Vortex: reviews of car owners, model range, specifications and quality
Vortex: reviews of car owners, model range, specifications and quality

Vortex, a little-known brand on the world market, reviews of which differ diametrically opposite, was formed in 2008. The trademark owner was the domestic automobile manufacturer TagAZ (in Taganrog). The main direction of the enterprise is the production of licensed Chery cars with minor external and internal modifications. The lineup included three main "passenger cars". Due to the crisis in 2013, the plant was forced to close the production of machines of the brand in question.

Photos of cars Vortex
Photos of cars Vortex

Vortex Tingo modification

Reviews confirm that the indicated car is a copy of the Chinese Chery Tiggo crossover. Its release started in 2010 at the Taganrog Automobile Plant and continued until 2014. The appearance of the car can be safely called modern and attractive against the background of other competitors in the budget class. In the exterior, there are lines standard for an SUV with asymmetrical influx of wheel arches and a flat roof. Solidity adds a spare wheel placed on the tailgate.

Original front partdecorated with volumetric optics and chrome grille trim. The stern is distinguished by an impressive luggage compartment lid and headlight shades placed along its edges. The length of the car was 4.28 meters, with a width and height of 1.76 and 1.71, respectively. The wheelbase of the crossover is 2.51 m, the ground clearance is 19 cm. The curb weight is 1.46 tons.

Tingo Interior

Internal equipment Vortex Tingo 1, 8 MT (reviews confirm this) is made in the style of discreet minimalism. The interior has everything you need, but without pathos and unnecessary frills. Users complain about the poor quality of finishing materials and the same performance. The instrument panel is equipped with round dials placed on a white background. All indications are easy to read and look beautiful. The three-spoke configuration steering wheel is multifunctional, the center console is made in the shape of a soap dish, contains a radio and air conditioning switches.

The front of the cabin is equipped with comfortable adjustable seats. They are equipped with small lateral support rollers, “stuffed” with moderately soft filler. The back row accommodates three people, can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction and inclination of the back. Car capacity - five people, 424 liters of cargo. With the transformation of the rear sofa, the usable volume increases to 790 l.

Salon Vortex Tingo
Salon Vortex Tingo

Technical parameters

Reviews about Vortex Tingo in terms of its characteristics are rather ambiguous. However, for its category, the parameters are quite good. Under the hood of the crossover is locatedgasoline engine, which is an atmospheric in-line "four". The volume of the "engine" is 1.8 liters, the power is 132 "horses". The type of fuel supply is distributed injection, the torque is 170 Nm, the number of valves is 16. The motor aggregates with a manual or automatic gearbox in five modes. The drive of the car is only the front.

Other characteristics of the technical plan:

  • speed threshold - 175 km/h;
  • acceleration from zero to hundreds - 12.5 seconds;
  • fuel consumption in mixed mode - about 8 l / 100 km;
  • basic base - front-wheel drive platform;
  • steel frame - load-bearing configuration;
  • engine position - transverse;
  • suspension unit - MacPherson struts (front) and multi-link design (rear);
  • type of steering - rack and pinion system with hydraulic booster;
  • brake block - ventilated disc elements with ABS and EBD.

Cost and equipment

According to reviews, Vortex modifications of "Tingo" in the secondary market can be purchased at a price of 200 thousand rubles. Since mass production is suspended, you will not find new models. The total amount depends on the condition of the vehicle and its “stuffing”. The basic configuration of the crossover includes a pair of airbags, ABS, air conditioning, heated front seats, fog lights, and 16-inch alloy wheels. The top version adds power windows and a sunroof.

Updated "Tingo"

Upgraded car Vortex TingoFL, reviews of which are mostly positive, went on sale in mid-2012. The domestic crossover has become “fresh” externally and internally, received better finishing materials, and technically remained the same. Serial production of this car was discontinued at the end of 2013. The restyled version looks neater and more courageous. Among the minor improvements, a different configuration of optics (which added LEDs), a change in the radiator grille and more “muscular” bumpers are noted. Dimensions - 4, 39/1, 76/1, 7 m, ground clearance - 19 cm, wheelbase - 2.5 m.

But the interior of the updated FL has changed dramatically, becoming much prettier and better quality. The informative dashboard received an on-board computer display, a radio tape recorder and climate control switches were placed on the elongated center console. The capacity of the passenger and luggage compartments remained unchanged. Most of the technical parameters of the improved Vortex Tingo 1, 8, which reviews were not so enthusiastic, remained unchanged, including the engine, transmission and brake system.

