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Ford Ka: advantages and disadvantages

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Ford Ka: advantages and disadvantages
Ford Ka: advantages and disadvantages

In the summer of 2016, the Ford Ka car appeared on European markets, already known in South America and India under the name Figo. The model has undergone quite significant changes to ensure the proper level of competitiveness, becoming a serious contender for cars such as Kia Picanto, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1.

The manufacturer installed new springs and shock absorbers, reduced the ground clearance, reconfigured the steering, finalized the anti-roll bars, subframe mounts and engine mounts. The package of options has been replenished with 15-inch wheels.

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Ford Ka is positioned as a five-door subcompact hatchback. Body dimensions are as follows:

  • Length - 3929 millimeters.
  • Width - 1695 millimeters.
  • Height - 1524 mm.
  • Wheelbase - 2489 mm.
  • Ground clearance - 155 millimeters.

Reduced ground clearance is more in line with cars designed for maneuverable driving in the city and with good headingstability and the ability to overcome small curbs.

Hatchback capacity

The luggage compartment of the Ford Ka is not particularly spacious: with the raised second-row seats, its volume is only 270 liters. Actually, there is enough free space to accommodate everyday purchases, but the transportation of large luggage, coupled with the transportation of several passengers, will be too much for a car.

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The body design retains the signature features of the older Ford models, which is expressed in short overhangs and a relief hood, muscular bumper, modern head optics and an aggressive radiator grille. Each of the two halves of the grille is decorated with chrome elements, and under its lower part there is a narrow skirt made of black plastic.

Despite the fact that the Ford Ka, in fact, belongs to the category of budget hatchbacks, it is extremely difficult to attribute it to them. In profile, there is a relief stamping on the sidewalls, a very interesting design and a general knock-down. The new model is equipped with 15-inch wheels, but only in the maximum modification. A catchy and memorable exterior is the main advantage of the car.

The rear of the Ford Ka is almost no different from similar hatchbacks: the same rear bumper with lower black trim, a neat spoiler with an integrated brake light repeater and small lights. The car looks very attractive and quite simple, but with a twist and withoutfrills.

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From the interior trim, it is immediately clear that the Ford Ka is a typical representative of the budget hatchback category. The plastic is hard, resonant, the seat upholstery is completely textile, and it is made of fabric that is not the most pleasant to the touch.

The dashboard is represented by three dials: the speedometer is traditionally placed in the center, to the right and left of it - fuel level and engine speed sensors. At the bottom of the speedometer is a compact display of the on-board computer, which displays the temperature of the engine.

The trim is so "Ford" that you don't even need to look at it to determine the make of the car. Branded features can be traced in the instrument panel, raised up the center console, the display of the Ford SYNC multimedia system, a huge key block on the center console, surrounded by heater air vents. Thoughtful interior Ford Ka is very ergonomic, which is its undoubted advantage.

Ford cannot boast of a large amount of free space: the width of its body is only 1690 millimeters, respectively, about 1300 millimeters are allocated to the interior, which is not the best indicator. However, it is enough to be placed between the front seats of the central tunnel with pockets for small things. The manufacturer, creating a hatchback for the city, nevertheless left space and opportunity for long country trips, equipping the driver's seat with an armrest.

With a fairly smallheight - a little over one and a half meters - the roof of the hatchback does not interfere with second-row passengers in any way, but tall people will already be uncomfortable.

Ford's luggage space is 270 liters, which can be increased to 1000 liters with the second row seats folded down.

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Specifications Ford Ka

The hatchback model for the European market is equipped with a 1.2-liter gasoline naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. The power of the basic version of the power unit is 70 horsepower. You can’t call a particularly dynamic car, but it accelerates to the first hundred in 15.3 seconds, while the maximum speed is 159 km / h.

For lovers of speed, the manufacturer offers a forced version of the Ford Ka 1.3 with a capacity of 85 horsepower. The dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / h takes 13.3 seconds, the maximum developed speed is 169 km / h. A small displacement makes the engine one of the most economical. In the urban cycle, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 6.6 liters, taking into account frequent braking and acceleration, in combined mode, consumption drops to 5 liters, and while driving on the highway - up to 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

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The designers of the German concern did their best to create a new generation of the car: the owners of the Ford Ka in their reviews note a stylish and attractive exterior that emphasizes the individuality and character of the driver. The model harmoniously fits into the busy flow of city streets.

Salon uniteshigh-quality finishing materials, comfort, verified ergonomics and practicality. Hours spent in a long trip or traffic jam will not bring any inconvenience to the driver and passengers. Driving pleasure is ensured by an economical and technologically advanced power unit installed under the hood, which combines many years of experience and innovative technologies in the field of engine building. An additional plus is the ease of repair of the Ford Ka: spare parts are offered at an affordable cost, and for the necessary maintenance and diagnostic work, you can contact the official Ford service centers.

Dynamic, agile, with a comfortable interior and a bright, memorable appearance, the Ford Ka will give you an unforgettable driving experience and will last for years.

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