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Great Wall Safe: car owner reviews

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Great Wall Safe: car owner reviews
Great Wall Safe: car owner reviews

When choosing an SUV, most car enthusiasts prefer the affordable and reliable Great Wall Safe. Owners in the reviews note the thoughtful and rich equipment, attractive exterior and interior, affordable price and good performance.

great wall safe reviews


Off-road vehicles sold on the Russian market differed in two main parameters - the type of drive and interior design. The car is equipped with both full and rear-wheel drive.

In the first case, the torque is constantly transmitted to the rear axle, the second drive is connected through a transfer case with two rows of gears - direct and low.

The first generation Great Wall Safe was equipped with an electrically controlled transfer case with a servo drive. Rear wheel drive vehicles have a standard rear wheel drive layout.

Two configurations - Luxury F1 and Super Luxury F1 - differ from each other, judging by the reviews of the Great Wall Safe, the characteristics of the interior space: for example, the second version includes a DVD player and a leather interior.

In all other respects, both configurationsidentical and include an adjustable steering column, parking sensors, rear power windows, heated rear-view mirrors, anti-lock braking system and other options.

great wall safe owner reviews


The braking system of the SUV is represented by front disc and rear drum brakes. In reviews of the Great Wall Safe, owners note that a car needs 12 meters to complete a turn. 16" rims.

The maximum speed of the SUV is 150 km/h. Up to 100 km / h, the car accelerates in 13 seconds. Fuel consumption reported by Great Wall Safe owners varies from 9 to 11 liters depending on the selected mode and averages 9.9 liters.

The off-road car is five-seater, differs in considerable dimensions: body length - 4.56 meters, height - 1.82 meters, width - 1.78 meters. The curb weight of the car is 1.76 tons. The total volume of the fuel tank is 64 liters. The clearance is not bad for an SUV and is 195 millimeters.

Reviews of Great Wall Safe say that when buying a car, you need to pay attention to its assembly - it can be Russian or Chinese. The domestic version has the following distinguishing features:

  • Increased free space in the cabin due to the floor lowered by four centimeters.
  • Rear disc brakes.
  • Automatic "hubs" installed on the front hubs.
  • Two-stage heated seats.
  • Automatictransfer case control.
  • Reliable rack and pinion steering.
great wall safe 2 2 mt reviews


Motorists in reviews of the Great Wall Safe note that Chinese designers decided not to bother with the appearance of the SUV, copying the main features of the body from the popular Japanese car Toyota 4Runner.

Despite this, the exterior of the Safe has distinctive features: the front of the body has been modernized and modified to meet European standards. The design of the SUV immediately indicates that it is not designed for urban use: the sills and bumpers have good protection, which allows you to drive off-road.

Very clumsy performance of the exterior, however, is justified by the rich package bundle and affordable price, which is especially noted in reviews of the Great Wall Safe.


Simple and cheap materials were used to decorate the interior of the SUV. The steering column is conveniently located, the steering wheel itself is tactilely pleasant and fits in the palm of your hand.

Reviews of the Great Wall Safe indicate that the front panel of the car is almost identical to that of the Mitsubishi Pajero. The idea of ​​Japanese developers was completely copied by Chinese designers. As the operation proceeds, the interior plastic begins to creak, which is a noticeable disadvantage of the SUV.

Owners note the special comfort of Great Wall Safe chairs with lateral support and anatomical shape.

great wall safe reviews specifications

Transmission and engine

The SUV is equipped with a power unit of 2.2 mt. Great Wall Safe reviews say that the engine has 105 horsepower, and the engine itself is equipped with an electronic multipoint injection system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.

The engine is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, which shows itself very well in driving: the SUV is notable for its good dynamism.

Test drive

Before buying a Great Wall Safe SUV, it is advisable to test it in practice and on the move: many users note the simplicity and ease of control, the steering wheel information content and stability on the track.

Despite the fact that the car is a prominent representative of the SUV category, it is very convenient to move around the city. Buyers do not make any claims to the dynamics and consumption. In the reviews, the owners of Great Wall Safe note that according to these parameters, the Chinese car is a good competitor to the popular Nissan Patrol.

The maximum speed to which an SUV can be accelerated is 160 km/h, but already at 140 km/h controllability decreases, so 120 km/h is considered the optimal speed limit.

Separately, it is worth noting the comfort of the cabin: during long trips, the driver and passenger in front do not experience any inconvenience, but those who sit in the back will not be very comfortable.

great wall safe owner reviews consumption


The main disadvantage of the Great Wall Safe bodymany people call the quality of the paintwork, however, traces of corrosion appear only after seven to eight years of active operation of the car and in the most inconspicuous places - at the joints of doors and thresholds.

Affordable spare parts make repairs much easier. The downside is that some parts have to be ordered from the manufacturer and it takes a long time to wait for their delivery.

Off-road advantage

  • Availability of spare parts for repairs, the ability to install parts from similar models of the manufacturer.
  • Reliable electronics and efficient operation.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great handling.
  • High waist.
  • Comfortable steering wheel.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Anatomically shaped front seats with lateral support.
  • Impressive capacity.
  • Good off-road performance.
great wall safe owner reviews fuel consumption

Disadvantages of Great Wall Safe

  • Sharp increase in fuel consumption in the cold season.
  • Inconvenient rear door design.
  • Limited rear seat space.
  • Fuzzy shifting.
  • High stiffness suspension.
  • Disproportionate exterior of the SUV: too long, narrow and angular body of a square shape.
  • Poor quality paintwork and lack of a normal palette of shades. The car loses its presentation after several years of active operation, the body begins to covercorrosion.
  • Poorly thought out cabin ergonomics.
  • Poor quality interior finish, squeaks and plastic play.

Among the disadvantages of Great Wall Safe can be attributed to expensive maintenance from authorized dealers. Any repair and maintenance is easier and cheaper to carry out on your own or in third-party car services.


The Chinese SUV Great Wall Safe is a good all-round vehicle with a simple design and good maintainability. In terms of overall quality, reliability and safety, the model significantly outperforms domestic counterparts and fully justifies its cost.

Owners note the strength, reliability and excellent driving performance of an SUV with a rather ascetic exterior and interior. Great Wall Safe will be the best option for those who prioritize practicality and performance over the appearance of a car.

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