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All about IZH "Jupiter-6"

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All about IZH "Jupiter-6"
All about IZH "Jupiter-6"

In Soviet times, IZH "Jupiter-6" was considered one of the highest quality models of two-wheeled vehicles. All previous options had their drawbacks. The sixth "Jupiter" combined many of the good qualities of previous motorcycles and found something new, so it can be safely called the best product of the Izhevsk plant.

But for our time IZH "Jupiter-6" can be called rare. After all, more than 30 years have passed since its release. It is not often seen on the roads, and it is quite difficult to find a new bike or an example with low mileage.

Brief description of IZH "Jupiter-6"

The six, like other models of this series, are classified as motorcycles of the so-called middle class. This means that it is mainly intended for trips on paved roads. It is difficult to call the IZH "Jupiter-6" all-terrain vehicle. Although it is worth noting its good patency in the mud. This is due to its small mass.

It is also worth noting that there were two factory variations of this bike. First -familiar to all two-wheeled, the second - with a stroller. Such an additional unit weighs almost 100 kilograms. And this means that with him many technical characteristics, such as speed, fuel consumption, and so on, deteriorated. Maybe that's why the second modification is less common.

Engine Izh Jupiter-6


IZH "Jupiter-6" has a classic design. Black extended saddle, red body. Sometimes the colors ranged from yellow to blue. It is worth highlighting the abundance of chrome parts. The six boasts beautiful shiny exhaust pipes. Sometimes an additional protective frame was placed on the model, which was also covered with chrome. In general, the appearance of the bike is acceptable: strict, no frills, and what else can be said about the design, completely copied from Czech Java.

Motorcycle Java - prototype of Jupiter

Factory innovations

IZH "Jupiter-6" can boast of its technical improvements. The new liquid cooling played very well on it. When the air brethren stall in the forty-degree heat, this motorcycle rides calmly and does not know any problems. Also, do not forget about the improved contactless ignition system with an electric starter. Now it doesn't break as often. A kick starter is also included, of course, but it's more of a fallback than an alternative.

Another plus is the change in the mounting of the exhaust system. In the sixth "Jupiter" it is flanged, which removed the problem of pipe backlash at highspeeds. A new emergency start function has been added, which is very helpful when the battery is low.

IZH Jupiter-6 with tuning

IZH "Jupiter-6" - specifications

The main part of every motorcycle is its power section. Jupiter is fine with that. Engine IZH "Jupiter-6" operates in a two-stroke mode. The total volume of its two cylinders is 347 cubic centimeters. The lubrication system, unfortunately, is undivided. And this means that after each refueling, in addition to fuel, oil must be added to the gas tank. The maximum motor power is 25 horsepower and the torque is 35 Nm.

Fuel consumption, namely A-92, per hundred kilometers at a speed of 60 km/h is four liters. But it's on the track. In urban mode, at the same speed, it increases to seven liters. The maximum speed of this bike is 125 km/h. But in fact, this is not the limit. There are many ways to increase this threshold. The easiest of them is to replace the sprockets. Put a part with a large number of teeth on the main one, and a smaller one on the driven one.

IZH "Jupiter-6" is equipped with old drum brakes. But they do their job well. If desired, disc brakes can also be installed on this motorcycle. "Jupiter" can be considered a compact bike. Some craftsmen even manage to send it (unassembled) by mail. It reaches a height of 120 cm and a length of only 220.

Drum front brake

Eternal competition

IZH"Jupiter-6" constantly competed with its fellow plant IZH Planet-6. The debate about which of them is better continues to this day, although neither one nor the second is no longer produced. Indeed, this question is quite complicated, because each has characteristic pros and cons. For example, "Jupiter" has always been famous for its high performance undercarriage. It drives smoothly, picking up speed slowly. At a hundred meters, it will easily overtake the Planet and any other domestic bike.

The planet rides on its reliability. In terms of durability, it has no equal. It also has a relatively simple motor and gearbox design. This makes it much easier to repair in case of breakdowns. Do not forget about the cons. IZH "Jupiter-6", like its predecessors, has many problems with electronics. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on this particular block. IZH Planet-6 has poor depreciation. Often at high RPMs, you can feel a tremble in the seat, which detracts from the ride experience.

No offense to the owners of "Planets", but "Jupiter" looks better against the general background. After all, one of the main criteria of any vehicle is the ride quality. And in "Jupiter" it is better.

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