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A big pickup is more than just a vehicle

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A big pickup is more than just a vehicle
A big pickup is more than just a vehicle

The American auto industry is different from automakers in any other country. In the USA, a special, specifically American perception of the car dominates. It's not just a vehicle, it's a symbol. First of all, such symbols are hooded trucks, large pickup trucks and SUVs. Love for these cars in America is sometimes somewhat irrational. For an American, a large pickup truck, a Ford, for example, is more than just a means of transportation. This is the embodiment of American freedom and connection with the settler ancestors.

Let the bulk of large pickups more often ride on the route between the metropolis and the suburbs. But the very possibility of loading your goods into a car and rushing to the other end of an immense country fills the soul of any true American with awe. Incredibly large pickup trucks are being sold in the US with fuel consumption that would terrify any European:

  • Ford (F series);
  • Chevrolet C-4500 Kodiak;
  • Dodge Ram.

But fuel consumption is notwhat matters is when you get the opportunity to touch the American Dream in return. So the Americans are buying huge and voracious, but incredibly romantic and memorable cars.

Tractor from God

The biggest pickup truck in the world

And among the big ones there is always the biggest one. At the moment, the largest mass-produced pickup truck is the Ford F650. Looking at this monster, you no longer understand whether it is a pickup truck or a truck. The body shape is typical for a large pickup truck. Sharp chopped outlines that emphasize the massiveness of the car and challenge the aerodynamic cars. But there is a certain cargo style. For example, a powerful grille, cut from a massive single sheet of silicon-magnesium-aluminum alloy. Or stainless steel running boards combined with fuel tanks. And most importantly - the size of this car monster. Next to this pickup, ordinary cars look tiny.


The machine is a fantastic 7696mm long and 2433mm wide. The wheelbase is equal to the length of a full-size sedan - 4927 mm. The height depends on the modifications of the chassis and tires (which even come with 22.5-inch wheels in the base), can reach three meters. Accordingly, the mass of the colossus, even in running order, is 5200 kg, and the total mass reaches 12 tons. The ground clearance of the car reaches 40 centimeters, even for conventional versions. The off-road version has larger wheels and even more ground clearance.

Exclusive option

Engines and gearboxes

BCurrently, both gasoline and diesel engines are installed on the "six hundred and fiftieth". A ten-cylinder aspirated engine with a volume of 6.3 liters produces 320 liters. With. in the petrol version and 362 hp. With. in propane. But its main advantage is not even power, but a colossal torque reaching 624 Nm.

In addition, a 6.7-liter turbodiesel can be installed on the car, which has several versions. Power ranges from 200 to 360 "horses" and fantastic torque up to 1085 Nm. Diesel fuel consumption is surprisingly low and amounts to 15-17 liters on the highway.

Gearbox - 7-speed "mechanics" or 6-speed "automatic". They were designed specifically for this model.



These vehicles were originally designed as light trucks capable of carrying up to a ton of cargo in the back. However, the extraordinary appearance and outstanding characteristics of the tractor significantly expanded the scope of the pickup truck. It is willingly bought as a travel car. The F650 is roomy and can easily pull a large trailer. In the role of a tractor, a pickup truck is often used by the police, as well as other municipal services. There are several main versions of the machine in the USA:

All pickups pickup
  • Regular pickup for farmers or as a base for tuning.
  • Special version for police, medical, fire and other services.
  • Heavy off-road version.
  • Premium jeep with a cabin for 10 passengers.
  • Luxury limousine "F650Mammoth".

The car has its niche, providing customers with the power and ruggedness of a truck, along with the comfort and charm of a large SUV. This explains the stubborn resistance of the public to the cessation of production of this already rather middle-aged car. F650 has been produced since 2000. Restyled in 2014.


Inside the basic version, you can see the usual interior for a large SUV. Quality finishes, climate control, ABS, parking sensors, power accessories. An interesting option is a rear view camera - for this car, this device is quite an essential device, not a luxury.

If we talk about tuned and exclusive versions, then everything depends on the owner's imagination. The interior of other "six hundred and fifties" is not inferior to elite limousines.

In Russia

This car is made for the US market and is not exported due to its specificity. To get a car in Russia, you need to find and buy a pickup truck in America, and then pay for personal delivery to Russia. As a result, even a used F650 in Russia will cost almost twice as much as a new one in the US. However, for our country it is even more exclusive, and the purchase is worth it.

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