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Safe Reno Kangoo

Safe Reno Kangoo
Safe Reno Kangoo

The Reno Kangoo is a family of passenger cars that includes an all-metal Express van and a fairly roomy station wagon.

Notable changes from the Reno Kangoo took place in 2000. Modernized cars are distinguished by fog lights included in the list of basic equipment, styling in the corporate style, better interior trim materials. Since 2003, Reno Kangoo has appeared with all-wheel drive (plug-in). Previously, all versions were front-wheel drive.

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Reno Kangoo is a practical car that has been designed to be useful in everyday life. A roomy car, the rear suspension of which has been strengthened, can not only accommodate a large family in the cabin, but also take a considerable amount of luggage on board. The maximum possible volume of the cargo compartment is 2750 liters for the van and from 650 to 2600 liters for the station wagon.

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Special charm of Reno Kangoo is given by noble smooth lines and rather expressive design. Sloping hood, original headlights, modern taillights - all this looks sophisticated and harmonious.

In the cabin of Reno Kangoo, the price of which can surprise everyone, it will be comfortable and cozy for all passengers. Getting into the cargreatly facilitate the two side doors of the sliding type. A lot of opportunities are provided by the cleverly organized interior space of the car. The rear seat can be folded completely or one third. The luggage compartment of the Reno Kangoo is closed with a shelf that hides its contents from the eyes of strangers. In addition, the luggage compartment has a safety net and special fastening rings, thanks to which all transported items can be securely fixed. The ergonomics of the driver's seat is carefully thought out. This makes driving enjoyable and easy.

Reno Kangoo is equipped with power steering, power front windows and central locking.

This car is equipped with the following engines: gasoline engines (1, 200 liters and a capacity of 60 HP or 1, 600 liters with a capacity of 95 HP) and turbodiesels (K9K engine with a capacity of 1, 500 liters and a capacity of 68, 60 or 88 l. forces). The indisputable advantage of this machine is its acceptable fuel consumption.

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Renault Kangoo is the leader in passenger crash protection. It is made in such a way that the consequences of an accident are minimized as much as possible. Its rugged construction ensures that the cabin remains intact in the event of an impact. Renault Kangoo is equipped with airbags, three-point belts with a device that programs retention. Within thousandths of a second, the Renault Kangoo protection system activates the airbags and seat belts. In this case, excessive pressure on the chest and headprevented.

Renault Kangoo, the reviews of the owners of which in most cases are positive, is equipped with an emergency braking system (aka ABS) of the latest generation. It includes an electric brake force regulator.

Anti-theft locking and auto-locking doors not only protect the car while driving, but also save the driver from uninvited guests.

Reno Kangoo is assembled in France (Maubage), Morocco (Casablanca) and Argentina (Cordoba). This car will be a good choice for a large family and for a small business person.

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