In their responses, consumers point to the deterioration in driving performance of the restyled model. Acceleration to “hundreds” of kilometers increased by two seconds (14.5 seconds), peak speed remained the same (175 km / h), but “appetites” slightly increased (up to 8.5 l / 100 km). In general, the owners are satisfied with the car, given its budgetary purpose. Pleases users and a good basic package, which includes:

  • two airbags;
  • onboard computer;
  • ABS, EBD;
  • power steering;
  • air conditioner;
  • heated seats;
  • electric window lifts on all doors;
  • heated mirrors;
  • 16" alloy wheels.

The cost of modification in the secondary market starts from 300 thousand rubles.

TagAZ Vortex
TagAZ Vortex

Vortex Estina sedan

Owner reviews additionally indicate that this car is an almost exact replica of the Chery Fora, introduced on the domestic market in 2008. The release of a copy at TagAZ continued until 2014. The design of the car is distinguished by rigor and asceticism, some angles give out a certain awkwardness of forms. The front of the sedan is equipped with a radiator grille with noticeable chrome inserts, rough optics. Such inconsistency does not cause positive emotions for all users. The aft compartment is more attractive, thanks to large headlights and a neat bumper. The "sidewalls" of the car visually give it "heavyness" due to the domed roof and the "cut" trunk.

Overall dimensions of the car in question class "C" (according to European standards):

  • length - 4.55 m;
  • width – 1.75m;
  • height - 1.48 m;
  • wheelbase - 2.6 m;
  • road clearance - 12.4 cm;
  • full weight - 1, 36 t.

Estina interior fittings

As confirmed by the reviews of the owners of Vortex Estina, the interior of the car is dominated by simple lines. Despite the budget finish, in general, the interior equipmentlooks attractive and good. The main console is not oversaturated with unnecessary devices; the radio and the climate system control unit are ergonomically located on it. The instrument configuration is quite clear and informative, although it has an archaic layout. The modern and comfortable steering wheel has a three-spoke design.

The spacious interior of the sedan is not replete with special frills. In the front part there are wide armchairs with imitation of lateral support. They have a wide range of adjustments (in improved versions they have an electric drive). The back row is a three-seat sofa, fully accommodating two adult passengers. The luggage compartment holds 500 liters, a full-size "reserve" is disguised under the floor. The second row folds down, but the narrow opening of the tailgate makes it impossible to transport bulky items.

Vortex interior
Vortex interior

Estina: technical and tactical characteristics

As you can see from the reviews of the owners of Vortex, the Estina sedan is equipped with a pair of in-line gasoline "fours" with distributed fuel injection and 16 valves. The motors are aggregated with a five-mode "mechanics" and a front-wheel drive transmission.

The first engine has the following parameters:

  • volume (L) – 1, 6;
  • power parameter (hp) – 119;
  • torque - 147 Nm;
  • "run" from standstill to 100 km (sec.) - 11, 2;
  • speed limit (km/h) – 185;
  • gasoline consumption in combined mode (l/100 km) – 8, 3.

Characteristics of more powerfulanalogue:

  • volume (l) – 2, 0;
  • strength (hp) – 136;
  • torque (Nm) – 180;
  • acceleration to "hundreds" (sec.) - 11, 0;
  • max speed (km/h) – 185;
  • Appetites in combined mode (l/100 km) – 9, 2.

The design features of the Estina make it possible to classify it as a typical budget vehicle. On the bogie with front-wheel drive is the "engine" (transversely in front). The independent suspension unit is represented by MacPherson elements at the front, multi-link components and stabilizers at the rear. The design of the steering mechanism is a rack-and-pinion with hydraulic booster, front and rear brakes are disc brakes with ABS.

Prices and reviews

In reviews of the Estin Vortex, the owners point to the spaciousness of the cabin, a very decent interior design, a good engine, and excellent basic equipment. Among the shortcomings are weak traction, a poorly functioning stove, poor-quality assembly of some components. It is worth noting that the car is regularly equipped with the following elements:

  • a pair of pillows;
  • hydraulic power steering;
  • ABS;
  • air conditioner;
  • BC;
  • electric window lifts;
  • 15" alloy wheels.

The "luxury" version is complemented by leather trim, "foglights", electric steering and seat controls, and side airbags. The cost of the car in the secondary market starts from 150 thousand rubles.

