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Lifan Solano: reviews and specifications

Lifan Solano: reviews and specifications
Lifan Solano: reviews and specifications

Lifan Solano is a car produced by the Chinese company Lifan since 2007. This model is produced in a sedan body with engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters.

Lifan Solano reviews

Lifan Solano features

The length of the car is 455 cm, the height of the car is 149.5 cm, and its width is 170.5 cm. Depending on the type of engine, the curb weight of Lifan Solano is 1225-1230 kg. The car can develop a maximum speed of 170-200 km / h, and the acceleration time ranges from 10.5 to 12.3 seconds, depending on the modification.

The car boasts a rather impressive basic package for a model of this price category. It includes 2 frontal airbags for the passenger from the front seat, an anti-lock system, a light sensor that automatically turns on the lighting, front fog lights, power accessories and a head unit.

Lifan Solano owner reviews

The following equipment costs the owners about 15% more than the basic one. It addsparking sensors, alloy wheels, heated front row seats and leather trim.

Lifan Solano: owner reviews

Since the car appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, it is too early to draw any global conclusions about the reliability of this model. However, it can be noted that the car breaks down extremely rarely and in the first years of operation declares itself as a high-quality and durable means of transportation. High ground clearance can be attributed to the advantages of the Lifan Solano model. Owner reviews indicate that the car parks calmly and does not strike the bottom over the bumps of Russian roads. The trunk is roomy, it can include both household appliances and a pile of things for a picnic or spending the night in the fresh air. Economical consumption of gasoline can also be counted among the advantages of this model.

Lifan Solano specifications

Very many are attracted by the stylish appearance of the car Lifan Solano. Reviews show that the car looks modern and elegant, practically not inferior in design to budget models of Korean and European manufacturers, and it costs significantly less than them. A good package, which includes everything you need for comfort and nothing more, is also noted by the owners of Lifan Solano. Reviews also indicate that in cold weather the car starts up easily.

The car also has a number of disadvantages. Owners who intend to sell their car note the low continuity of the Lifan Solano model. Reviews indicate that when reselling the car falls heavilyin price. This is partly due to the abundance of competitors of more well-known models and brands. In addition, many still have a negative attitude towards Chinese technology, considering it unreliable. A well-known fact is the unfinished rear door opening mechanism in the Lifan Solano car. Reviews, however, indicate that the doors are gradually being developed and in the future do not cause any particular inconvenience. The assembly quality is also a criticism. Gaps and crevices are visible between the body parts, the elements are poorly fitted to each other, the sound insulation of the car also causes criticism. The car is reliable, but the periodic inevitable repairs are quite expensive for the owners.

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