Reinforcement of post supports

Reinforcement of rack supports

Most of the owners of "Santa Fe-2" most often do not stop at just one chip tuning. And they are right, as you can achieve the best result by improving other parts of the Korean crossover. Yes, tofor example, the suspension, although rarely blamed, is still one of the first to need urgent modernization.

The Auto Dealership offers a wide selection of strut mount reinforcements, ranging from factory parts to parts that are equipped with protective spacers. In the case of Santa Fe 2, it is best to purchase the second option. Such parts are ideal for installation on a machine with a large caster, when moving, they compensate for the movement of the support when its size changes.

The design of the rack-mount reinforcements is metal plates, the thickness of which is 2.5-3.5 mm. In their form, they resemble "glasses". In the center of the amplifier there is a flanging, which is used to ensure the rigidity of the parts. The element itself must be mounted between the car body and the rack support.

Radiator grille

Tuning grille

Tuning "Santa Fe 2" can begin with replacing the grille with a more stylish or daring version. This is an original solution that will diversify the appearance of the front of the car. Tuning the bumper "Santa Fe-2" is best done in a fairly strict and aggressive manner. The grate should be made only of high-quality fiberglass. It consists, most often, of two small vertical lines on the reverse side and of three wide horizontal lines on the front. The part is mounted only in the front part of the bumper. The decorative grid is on sale separately in autoshops. It is attached to a sealant or plastic ties, whichattached with adhesive to the inside of the grille.


Tuning thresholds "Santa Fe 2"

For every car enthusiast, his car is not an ordinary means of transportation. It indicates the status of its owner and is considered one of the first indicators of prestige. For this reason, many people pay special attention to the technical characteristics and exterior of the popular crossover.

For example, drivers try to carefully step over thresholds so that they remain in good shape for a long period of time. As you know, this part regularly wears out and loses its original appearance, which greatly affects the aesthetics of the entire car as a whole.

Owners of a crossover are advised by auto shops to purchase thresholds that are made by different manufacturers only for a Korean car. The popular tuning "Santa Fe-2" includes spare parts from Mobis (Korea), aluminum thresholds from Turkish manufacturers, as well as domestically produced stainless steel TSS. If you're looking for a cheaper option, look no further than Chinese plastics with chrome details.

"Hyundai Santa Fe", like any other crossover, should not only have an attractive and stylish look, but also high traffic. In addition, it must be well protected from minor damage. For this reason, experts advise a well-known car to be properly tuned.

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