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"Chevrolet Cruz" (sedan): review of models 2014-2015

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"Chevrolet Cruz" (sedan): review of models 2014-2015
"Chevrolet Cruz" (sedan): review of models 2014-2015

Chevrolet Cruze (sedan) was first introduced to the world of motorists in 2008. The presentation took place in France at the Paris Salon. The new model was immediately appreciated. Almost simultaneously began selling the sedan in South Korea. However, here it was presented under the name Daewoo Lacetti Premiere. The car was produced on the Delta II platform. The design and specifications of the new model were so impressive that General Motors abandoned the production of two brands at once: Cob alt and Lacetti.

Looking at the photo of the Chevrolet Cruze (sedan), it is clear that the car is equipped with parameters corresponding to the C-class. It reaches 4603 mm in length, 1477 mm in height, and 1787 mm in width. The trunk is roomy enough to modify the sedan, its volume is 450 liters. Ground clearance (clearance) - 150 mm.

Chevrolet Cruze's external outlines have acquired some audacity, which is fully in line with modern trends. Classic and calm forms have disappeared forever.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan

Released sedan in 2014, equipped with a fairly powerful engine. There are options using a unit with a volume of 1.8 liters with a capacity of 138 liters. With. and turbocharged 1.4 liters with a power of 130 liters. With. A 2-liter diesel engine of the Jetta TDI model was also installed. These units have improved cooling and fuel supply systems. The power is quite large - 150 hp. s.

Manual transmission is only available on the Chevrolet Cruze (sedan) with a gasoline engine, it is equipped with 6 speeds. Automatic transmission is designed for diesel units. It is combined, 6-speed.

chevrolet cruz sedan

2014 sedan equipment

"Chevrolet Cruz" 2014 is presented in 4 types of equipment:

  • LT. Here, the model is equipped with an upgraded 1.4 engine, a 7″ touch screen, Bluetooth, cruise control, 16″ aluminum alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel, voice control and a rear view camera.
  • LS. The equipment consists of a good audio system with 6 speakers, air conditioning, 16″ high-strength steel wheels, telescopic steering, on-board computer and satellite radio. Also, the car is equipped with full power accessories and adjustable seats.
  • Eco. This option is represented by a reinforced wheelbase, leather upholstery, navigation system, sports suspension. The fuel tank in this configuration is significantly reduced. The car is equipped with a powerful Pioneer audio system.
  • LTZ. This equipment means the presence of heated mirrors and seats, automatic engine start(keyless), 17″ wheels, self-adjusting climate control system, rear spoiler.
photo of chevrolet cruz sedan

It is also worth paying attention to the following points of standard equipment. First of all, the Chevrolet Cruze sedan (price ranges from $17,000 to $22,000) is equipped with OnStar. It automatically reports emergency situations. Special sensors are responsible for safety during parking and in dead spots throughout the entire movement. Reinforced bodywork, anti-lock brakes, stability control, alarm, airbags and remote door locks are standard.

2015 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan: Second Generation

In 2015, the second-generation sedan of the ultra-popular Chevrolet Cruze model was introduced, which is now being built on the new platform of the American concern General Motors - D2. Tuning "Chevrolet Cruz" (sedan) is completely updated. Moreover, modifications for the American market and the rest of the world differ from cars that are intended for sale in China.

The front part of the first one looks quite aggressive: squinted narrow headlights, a huge air intake in the lower area of ​​the bumper, as well as a narrow false radiator grille. All key elements have acquired chrome trim. The profile of the body is filled with many lines that intersect each other. This significantly adds volume and extravagance to the appearance. The photo of the Chevrolet Cruze (sedan) demonstrates a pronounced solidity, in comparison with itspredecessor. The side glazing line rising upwards adds to the image of swiftness and sportiness. In the rear, the smooth contours of the rear bumper and large light blocks of optics catch the eye. Everything is harmonious and well thought out. It should be noted that both the head and rear optics have LED sections, which are distinguished by economical electricity consumption, as well as impressive brightness.

The 2015 PRC sedan has a simple front appearance but sharper lines when viewed from the side. The pricing policy of such a car is about $20,000.

chevrolet cruz sedan price

Salon Features

Salon "Chevrolet Cruz" (sedan) in both versions is almost identical. Its concept has remained the same, but the developers have completely redesigned the dashboard, steering wheel, and center console. An interesting shape was given to the side air deflectors. In the center of the console, traditionally for modern cars, there is a large display of the MyLink multimedia system. The latter allows the driver to access the global network via 3G and 4G. In addition, it supports Android Auto and Car Play systems. The display of the system can have a diagonal of 7 or 8 inches.

tuning chevrolet cruz sedan

Dimensions and Specifications: 2015 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan

If we talk about dimensions, the wheelbase of the car has increased insignificantly - by 1.5 cm. The length has increased by 6.9 cm. Thanks to the use of a completely new chassis, the weight of the car has decreased. Exceptamong other things, the creators were able to increase the rigidity of the body by 27%.

The front suspension of a Chevrolet Cruze (sedan) is a classic MacPherson strut, and the rear suspension is based on a torsion beam. The base unit for the car was a 1400 cc turbocharged engine, which is capable of delivering an impressive 153 hp. With. It is aggregated with a mechanical 6-speed or similar automatic transmission. Thanks to such a motor and a reduction in mass, acceleration to the first “hundred” in the 2nd generation Cruze takes no more than 8 seconds. At the same time, the unit shows a modest consumption. So, when driving on the highway, you can keep within 5.8 liters per 100 km. The machine is equipped with a start/stop system that improves economy.

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