Castrol 10W40 engine oil: overview, specifications

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Castrol 10W40 engine oil: overview, specifications
Castrol 10W40 engine oil: overview, specifications

Castrol Magnatec 10w40 oil is produced in the best traditions of European quality. The product was developed and produced by Castrol, which has many years of experience in this field.

The named brand belongs to the association of companies "British Petroleum". The product range includes lubricants for cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, lubricants for two-stroke engines, transmission oils and special fluids. The company's products came out for the first time in 1909 and to this day are very popular and in stable demand.

Product Overview

Castrol 10w40 is formulated as a semi-synthetic lubricant. Its basic structure includes a package of unique additives. The package contains "smart molecules" that provide reliable engine protection against premature wear, overheating and clogging with various sludge formations. The principle of operation of "smart molecules" is that in contact with metal surfaces of structuralcomponents of the power unit, they adhere tightly, forming a very effective oily film.

engine piston
engine piston

Due to this property, the oil does not drain completely into the oil pan, but leaves a protective layer on the parts and assemblies of the motor. The main wear of the engine occurs at the moment of starting the latter, when the oil has not yet had time to fully spread and the rotation of the parts occurs without lubrication. Accordingly, for several moments the metal rubs against each other, quickly wearing out, and sometimes slightly deforming the working surfaces. There will be no critical breakdowns at one time, but if the engine functions like this all the time, its life resource is quickly depleted.

Castrol 10w40 protects the mechanism from the first moments of start and thus reduces wear and tear of the motor, extending its operational life.

Scope of application

The described lubricant is used in all automotive power plants that are refueled with gasoline or diesel fuel. The product has recommendations for use in Renault and Fiat brands. Also, the oil is suitable for use in many European and Russian cars that meet the specification tolerance.

Castrol oil cans
Castrol oil cans

Castrol 10w40 is considered an all-weather lubricant with a very wide temperature range. So, it has a very convenient indicator for starting the engine in frosty weather, when many other oily liquids thicken and lose their originalconsistency. This becomes a relevant and decisive factor when choosing oil for Russian realities, when in winter the temperature can drop to -30 °С, and in summer it can rise to +40 °С.

Technical info

Castrol 10w40 lubricating product, as already mentioned, is an all-weather oil and meets the requirements of SAE standards. It corresponds to the following indicators:

  • viscosity during mechanical circulation at 40°C will be 99 mm²/s;
  • viscosity during mechanical circulation at 100°C will be 14.2 mm²/s;
  • viscosity index – 148;
  • content of antiwear chemical elements - 1.1% by weight;
  • density of oil liquid at 14°C - 0.870g/ml;
  • BN is 8.0 mg KOH/g.
liter packs of oil "Castrol"
liter packs of oil "Castrol"

The parameters listed are typical for 10W 40 oil. The product has standard thermal stability and its flash point is within 200°C. The molecular structure of the oil is broken at a minus threshold of -36 °C.

Castrol Magnatec oil benefits

Castrol 10w40 is a symbiosis of the best properties from Castrol mineral and synthetic lubricants. A lot of reviews highlight a lot of advantages of the product. The following positive qualities are noted:

  • reliable engine protection in any temperature regime;
  • durable oily finish;
  • uniform distribution of lubricant over all surfaces of parts;
  • soft start of the engine whenfreezing temperatures;
  • good cleaning properties, preventing the appearance of carbon deposits and negative deposits in the form of sludge;
  • versatile applications.

Thanks to the lubricating film, the oil helps to reduce fuel consumption in any type of engine. Unlike many analogues, Castrol Magnatec is optimized for operation in Russian conditions.