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BMW engines - power, dynamics and speed

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BMW engines - power, dynamics and speed
BMW engines - power, dynamics and speed

Today, not many motorists think about what kind of engine is under the hood of their car. We enjoy its comfort, and, as a rule, we learn from car mechanics during a scheduled technical inspection about which unit is installed by the manufacturer and what technical wisdom was developed by engineers to create this technological fairy tale on wheels. At the same time, many modern products of the automotive industry pleasantly amaze the imagination. For example, few people know that the BMW 3 engine in the new body does not have a V8, but a V6 turbo unit. At the same time, the engine is in no way inferior in its technical characteristics to the previous generation M3.

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On innovation and more

However, the most ardent connoisseurs of this brand reacted to such "know-how" of engineers without enthusiasm. Car enthusiasts did not like at all that the traditional large-displacement BMW engines were replaced with units that work in tandem with a turbine and are economical, which, of course, led to a reduction in displacement. However, manyauto experts do not share this disappointment. They are confident that the new BMW engines are in no way inferior to their predecessors, and even surpass them in a number of characteristics.

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To endure - fall in love

Yes, yes - it is this Russian proverb that applies in this situation. This has always been the case with the Bavarian automobile brand. At first, all her novelties were harshly criticized, but after a short time they fell in love with them to the point of madness. This was the case, for example, in 1999. In this truly memorable year, the X5 SUV saw the light, which became a legend. By the way, immediately after the presentation, a flurry of negative reviews hit the car. Critics over the years have been negative about both the body design and the unusual BMW engine.

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The most serious complaint regarding the X5 was that it is impossible to combine the qualities of a sports car and an SUV without negative consequences in one car. However, after some time, the growth in sales showed the whole world the inconsistency of such criticism. And almost the same people began to argue that the Bavarian creation, due to the combination of aerodynamics and off-road qualities, is suitable for a wide range of motorists. It perfectly demonstrates all its positive qualities both on a high-speed highway and on sections of rough and completely wild terrain. BMW engines are offered in various options, which allows you to choose your dream car: modern, moderately daring, sporty, and at the same time able to overcome steep descents.and climbs.

Such an attractive mismatch

For years, BMW-powered vehicles have been truly amazing crossovers. At the same time, manufacturers focus on seemingly absolutely incompatible qualities, which we mentioned above. By the way, this is what allows cars of this brand to significantly outperform such serious competitors as, for example, Lexus, Cadillac and Jeep. All this taking into account the fact that today (compared to 1999) the consumer has a much wider choice of premium crossovers. Of course, true fans of this brand appreciate engines in the BMW X5: their unique roar, in which power, aggression, solidity and some kind of arrogant superiority over more imperfect opponents are heard.

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