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"Ford Transit": carrying capacity, characteristics, repair
"Ford Transit": carrying capacity, characteristics, repair

Ford Transit is a series of trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company until 2009. The Ford Transit has been Europe's best-selling vehicle for the past forty years. It features exceptional reliability, endurance and high load capacity.

A bit of history: Ford Transit (van)

The first van, known to us under the brand name "Ford", was released in Germany. Its official release date is 1953. Then it was called the FK 1000 ("Ford Cologne" with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg). Since then, the car has been modified and improved several times. Due to the high cost and unjustified risks, the release of some models was limited to single production.

ford transit payload

The first "Ford Transit" - a cargo van, vaguely reminiscent of modern models - appeared only inOctober 1965. This line was produced until 1978. This car was considered one of the most reliable and trouble-free. However, it was replaced by the overhauled Ford Transit, whose engine began to be produced in an expanded line - it acquired both diesel and gasoline modifications. The overall design and features of the car have changed. Now there are cars with a short and long wheelbase. The product range was replenished with minibuses and flatbed trucks.

The Transit differed from other European commercial vans in its American appearance - the wider track offered significant payload advantages. The choice of different body solutions also contributed to its successful competition. Between 1965 and 2009, 6 million vans were produced.

"Ford Transit" - a new generation of freight and passenger transport

Today, the ergonomic interior and roomy body, economical fuel consumption, maneuverability and excellent handling, reliability, safety and load capacity of the Ford Transit are considered its clear advantages. This car is a great helper in solving important transport tasks in a busy traffic intersection of large cities and metropolitan areas.

ford transit engine

Advantages of "Ford-Transit" in the urban environment

The small size of the van allows this vehicle to drive freely through busy city streets and park where there is a largethe truck can't do that. The excellent technical characteristics of the Ford Transit provide a full ride on off-road and country roads - an improved chassis guarantees complete safety and excellent cross-country ability. The impressive suspension is able to withstand significant loads when transporting goods in any conditions.

Safety and maneuverability

This vehicle is equipped with multiple security systems:

  • body has an all-metal structure made of heavy-duty steel;
  • presence of an airbag for driver and passenger;
  • TCS present;
  • ESP and ABS available.
ford transit repair

All-wheel drive system provides extra traction. The automatic increase in engine torque is transferred to the wheels and improves traction. In 2012, front-wheel drive mid-size M class vans, known as the Ford Transit Custom, appeared on the automotive market. These models quickly gained universal recognition and popularity among motorists.

"Ford-Transit-Custom": characteristics

"Ford-Transit-Custom" was created on the global basis of Ford with McPherson struts on the front suspension and a leaf rear spring. Execution is possible in two modifications with different wheelbases: with a short base, the length of the car is 4.97 meters, and with a long one - 5.34 m.

It is noteworthy that the design of the interior of this car allows you to placestandard cargo with total dimensions of 2.44 x 1.22 meters both horizontally and vertically. The hatch in the partition that separates the luggage compartment from the driver's cabin allows you to transport loads up to three meters long. The carrying capacity of the new version of the Ford Transit ranges from 680 to 1400 kg.

ford transit cargo

This model is equipped with a modern economical 2.2L Duratorq TDCi turbocharged diesel engine. It has a six-speed manual gearbox. There are three options for engines of different power: one produces 100 hp. s., the second - 125 l. s., and the third - 155 liters. With. The Ford Transit engine can be equipped with fuel equipment manufactured by Bosch or Lucas.

The battery has an intelligent regenerative charging system, thanks to which energy is replenished only when it is really needed, but not at the moment you press the gas pedal. At the same time, fuel consumption per 100 km of track is 6.6 liters, and the level of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is only 170 grams per 1 km.

Fuel system

The composition of the fuel system of the van includes: a fuel tank located in the middle of the car, a fuel priming pump (only installed on modern models), a fuel filter with a built-in water separator, a high pressure fuel pump (TNVD "Ford Transit"), nozzles and connecting pipeline. It is assumed that the life of the Ford fuel system is equal to the life of the car.

Air purityfilters for both diesel and gasoline engines - a guarantee of a long engine life. To clean the air in the system, a special air filter with a removable filter element is installed. However, one should take into account the fact that the engines at different times were equipped with different fan drives. The drive can be electric or thermally coupled.

ford transit specifications

The chassis of a modern van deserves special attention: the front and rear are additionally reinforced, and Torque Vectoring Control technology provides complete control over any road. This gives not only the Ford Transit's excellent carrying capacity, but also exceptional transport safety. It should be noted that cornering traction control technology was used in the development of this van. This innovation promotes dynamic power distribution during driving and emergency braking.


How is the repair done? Ford Transit, with timely maintenance and diagnostics, is able to work for a long time and without fail. But this is the case if the car is well looked after. Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of the Ford Transit are excellent, these vans, like any other equipment, sooner or later begin to break down.

It is necessary to contact a car service if:

  • new sounds are heard - knocks, wheezing or clicks;
  • Changed the sound when the engine is running;
  • it feels unusual in the cabinsmell;
  • fuel consumption has changed;
  • exhaust color changed;
  • the van started picking up speed in a different way;
  • visible changes in engine performance;
  • visible traces of brake fluid;
  • increased stopping distance;
  • brake pedal fails.
fuel pump ford transit

This is not all possible problems in the car. In any case, do not postpone a visit to the service station. It is desirable that the repair of the Ford Transit be carried out by specially trained craftsmen using high-precision equipment. Self-repair of a car, especially in the absence of the necessary knowledge, experience and special equipment, is almost impossible.

Why choose Ford?

The impeccable reputation of the manufacturer is the main argument when choosing this particular car. Ford passenger-and-freight minibuses and vans occupy a leading position in the lists of the best auto giants. It's not just the Ford Transit's good manufacturing attitude, flawless performance, and superior payload capacity.

ford transit van

Community transport manufactured under this brand is reliable, durable and safe. Ford vans are the guarantor of the successful conduct of the main operations of transport logistics. Therefore, many transport companies and large enterprises choose this brand of car for successful business. Particularly attractive is the acceptablecar cost. Products manufactured by the Ford Motor Company are quite economical and inexpensive to maintain.

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