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Tires "Cordiant Comfort" - reviews of motorists
Tires "Cordiant Comfort" - reviews of motorists

The leader in the Russian tire market are Cordiant tires. In 2012, their share was 21.8% of the total production volume. Considering that there are a huge number of manufacturers and a lot of competition on the market, these numbers speak of consumer confidence and that the demand for these tires is high.

Cordiant Comfort

The experienced car enthusiast knows how important it is to choose a good car tire, as it constantly interacts with the road, and this often affects ride, handling and damping. Summer tires should have the following characteristics: perform well on wet roads, have low noise levels.

It is not the first year that Cordiant Comfort summer tires have been presented on the market of the Commonwe alth of Independent States. With the help of car enthusiasts who took the risk of putting this new product on their car, it received high performance ratings in just one summer season. Even though the traction performance on different road surfaces is good, the engineers of this company still decided to make changes to the composition of the tread rubber compound, which, in turn, led to improved grip on dry and onwet road surface.

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Tire manufacturer Cordiant

These products are manufactured at the Yaroslavl Tire Plant, which, in turn, is part of the Sibur-Russian Tires holding. A few years ago, all equipment was completely updated at this enterprise, thanks to which the quality indicators of these summer tires improved. Technologically, the Yaroslavl Tire Plant can produce any passenger tires, but the owners of such brands as, for example, Mercedes, do not always trust Russian brands. But tires "Kordiant Comfort", the price of which is much lower than analogues with similar characteristics, make many manufacturers think about overcoming this stereotype.

cordiant comfort price

Directional tread pattern adds confidence when driving in rainy weather. Owners often compare Cordiant Comfort tires with more famous brands, while reviews only confirm the fact that the tread pattern is similar to one of the popular models produced by Goodyear. And that's good, because their technical characteristics are very good.

Testing Cordiant Comfort tires

In 2011, Za Rulem magazine tested tires, in which very famous brands took part, including Cordiant products.

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Comparative characteristics of the braking distance of rubber"Cordiant Comfort"

The braking distance of Michelin tires turned out to be 0.8 m less than that of Cordiant Comfort. It may not be worth focusing on this, but based on this indicator, we can say that they can stop the car no worse than the Michelin. At the same time, their cost is about 2 times cheaper. In case this sounds unconvincing, you can consider the braking distance of these products on wet asph alt. As a rule, this test is intimidating for cheap rubber of various brands, including those made in China. Michelin and Cordiant Comfort summer tires showed the same braking distance, namely 30 meters.

Michelin has a rearrangement speed of 69.5 km/h, while Cordiant summer tires have a slightly lower rate of 68.1 km/h. The difference was only 1.4 km / h, and it is so insignificant that even an experienced driver is quite difficult to notice. Well, the speedometer does not have such accurate indicators. And if we compare the rearrangement speed of 68.1 km/h with other brands, it is not the lowest. This allows you to compare products of famous companies with Cordiant Comfort tires, reviews of which only confirm these tests.

Wet performance of Cordiant tires

In the wet, they are also slightly behind the Michelin, only 1.6 km/h. But in this case, stability can be noted. There is no failure, and this suggests that they can be called predictable and understandable fordriver, and therefore safe.

It is worth recalling that this model has the word "Comfort" in its name and has a lower rearrangement speed. This can be explained by the fact that a fairly comfortable side part of the wheel has good shock-absorbing properties and is a little pliable during sharp maneuvers, but this can be corrected by increasing the pressure by +0.2-0.3 from the standard one. In this case, comfort is slightly lost, while handling wins.

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Results of testing the magazine "Behind the wheel"

What can we say about tires "Cordiant Comfort" reviews of the magazine "Behind the wheel"? They will please their owner not only with an economical price, but also give the driver pleasure in driving.

It is important to note that this rubber is designed specifically for use in the harsh conditions of Russian roads. The tread pattern has four longitudinal tracks, and hydroevacuation grooves in the form of a zigzag contribute to good water drainage from the contact patch, which, in turn, guarantees good braking on any road surface. The round lateral blocks of the tread hold lateral loads quite well when performing a maneuver. The central rib increases the information content of the steering at a small angle of rotation of the wheel, the same rib improves directional stability on the track. Both in the central and in the lateral part, the tire tread height is 8 millimeters. The wear part is made ofspecial rubber compound, and the under-groove layer of rubber with minimal hysteresis losses. As a result, the performance of reliability, safety and economy is greatly improved.

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Analysis of driver reviews

Those who decide to read reviews about Cordiant Comfort tires are convinced that they are mostly positive, although they are written by drivers with different driving styles. Those motorists who adhere to an aggressive driving style highlight such positive qualities as excellent grip, a strong sidewall of the tire provides low rolling resistance. They also note that the rubber rides quite softly over bumps and pits on the road and has a pretty good cross-country ability. Water is very well removed from the contact patch, which allows it to confidently stay on a wet section of the road. Those who prefer a more measured and comfortable ride to a sporty style note a low noise level, rubber durability and, importantly, moderate fuel consumption. For budget Cordiant Comfort tires, the price of which is much lower than that of similar products from other brands, such reviews are the highest assessment of their manufacturability.

Summer tires "Cordiant Comfort" strength reviews

Summer is a summer period for many people, and, as a rule, the quality of the road leading to the dacha leaves much to be desired. Judging by the reviews of some motorists who got into a fairly large hole on a gravel road, they were pleasedsurprised by the fact that the tire remained unscathed even though the disc warped. Based on this, it can be noted that the quality of the material from which this product is made is at a very high level.

cordiant comfort reviews

Summing up, we can say that Cordiant Comfort tires have reliable braking properties, excellent handling on any road surface, low noise level and high directional stability.

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