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Lancer-9 does not start: troubleshooting and troubleshooting

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Lancer-9 does not start: troubleshooting and troubleshooting
Lancer-9 does not start: troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Many car owners are faced with malfunctions of the latter. Among Japanese power units, problems are rare, but what to do if the Lancer-9 does not start? Not all vehicle owners can determine the cause of the breakdown, much less fix it on their own.


The car has stopped starting - different systems and components may be to blame. It is impossible to determine the exact cause immediately. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of diagnostic operations. But in this case, there are a number of nodes where this reason may be hiding. Let's consider why the Lancer-9 may not start, and determine the main reasons.

Engine Lancer 9

Among them may be:

  • poor quality fuel;
  • problems in the fuel system;
  • lack of spark, ignition problems;
  • malfunction of the air supply system to the cylinders;
  • electronic problems.


As practice shows, most motorists go to a Mitsubishi car service to find and eliminate the cause. But differentsome auto professionals have found ways to diagnose and repair with their own hands. Of course, to complete this task, you will need knowledge of the main components of the machine, the appropriate tools, as well as nerves of steel.


Fuel quality plays a big role in starting the engine. So, regularly pouring low-quality fuel, it is worthwhile to understand that at one fine moment the power unit may not start. All the fault will be the clogging of the fuel cells. To avoid an unpleasant situation, it is recommended to refuel the car with high-quality gasoline from trusted suppliers of petroleum products.


Most Mitsubishi engine owners recommend that the first thing to do if the engine does not start is to check for a spark. To do this, remove the armored wires and unscrew the spark plugs.

As for the sparking elements, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection for damage and contamination. Then you can diagnose the presence of a spark. If there is damage or no sparking, then the damaged part must be replaced.

Spark plug failure

Armored wires are checked quite easily. This will require a tester. Each wire is measured for resistance and external faults. The standard lead wire resistance is 5 ohms.

Air supply

The air supply to the engine has two main elements - the throttle and the air filter. According to service manuals for maintenance, the filter element must be replaced every 25thousand km. In the future, the part becomes heavily clogged, which leads to insufficient air supply to the cylinders.

Throttle cleaning

The throttle valve tends to become clogged, so it needs to be cleaned periodically. You can do this yourself with the help of a carburetor reading tool, or using professional tools.

Fuel line

There are three elements in the fuel system that you should pay attention to if Lancer-9 does not start:

  • fuel pump;
  • fuel filter;
  • injectors.

Checking the fuel pump is easy: turn the ignition key to position 2, and if a characteristic noise appears in the rear of the vehicle that lasts 10 seconds, this means that the pump is operational.

But even if the fuel pump is working, you can not be sure that the fuel flows smoothly to the injectors and cylinders. There is still a filter element on the way, which can be significantly contaminated. Experts recommend changing it every 40,000 km, but everything will depend on the quality of the fuel poured into the gas tank.

Motor repair Lancer 9

The last element of the fuel system, due to which the "Lancer-9" does not start, is the injectors. Often, their contamination and wear lead to an imbalance in the air-fuel mixture. So, elements can fill in either too much gasoline or very little. And it is precisely because of this that Lancer-9 does not start. Cleaning and diagnostics in suchcase, it is worth carrying out at a special stand, which will show how efficient and suitable for use the parts are.

Starter and battery

As in other cases, special attention should be paid to the battery, which may simply be discharged. It is this reason that can serve to ensure that the power unit does not start. This is especially noticeable in the winter season, during severe frosts.

The Lancer-9 starter may be another reason that the engine does not start. The main elements that fail in this case:

  • retractor relay;
  • bendix.

In this case, the power plant can start every other time. Replacing parts will help solve the problem. If the winding is burned out, then the Lancer-9 starter will have to be replaced, since repairs will cost more than a new assembly assembly. You should also pay attention to the condition of the flywheel crown, which may have worn teeth.

ECU and errors

A common problem with the motor is the presence of errors in the engine control unit. To fix the breakdown, you need to connect to the "brains" and carry out diagnostics. The operation is performed using special equipment. Of course, many motorists have learned to determine error codes and decrypt them themselves. But it’s better to contact the official Mitsubishi car service, where specialists using professional equipment will quickly and accurately determine what the problem is.

Wiring repair

In 90% of cases, the causea malfunction is the failure of one of the sensors of the power plant, which must be replaced. The remaining 10% are associated with accumulated errors within the control unit. An elementary reset will help solve the problem. And if clearing the errors did not help, then it is recommended to update the firmware of the “brains”. If this does not help, you definitely need to contact the professionals in the auto repair shop.

Another thing to look at, if all else fails, is the condition of the wiring in the engine compartment. Elementary oxidation of the contacts or a broken wire can cause the engine to appear "dead".

Engine "Lancer-9": reviews

According to most owner reviews, the Mitsubishi Lancer-9 engine shows itself to be reliable and stable. Of course, any mechanism is capable of breaking. The reason for this is wear and loss of resources. Therefore, it is natural that the Mitsubishi Lancer-9 engine stops starting over time. Regular maintenance and repair will help to avoid trouble.

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