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Cat excavators: overview, specifications. Excavators

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Cat excavators: overview, specifications. Excavators
Cat excavators: overview, specifications. Excavators

Cat excavators are produced by the American corporation Caterpillar, which is the world's leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment. The following types of machines are produced under this brand:

  • loaders;
  • tracked models with hydraulics;
  • wheel modifications;
  • units with "mechanical shovel";
  • draglines.

The specified transport has high reliability and efficiency, meets all environmental standards, while providing maximum comfort and ease of control.

Excavator "Caterpillar"


This category of Caterpillar excavators has been rolling off the assembly line for over 30 years. The latest generation of the F-series is designed with state-of-the-art engineering solutions that guarantee versatility and high performance with low fuel and lubricant consumption.

To ensure the maximum benefit from the operation of the machine, the designers have provided the ability to operate a variety of attachments. This list includes suchequipment:

  • various loading buckets;
  • hydraulic hammers;
  • rippers;
  • rammers;
  • log grapples;
  • dumps;
  • road brushes and the like.

Currently, several varieties of Cat backhoe loaders are supplied to the domestic market. The most compact of them is marked with the code 422-F2, has a working power rating of almost 60 kW (weight - 7.5 tons). The largest modification is 70.9 kW, weighing 9.6 tons. These models are designed for repairing underground utilities, landscaping and cleaning storm roads, removing snow and debris.

Cat Excavator Cabin

Cat Crawler Excavators

This category contains several modifications that differ in terms of power and carrying capacity. Some options are focused on highly specialized tasks and non-standard climatic conditions.

Distinctive features of such machines:

  • reduced turning radius of platform;
  • extended track base;
  • larger stick and boom;
  • additional thermal insulation.

The Cat excavator can be used for a wide range of jobs, including trenching, embankment construction, and bulk handling. To perform point ground operations and garden landscape manipulations, the company has developed small-sized versions weighing about one ton and measuring 1200/370/2200 mm. Such equipment is allowed to be operated inside the workshops, stopping bythrough standard doorways.

Cat Mining Excavator


The line of tracked universal machines includes options for low, medium and high power. For example, the Cat series of large backhoes is designed for mining operations. They weigh from 103 to 107 tons, equipped with a bucket with a volume of 6-8 cubic meters. The heaviest model is equipped with a front shovel with a capacity of 52 "cubes" with a total machine weight of 980 tons.

In a wide range of Caterpillar tracked vehicles, it is easy to choose an instance for specific tasks. This factor is one of the highlights that popularize the units in question around the world. The machines work both in quarry workings and in urban areas.

Wheel Models

This type of Cat excavator is equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and is used where increased maneuverability is required and the use of tracked counterparts is difficult. As a rule, these objects are city points. This line also includes several modifications that meet all the needs of the modern industry.

Versions under the codes M-315-D2 and M-322-D2 are positioned on the domestic market. The useful power of the machines varies between 95-122 kW with buckets with a capacity of 0.2-1.6 cubic meters. The equipment is distinguished by reduced noise and vibration, increased ground clearance, and a relatively high speed parameter (up to 38 km/h). The maneuverability indicator is provided by the increased angle of rotation of the wheels.

Excavator Caterpillar 320

Modern economic realities are such that it is difficult to do without multifunctional and expensive equipment in many professional areas. Caterpillar offers a wide range of attachments for wheel loaders and excavators. It does not make sense to list it, since it is identical to the devices installed on caterpillar modifications.


At the request of the buyer, the Cat excavator is equipped with a quick-change design for attachments. This mechanism is called Auto-Connect. With it, the operator can change accessories in a couple of minutes without leaving the cab.

It is worth noting the software content of the unit. It allows you to save several variations of the settings of the hydraulic system, which makes it possible to choose the optimal mode of operation, taking into account energy consumption and pressure. In terms of ease of management, indicators of environmental friendliness and efficiency, the manufacturer in question has practically no competitors on the world stage.

Photo excavators "Caterpillar"

Mechanical shovels

This kind of Caterpillar excavator belongs to mining machines, the bucket of which is controlled by cable traction. This technique is focused on stripping and loading of ore into transport vehicles. "Mechanical shovels" have a variable current drive, which gives a number of advantages over analogues at a constant rate, namely:

  • reduced duty cycle;
  • increasedefficiency;
  • increased uptime;
  • reduced consumption of energy resources.

The following modifications of the Cat excavator with a mechanical shovel are presented on the Russian market:

  1. Model 7295 belongs to the most compact versions of this segment. It is equipped with buckets with a volume of 18-39 cubic meters with a useful weight of 45.5 tons.
  2. Series 7395 has a screed capacity of 20.5-55.8 cu. m with a payload of 64.0 t.
  3. Option 7495. Bucket volume - 30.5-62.7 cubic meters, maximum load - 109 tons.

All metal elements of the machines in question are made of shock-resistant high-strength steel. Welding points are mandatory checked by ultrasonic or X-ray flaw detectors with subsequent heat treatment in special furnaces. The result is valuable and useful mining equipment that does not lose its positive characteristics at all stages of operation.

Caterpillar Excavator


The performance of Cat excavators in this category is on par with the largest mining shovel machines. Among the design features is an elongated boom (100 meters or more). A bucket is freely hung on it, the operation of which is regulated by two ropes. This technique is one of the largest types of excavator operated by man.

Draglines are not as common as mechanical and hydraulic counterparts. Most often they work in large quarry mines with a longdevelopment project and are used mainly for overburden manipulations. For several decades, the manufacturing company has developed more than one thousand such units for mining plants on five world continents. The features of these machines include the introduction of an AC drive, which allows you to get the minimum cost in terms of each ton of shipped ore.

The Caterpillar dragline series is represented by three modifications:

  1. Low power 8000 with a bucket capacity of up to 32 cubic meters with a boom length of 75-84 meters.
  2. Medium model 8200 with working body capacity up to 61 cubic meters and boom up to 100 meters.
  3. High power machines, 8750 series (volume - up to 130 "cubes", boom length - up to 132 meters).
Cat Excavator Operation


When developing and producing Cat 320 excavators and analogues, Caterpillar Corporation focuses on the convenience and simplicity of service and current maintenance of equipment. This indicator is achieved by placing the main components in quick access, as well as unifying a number of parts. For most modifications, replacement and repair of elements can be done from the ground, without the need to dismantle massive parts. This could well be done by one skilled craftsman.

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