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Mitsubishi L 200 pickup

Mitsubishi L 200 pickup
Mitsubishi L 200 pickup

Mitsubishi L 200 is a reliable and high-quality all-wheel drive car. This Japanese model has become very famous due to its excellent technical qualities. The characteristics of the new generation Mitsubishi L200 are now even better, and the appearance of the car has become more attractive and modern.

mitsubishi l 200

This SUV model has good cargo qualities. It can tow a trailer weighing up to 2.7 tons. The loading platform is designed so that a standard Euro pallet can be placed on it without any problems. Despite this, the dimensions of the Mitsubishi L 200 pickup remain one of the smallest in its class. This greatly facilitates parking and has a positive effect on maneuverability. The turning radius is 5.9 meters.

The Mitsubishi L 200 SUV is ideal not only for work, but also for outdoor activities. Four-wheel drive and a trouble-free chassis allow you to drive on serious off-road, and a large cabin with excellent soundproofing makes your trips as comfortable as possible.

mitsubishi l200

Mitsubishi L200 began to be produced in 1978. Since then, the car has undergone a large number of changes for the better. Now this SUV is available in several trim levels, in which useful features such as all-wheel drive, automatic or manual transmission, air conditioning are available.

In 1978-1986 Mitsubishi L 200 was sold in Japan under the name Forte. He was quite popular.

Mitsubishi L 200 gives its owner many advantages, including the following: roomy body, comfortable interior, sporty character and excellent cross-country ability.

The exterior of the car is memorable and bright. This model showed that even an ordinary pickup truck can look attractive and beautiful. Massive running boards, large wheel arches and large air intakes create an image of a solid vehicle with a solid character.

mitsubishi l 200

The interior of the Mitsubishi L 200 is not only spacious, but also extremely comfortable. It can easily accommodate five people of average build. For interior trim, the Japanese manufacturer used only high-quality materials. Everything in this car is made so that during everyday operation the car owner does not have a sense of the utility of the Mitsubishi L 200. Upholstery and plastic panels are easily cleaned of dirt. There are many compartments for things, pockets, cup holders, a large drawer in which you can place all the necessary items.

The design of the car is characterized by reliability and simplicity. This is one of those few SUVs based onframe with cross beams. Thanks to the use of proprietary RISE technology, which increases the rigidity and strength of the body, the car has a good indicator of passive safety. There are special deformation zones. On impact, they absorb more energy, thereby improving the safety of passengers and the driver.

Transmission Mitsubishi L 200 all-wheel drive. It is she who allows you to overcome off-road. It can work in several modes - 2WD and 4WD. You can switch between them at speeds up to a hundred kilometers per hour. It is possible to lock the differential between the axles, and for off-road trips there is a lower gear. So, the Mitsubishi L 200 will be able to easily move through sand, mud, deep snow, and also overcome steep climbs.

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