German automotive oil: types, characteristics, reviews

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German automotive oil: types, characteristics, reviews
German automotive oil: types, characteristics, reviews

Engine oil is essential to keep your engine running smoothly. Its replacement is made depending on how many kilometers the car has traveled. We offer a description of German-made oils, which tend to be of high quality. The information provided will help motorists decide on the choice of high-quality lubricant.

Proven quality

The following German oils will be characterized below:

  • "Addinol";
  • Rove;
  • Aral;
  • "Bizol";
  • Divinol;
  • "Pentosin".

Motorists of all countries of the world are keenly interested in this product. It is German oil that is assigned the role of leader in the automotive market. Engineered in Germany, the engine lubricant is of the highest quality thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques and specially calculated formulas.

German oil is popular with drivers to ensureperformance of automobile engines for various purposes. Next, varieties of oils from German manufacturers will be provided for consideration.


Addinol is a manufacturer of lubricating compounds that, due to their high quality, have earned popularity all over the world.

The scope of this product is:

  • cars;
  • cargo;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • construction equipment.

As part of "Addinol" are used varieties of materials that clearly meet modern requirements in the field of ecology. Thanks to the excellent properties of German Addinol oils, reliable engine protection is provided regardless of the complexity of operating conditions.

Addinol oil contains varieties of special additives and basic grades of lubricant, depending on which the purpose of this material is determined.

Undeniable advantages lie in the ability to provide:

  • perfect engine cleanliness;
  • reliable protection of the power plant from corrosive formations;
  • removal of harmful deposits;
  • the invariance of properties regardless of what temperature the weather sets.

Products are sold on the domestic market and are quite affordable.

Oil "Addinol"
Oil "Addinol"


Rowe is a kind of lubrication consumable used for the needs of passenger vehicles. Atmanufacturers with the world name BMW and Mercedes have a practice of advising motorists to use exclusively Rowe oil. And this is understandable.

Rowe oils are the plasticity of the structure. This ensures a high level of lubrication of all parts of the internal combustion engine. Oil practically does not tend to evaporate, it does not change its color.

Synthetics "Rove"
Synthetics "Rove"

Rowe can be used in any climate on Russian territory. Its properties are guaranteed to be preserved regardless of the temperature in the yard.


Is an affordable motor fluid that does not require replacement at short intervals. Lubrication is practically not characterized by evaporation, the formation of waste. Thanks to its use, the surfaces of engine parts are protected from such a problem as increased wear. It also reduces friction.

This oil managed to become especially popular among German racing drivers. The range of the company is represented by many varieties of products for engine lubrication. All of them are of high quality and affordable price. The oil has a large number of positive characteristics. It is able to work regardless of what the temperature around will be.

Oil "Aral"
Oil "Aral"


The company produces semi-synthetic products designed to be used in trucks and diesel engines. Temperaturefreezing range is from - 30° C.

The main advantages of Bizol are indicators:

  • evaporation resistance;
  • no corrosion;
  • stability of consistency and color.
Engine oil "Bizol"
Engine oil "Bizol"


Divinol lubrication is necessary to ensure the performance of a gasoline engine. The only drawback of the product is that it freezes at temperatures down to -30°C.

The benefits of using Divinol are:

  • rust prevention;
  • no color change during long-term use;
  • engine resistance to overheating;
  • coefficient level is up to 30W.
Semi-synthetic Divinol
Semi-synthetic Divinol


Pentosin - German oil, quite affordable. The products have a lot of positive characteristics:

  • frost resistance;
  • protecting the engine from corrosion;
  • colour fastness;
  • evaporation resistance;
  • duration of application without the need for replacement;
  • good thickness.
Oil "Pentosin"
Oil "Pentosin"

The price of these products is formed depending on the prestige of the brand of a particular product.

All of the above German oils are characterized by the characteristics of motor fluids that have gained popularity and demand all over the world.


Tips for choosing quality products

German butter forengine - a high-quality product and quite expensive. Therefore, there is a risk of counterfeiting such products. Experts advise to cooperate in the purchase of lubricants with reliable suppliers. You also need to use these methods to determine the original:

  1. Carefully examine the label.
  2. Oil color analysis.
  3. Performing a drop test on paper.
  4. Analysis of oil structure.
  5. Product evaluation for viscosity.
  6. Cost comparison.

Review analysis

Car enthusiasts all over the world trust this product for its good performance. Drivers note that with such a lubricant, the engine works reliably and does not present unpleasant surprises. Withstands extreme cold and temperature fluctuations.

It is important to purchase original German car oil, then it can reliably take care of the engine.


Motor oil is a must for every engine in every vehicle. Therefore, a caring car enthusiast prefers choosing a quality product from world-famous manufacturers. Oil from German manufacturers is the best option for use in both imported and domestic cars. It is important to buy original products, for which it is recommended to cooperate with suppliers of motor lubricants that have a good reputation.