Estina FL-C

In 2012, the Estin was subjected todeep restyling. One additional index was not enough. The car has radically changed the exterior and interior equipment, and also introduced a new gasoline engine. As in all cases with cars at TagAZ brand "Vortex", serial production of the sedan was discontinued in 2014. Judging by the reviews about the Vortex Estina car, even after the modernization, the vehicle did not differ in particular beauty. Nevertheless, the modernized “outfit” gave the exterior a certain youth and elegance. Decent optics, a stylish “shield” of the radiator grille and a visually enhanced bumper appeared in the equipment. Dimensions also increased (length/width/height - 4, 58/1, 76/1, 48 m). Ground clearance has not changed (12.4 cm).

Reviews about Vortex say that grandiose changes have taken place in the cabin of the updated Estin. The interior has been redesigned with a focus on increasing functionality while maintaining a budget focus. The steering wheel, standard for the series, has a three-spoke configuration, the instrument panel is equipped with a place for an on-board computer. The console traditionally housed the radio and air conditioning controls. The overall impression of the interior decoration is pleasant, a certain taste is felt. The spacious interior accommodates five people, and the luggage compartment can take up to 500 liters of cargo.

Auto Vortex Estina
Auto Vortex Estina

FL-C specifications and packaging

The updated sedan from TagAZ got one power unit running on gasoline. Such an “engine” is a 1.5-liter in-line atmospheric “four” with a multi-point fuel supply system. Power limitthe unit is 109 horsepower at 140 Nm of torque. The motor interacts with a front-wheel drive transmission and a five-speed manual gearbox.

Other features:

  • car acceleration to 100 km (sec.) - 13, 0;
  • speed limit (km/h) – 172;
  • gasoline consumption in combined driving mode (l/100 km) – 7.5;
  • base - front wheel drive chassis;
  • suspension - independent MacPherson struts (front) and multi-link design (rear);
  • steering - rack and pinion system with hydraulic booster;
  • brake unit - discs on all wheels plus ABS system.

Since it is not so easy to find the modification in question on the domestic market due to its limited release, there are few reviews about the Vortex FL-C car. The owners are pleased with the excellent equipment, which includes electric window lifts, air conditioning, fog lights, and front airbags. In addition, standard equipment provides rear parking sensors, an audio system with four speakers, heated seats and mirrors. The disadvantages of consumers include the limited availability of spare parts, poor traction and acceleration. Versions of 2016 on the secondary market are offered at a price of 300 thousand rubles.

Vortex car salon
Vortex car salon

Vortex Corda Liftback

The budget car is an improved replica of the Chinese Chery Amulet car. The official premiere of the liftback took place in the summer of 2010 at a motor show in the capital of Russia. The vehicle was produced before2013, until the Taganrog plant went bankrupt.

As you can see from official sources and reviews, Vortex Corda is a five-door liftback category B (according to the European catalog). The machine is equipped with a gasoline engine, which is a "four" in-line type with 8 timing valves, multi-point fuel injection. The engine capacity is 1.5 liters, speed - 6 thousand rotations per minute, torque - 140 Nm, power - 109 "horses". Power is transmitted to the wheels of the front drive axle via a five-speed manual transmission.

Dimensions and specifications:

  • length/width/height (m) – 4, 39/1, 68/1, 42;
  • wheelbase (m) – 2, 46;
  • road clearance (cm) - 12, 1;
  • curb/gross weight (t) – 1, 1/1, 47;
  • basic base - front drive platform;
  • location of the power unit - transversely in front;
  • body configuration - steel carrier;
  • front suspension - independent MacPherson struts;
  • rear analogue - double wishbones with anti-roll bars;
  • steering system - rack and pinion with hydraulic booster;
  • brakes - front disc system and rear drums.

As most reviews say, Vortex Combi (Corda) has the most affordable price of the entire series indicated. Since mass production is over, you can only buy the specified machine second-hand. The cost of the vehicle varies depending on the condition and configuration, starts from 150thousand rubles. All production models are equipped with power steering, air conditioning, fog lights, audio system, central locking, steel wheels, immobilizer. In their reviews, the owners of Vortex Corda consider the low cost of car maintenance, good equipment, roomy interior, decent dynamics, and economy to be pluses. Among the shortcomings are low ground clearance, poor sound insulation, low light output of head optics, and not very attractive exterior.

Vortex Corda Machine
Vortex Corda Machine

Interesting facts

Car brand Vortex began its activity in 2008 under the supervision of the Taganrog Automobile Plant, focusing on the licensed conversion of a number of Chinese cars. Already in 2014, the company went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

The first "brainchild" of this brand was the compact economy class sedan "Estina". Translated into Russian, Vortex means "vortex" or "circle". The brand's logo is a parenthesized V, reminiscent of the inverted emblem of the Chinese brand Chery.